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I don't know what is going on but I've joined a few months ago and still nothing happened I've only moved up once but further nothing happened and the person that got me to join know that I am struggling without money and don't have a job but I think they might have scammed me by adding me to a fake one cause other people say no it works but then why doesn't mine or the rest of my family's boards doesn't move at all... And now we all paid to join but I think we've wasted our money cause nothing is happening and it have been more than 3 or 4 months.

Contact your state law enforcement. Same kind of scam as describes.

Need some help please - I joined a group and with their help I was able to create my board .. now Im not able to log in anymore and not able to get intouch with the group .. I cant find any where that I can reset my password or reach out to someone .. does anyone know how to reset your password or reach out to an Admin on the website?

Hi Arlene. Join their Telegram groups. Thats the only platform they use to communicate to members. There are literally a dozen volunteer admin people willing & able to offer assistance & help. Just join and explain your problem someone will quickly help you. Good luck!
PS: KH gifting is 100% legal in SA. And yes 20% tax is payable for anything over R100,000.
This Gifting Economy is saving people's lives!

This gifting platform will only work if you know you can recruit new members and that members can recruit new members and so on and so on. When the new recruiters fail to recruit new people that is when the platform comes to a standstill although there are many platforms and a platform consist of 15 people at a time if I am correct.


Yes but it's slows down and not stop completely.

Hi All I'm from South Africa and Kindred haerts is working well for us. We just need some U.S participants to Cross pollinate and get the two countries together. If anyone from U.S is willing to join our teams please reply on email [email protected]


Radda that's fine I will keep to South Africans then that understand our laws thank you very much for participating.

That is because you asked for US people to join you breaking our laws, [censored]. You forgot what your original post says above us?

You keep on sharing laws from the USA that have nothing to do with South Africa

Radda keep telling yourself that. End of discussion.

The system is structured in the same way, the same lies about the taxes here are being told. Pieter, are you asking for one of the loons from Realscam to dox you because of this conversation? They have a whole forum on that site about cash gifting and the laws being broken worldwide. This ain't a stokvel anymore than the Whatsapp pyramid was one.

Once again nobody is forcing anyone to join Kindred Haerts and we are not concealing any money from our government we pay our taxes. So it's everyone's own choice.

Than let me point out the other side of the coin, Pieter. You wanted people from the USA to join you in this. Here is what our government does to "gifters."

Either Kindred Haerts is for you or not for you. Nobody is forcing any one to join it's purely that person's own choice. For me and our family it's working great and everyone is happy in our teams.

Radda so in your opinion all stokvel is South Africa must then be a Pyramid scheme. Stokvel in South African have been around for ages in our country. Clearly you don't understand stokvel in South Africa and your post that you shared from Cape talk is not even Kindred Hearts related. Please stop being such a sour person. When you wake up someday you will find that your coffee is cold. Hahahahaha.

If you are not South African and don't understand our Laws the keep Quite.

Radda are you South African?

Not a stokfel, Pieter. Try this:

If there is any South Africans that are interested let me know.

Note: “Government Notice 404 in Gazette 35368 25 May 2012 which deals with the designation of an activity not falling within the meaning of “The Business of a Bank (a group of persons between the members of which exists a common bond) in terms of the Banks Act No 94 of 1990 (“Banks Act”), Describes a “stokfel” as a saving group. While the combined annual report of the supervisors of the Co-operatives Banks Development Agency and the South African Reserve Bank 2010/11 describes stokvels as clubs, associations or syndicates in which members contribute regularly and receive payouts in A rotation . This definition is in line with sentiments shared by entrepreneurial commentators such as Vusi Thembekwayo who have defined a stokvel as Pooling of funds/things to such a way which is similar to banks.

Radda make sure of your facts. In South Africa under our laws, Kindred Hearts is classified as a stokvel and completely legal. We also pay our taxes on gifts recieved. So stop bad mouthing Kindred Heart's in South Africa.

Your own government stated that this is an illegal pyramid, Pieter.

This is the exact definition of a ponzi scheme.
Getting paid and declaring that it works does not make it legitimate.
Everybody gets paid while the scam is running till it stops, then those at the bottom are scammed and all those who got paid are scammers and the law is coming for you!


