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Ketil Moltuda or Moltudal

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Ketil Moltuda or Moltudal Reports & Reviews (4)

Ketil Moltudal aka Ketil Enger is a sociopath and scammer. I really do feel bad for all these women