Good Morning,
First of all, Kindred hearts owner (s) never created their program for people to take advantage of people to gain funds for themselves. My son's name is D. White. When most of the people saw the funds were going to A.Jenkins, aka Administrator, family and friends, some people left the program. Therefore, Admin scheduled a meeting on Zoom Saturday, February 13, 2002, 7:00 EST on Zoom to say that she is leaving the program. However, I had various conversations with her and and got no resolutions. I requested my funds back because most all the boards were paid to her, family and friends. She decided to change the password for my son's 28 accounts ($100 dollars,each) which I paid for them. There were 45 people in the program and each of us paid $3,300. The accounts that were taken by her are listed as follows: 2Ms.Daisy05- 2MsDaisy33 Can you help me, please feel to email me at [email protected]


I need help to reset my password .. someone changed it and now Im not able to access my board nor can I reset the password .. can someone help me? my board name is MrsTrini .. thanks for your help

Well, Mary, the purpose for which Kindred Hearts was created does NOT protect you or yours. Under the laws of the State of New York where you appear to reside, KH is very much a CRIMINAL operation. For example:

My name is Frederick Wilson...and my account “Taylar” was stolen..I believe Shon Wilkins has that account...

The 3 accounts that was hacked..

Can you help me?

Your "Taylar" account is showing a Joann Bradford as the owner. Your Fred01 account is showing your name and 615-424-4573 as the contact. Your DavidM01 account is displaying a David McLeod. Seeing as you are Tenn., Mr. Wilson, I must point out that your state laws criminalize what you were doing. Please read

Victim Location 63112
Type of a scam Charity

My father asked me to join a community of gifters and sent me YouTube link about the charity scam. It’s a scam where you give $100 and try to bring in 2 people to do the same. They make baseless claims that you will cycle through different levels and make thousands of dollars. They try to have you fill out a Google Doc and take your money through different apps (Venmo, cash app, sellers, etc.)They say you have to keep it a secret and that you are in it forever. I just want to get the word out. Please don’t fall for this.


@Arirsfire do you have contact for administration / member support(Sharon) if so please contact me at [email protected]
I agree great activity


Victim Location 30683
Type of a scam Investment

Someone called me, they were a friend of a family member. He said he was a financial advisor. He did not give a lot of details. Just wanted me to give him 100 dollars and said I would make a lot of money. All I had to do was get two more people to give him money. This all sounded like a pyramid scheme to me. When I questioned him on it, he got mad, and said he would not be affiliated with an illegal operation. His organization is called Kindred Hearts.


I tried Kindred Hearts. It didn't work for me. My board is at a stand still with no help in sight. We need 8 people to come in but no one is willing.
I know this can work. But I also understood the risk before getting involved.
If anyone wants to join me, let me know. Telegram: @MrsEGreen


The risk being the possibility of jail time. Up to 10 years in certain states.,4534,7-359-81903_20942-201450--,00.html

I'm interested but having trouble finding 2 people. I've asked 50 of my contacts and they have all said no. How can I join and get help bringing 2 people?

They all said no because this scheme IS illegal, Cerelia. Everyone involved is risking jail time under both Federal and State laws. Look up what "affinity fraud" is on the SEC's website for a good example of what the crime is.

I got into kindred hearts through a pastor LaTonia Liburd. I followed all the guidelines and hoops she asked. Even her made up ones that were added on the kindred hearts guidelines. She had her own set of rules.
I paid and brought in some people and put them under my information. So that once the birds took off I was going to separately give each person their info. Sort as a start community help program. Well. Being that I would not give her their info at first she had me blocked out of kindred hearts. All my money was taken and no way to get into kindred hearts. Is this legal?
The money was paid the guidelines where followed and i still got blocked out.


She was wrong and you should have been able to create your own username and bring your people in under you.

As a "Pastor", she should be ashamed! Everyone involved in her scam, shoud sue. As a group, hire and attorney, and sue that Devil for 3x the amount she stoled.

It is not legal. Speak to an attorney in your state, as what this pastor asked you to do itself violates state laws across the nation. Look up racketeering.

Victim Location 62060
Total money lost $600
Type of a scam Charity

He called myself and my fiancee asked us if we can help him move him on his board with $100 dollars for each spot so we handed him $200 in his hand then he said can we help a little more so he asked us to send $400 thru cash app to him as a gift so we did he then got $800 from the board then he started acting like i was bothering him about money he asked us to help him with. He said that with the money we gifted to him we would get $800 for each $100 we put up to helped him with. $100 gift we would get $800 for gifting him. So $800 times 6 equals $4,800. So then he asked someone to contact me because he said he has nothing to do with it now. He even did this to his father and mother he lying to people not telling them that he and some other people are scamming half of america


This is not how it works at all and you show have been in your own board controlling the flow of things. That’s the only reason I like this group because it has an electronic platform and you can see your own flow. When you log into the member center there’s a detailed video. I highly suggest watching it. My daughter has moved up to the next level and she’s getting her gifts not her word I see her board.

This person was just plain scamming

Listen, this is definitely not a scam at all! If everyone take the time to understand how it works and it’s process AND understand Tax Codes/Laws, this is perfectly legal in some states, I’ve been cycled 5 times, 3 times in the $100 and 2 times in the $400. I’m loving it!

We are Large Group of 450+, managed by myself and other admins (no admin fees) organized by chart to know where everyone is. We have admins that are willing to assist with movements of each board. We are committed to see everyone win! We are providing resources such as credit building, real estate investing, forex investing, etc for our enrolled members.

You can join our group here and add your people as well. We actually have a contest going whoever adds the most people that enrolls wins a free spot.

Inbox me @RoseAllureLouis on Telegram.

Look forward to connecting and growing with you for anyone that wants to be a part of a community that’s trusted and organized.

-RoseAllure Louis


If you able to answer this question, then it's not an illegal pyramid scheme and scam.

Today, at this particular moment, if Kindred Heart closed their operations, how many people would suffer lost of $100?

Pls don't divert the attention to how many people has got "gifted".


I’ve been apart of Kindredhearts for a month and I still haven’t made it to the water position. One of the ppl that came in after me only brought 1 person so our board has been stalled. Any suggestions on this?

This is correct, KH is legit, I've been using it since the start of the pandemic and have been gifted. Not a scan at all, it's about working with people to make sure we all are gifted.

Hi. Reading over your post I noticed that you have personally benefited from your participation in this group and are apart of the admin team, "We are Large Group of 450+, managed by myself and other admins." It seems that the profit of your initial investment and your position is what you use to substantiate the legitimacy of this organization. But this isn't enough for me to believe in the authenticity of the group you are projecting and defending. I say this kindly only to ask, are there testimonies from average Janes and Joes who can attest to the groups purpose and success? And is there a way to promote this groups success through transparency?

Thank you so much for reading and responding to both of my concerns and queries!

At this point Radda, you’re harassing me. I am going to ask you to stop following me in all platforms. Since you want to continue to debate with me, conversation is done. You stay in your area, and I’ll stay in mine. That is what I ask of you. Thank you and good night.

Stop being a whistle blower? Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? The structure of the boards is what doomed these women,. Here, have another court case before I give your personal info over to Professor Higgins at Realscam for doxing.

JANUARY 6, 2003


A judge ruled Friday that Theodore McLeod, Jr., of Hermon violated the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act by organizing a pyramid scheme with a car racing theme in the spring of 2001. In addition to awarding the State the costs of bringing the suit, Maine Superior Court Justice Kirk Studstrup ordered McLeod to file with the court a complete accounting of the funds McLeod received in connection with the pyramid scheme so that Studstrup may determine what amounts of restitution and disgorgement to order. Restitution focuses on making whole the victims of illegal activity, while disgorgement focuses on preventing the wrongdoer from profiting from his wrongdoing without a focus on individual victims.

The "NASCAR" or "Car Club" pyramid was organized as a "car racing team" with a driver, two crew chiefs, four pit crew members, and eight fans. The fans were at the lowest level and paid $5,000 each to the driver in order to participate. When the driver received the $40,000 total from the fans, the team split in two, and all participants advanced to the next level, with each of the crew chiefs poised to retire as drivers with $40,000 from newly recruited fans. When the stream of $5,000 fans dries up, the pyramid collapses and the last three recruited in to the clubs never recover their losses. Pyramid schemes are prohibited under Maine law.

The court found that McLeod was "active and prominent in the organization and promotion of the car clubs," and agreed with the Attorney General that the clubs were illegal pyramid schemes. The court also found that McLeod hosted recruiting gatherings at his garage and made promotional speeches falsely asserting that the clubs were not illegal pyramids, that an attorney had been retained to guarantee the legality, that members could get out any time they wished, and that he kept a fund to provide refunds to those who wished to leave.

While the State pursued the case as a civil matter, the court found that there was "more than a sufficient factual basis" to find "beyond a reasonable doubt" that McLeod violated the law prohibiting pyramid schemes.

Attorney General Steven Rowe said, "At long last, following a full and fair trial, we have a court definitively declaring these 'gifting clubs' to be illegal pyramids. The case proves what we have said all along �€” a deal that seems too good to be true probably is."

Assistant Attorney General Linda Conti, who handled the case for the State, said that two more pyramid trials are scheduled later this month, and another is pending but not scheduled. "We believe that the courts will continue to find these schemes illegal and make the organizers pay for what they have done."

So Radda you didn’t notice as you were reading through this long article how they did not remain compliant? When you say words like “pay” “make”, “profit”, etc, you just opened up the loophole to get caught up. Of course, she/he put their foot in their mouths by stating “I’m trying to teach y’all how to “make” 80k a year” Ding, ding, ding “income”. A gift us not an income. Receiving gift cards, is not an income, receiving Christmas gifts, graduation gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts from friends and family is not income. Right or wrong? Until you can separate the two instead of getting caught up in the result of what happen to one and not another, you’ll break the chain of fear from your minds. Also if you want to carry out something like this and feel better about helping others, become an ordain minister of finance and start one of these. So many ways to cover yourself, stop researching the negatives and find positives ways to help your community. Fear “False Evidence Appearing Real” will hold too many of you all back. Stop being a whistle blower and help change the world. Marinate on that.

It isn't legal in any way, shape, or form Rose.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Two Guilford Women Sentenced To Federal Prison For Overseeing Gifting Tables Pyramid Scheme

Deirdre M. Daly, Acting United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, and Phil Hall, Acting Special Agent in Charge of IRS Criminal Investigation in New England, announced that two Guilford women who oversaw a pyramid scheme known as “Gifting Tables” were sentenced today in Hartford federal court. Chief United States District Judge Alvin W. Thompson sentenced DONNA BELLO to 72 months of imprisonment and three years of supervised release, and JILL PLATT to 54 months of imprisonment and three years of supervised release. BELLO also was ordered to pay a $15,000 fine.

“These significant sentences are appropriate for two individuals who profited from an illegal pyramid scheme and conspired to conceal their income from the IRS,” stated Acting U.S. Attorney Daly. “The investigation into this and other Gifting Tables schemes in Connecticut is ongoing. Hopefully, this successful prosecution and the prison terms imposed today will serve as a strong deterrent and end this criminal activity.”

According to the evidence presented during the trial, a Gifting Table is configured as a four-level pyramid, with eight participants assigned to the bottom row, four participants assigned to the third row, two participants assigned to the second row, and one participant assigned to the top row. The top row participant is referred to as the “Dessert,” the two participants on the second row as “Entrees,” the four participants on the third row as “Soup and Salads,” and the eight participants on the bottom row as “Appetizers.” To join a Gifting Table, new participants were required to pay $5,000, typically cash, to the Dessert, that is, the participant occupying the top position on the pyramid. The $5,000 payment, which was fraudulently characterized as a gift, secured the new participant a position as an Appetizer on the bottom row. Participants progressed from the bottom row of the pyramid by recruiting additional people to join the Gifting Table. When eight new participants joined a Gifting Table, each having made a $5,000 “gift” to the person occupying the Dessert position at the top of the pyramid, the Dessert left the Gifting Table and kept the $40,000 paid by the eight new participants. That particular Gifting Table was then split, with the two participants occupying the Entree position on the second row moving to the top position (Dessert) of two new pyramids. The other incumbent members of the Gifting Table moved up a row on one of the two newly-formed pyramids, and the search for 16 new participants began. The success of the Gifting Tables depended on new participants joining and making the $5,000 “gift.”

From approximately 2008 to 2011, BELLO, 57, and PLATT, 65, oversaw and profited from this Gifting Tables pyramid scheme. The defendants recruited individuals to join the scheme, prepared and distributed materials to recruits that contained false representations, and affirmatively misrepresented to recruits and participants that Gifting Tables was not a pyramid scheme. Also, in May 2010, the defendants attempted to intimidate a participant who had questioned the legality of the Gifting Table scheme.

BELLO and PLATT also conspired to defraud the Internal Revenue Service by telling recruits and participants that monies given and received during the scheme were tax-free “gifts” under the IRS Code and that lawyers and accountants had approved Gifting Tables as legal ventures that generated tax-free proceeds. In addition, BELLO and PLATT filed false tax returns that failed to report income generated from the scheme.

Evidence at trial included several emails, including an email sent by PLATT in March 2009 that told a participant: “It’s sort of a joke that I refer to our freezer as the ATM.” Later in March 2009, BELLO complained to a co-conspirator and another individual about two recalcitrant recruits, stating: “They have had enough parties. Its [sic] costing us a small fortune in their food and wine delights. No more parties until they commit with the cash.”

In June 2009, BELLO sent an email that said “I am not a . . . saint . . . . I’m teaching you all how to make an extra 80 grand a year . . . . Isn’t that enough?”

Later in October 2009, BELLO emailed a participant: “as women we like our own stash. Keep it in a safe. Keep it quiet because rather not have red flags raised. Hiring accountants and atterneys [sic] is costly.”

On February 20, 2013, after a four-week trial, BELLO and PLATT were convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to defraud the IRS, multiple counts of wire fraud, and filing false tax returns.

BELLO and PLATT were ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $32,000 to several victims of the scheme.

This matter is being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation, and is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Douglas P. Morabito and Peter S. Jongbloed.


Tom Carson
(203) 821-3722
[email protected]

It is definitely not a scam. My fiance , coworkers and I all got paid out from the first board and I'm almost a senior on the 2nd board. If anybody is interested please let me know!


I am in a group and we are looking for people! I have been gifted 2 times already.

Hi. How long did it take you to transition from one step to the other?

Title XLVI

Chapter 849

849.091 Chain letters, pyramid clubs, etc., declared a lottery; prohibited; penalties.—
(1) The organization of any chain letter club, pyramid club, or other group organized or brought together under any plan or device whereby fees or dues or anything of material value to be paid or given by members thereof are to be paid or given to any other member thereof, which plan or device includes any provision for the increase in such membership through a chain process of new members securing other new members and thereby advancing themselves in the group to a position where such members in turn receive fees, dues, or things of material value from other members, is hereby declared to be a lottery, and whoever shall participate in any such lottery by becoming a member of, or affiliating with, any such group or organization or who shall solicit any person for membership or affiliation in any such group or organization commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
(2) A “pyramid sales scheme,” which is any sales or marketing plan or operation whereby a person pays a consideration of any kind, or makes an investment of any kind, in excess of $100 and acquires the opportunity to receive a benefit or thing of value which is not primarily contingent on the volume or quantity of goods, services, or other property sold in bona fide sales to consumers, and which is related to the inducement of additional persons, by himself or herself or others, regardless of number, to participate in the same sales or marketing plan or operation, is hereby declared to be a lottery, and whoever shall participate in any such lottery by becoming a member of or affiliating with, any such group or organization or who shall solicit any person for membership or affiliation in any such group or organization commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. For purposes of this subsection, the term “consideration” and the term “investment” do not include the purchase of goods or services furnished at cost for use in making sales, but not for resale, or time and effort spent in the pursuit of sales or recruiting activities.
History.—s. 1, ch. 25096, 1949; s. 1065, ch. 71-136; s. 1, ch. 91-15; s. 215, ch. 91-224; s. 1360, ch. 97-102.

@kad4606 on Telegram

I’m interested

Hahahaha @Radda you’re so gullible and a scary cat! ???

Thank you for confessing to receiving stolen money, Patricia C.
I'm sure that "money launderer" will look lovely on your fiance's resume...

It has been working. I have cashed out as well as my family. If you have questions you can contact a member such as myself.


Come and join my group! I have been gifted twice and my friends too

These gifts that are coming in are something to be thankful for.

My gifting group has been growing rapidly and multiple people have been gifted and so has their people that came in with them.
We continue to inform people and for every skeptic their is a person that trusted the system and received their gifts.

Some of the negative people seem like those that were told about it but didn't join and maybe a friend did. After seeing your friends get their gifts that helped them pay bills, get groceries, take care of their children or buy gloves and Lysol. You become upset because you don't want to do the work. That's no reason to call it a scam and you've seen it work out for them and has for many others for over a decade.

I'm happy I've found this group with the current state of the world. Ends meet now and I actually have a real savings account that I don't need to overdraft repeatedly.
Some of you can relate and know what it's like being denied for every loan or credit card because your bills are behind, the gifts I received changed that.


Can u add me

Hello, can you or someone that is already in Kindred contact me on Telegram at @PassionateAthlet3 so I can bring a team of 100 in?

I love kindred hearts! It’s definitely not a scam. All of the people I brought in brought in two people and we’ve all been paid! Kindred hearts is the best investment in made thus far. If you simply bring in like minded individuals, it’s very easy to understand how this works!


Hi, so i joined a couple weeks ago, and i also told a few of my friends. I know how the board works. Ppl have bought in their 2 invites but now we're at a stand still. On the flyer they stated that theres a team where they can help speed up the process. I have no clue who the admin is and the number posted is an automated message. How do i speak to a live person?


Does anyone know how to reset the password if you forget yours? There's contact information and no admin to reach out.

Hi, I was told about this from a friend of mine. The administrator never contacted me next thing I know I get cash app information telling me to send my $100. No mam not happening.

Are you on Telegram in the group?

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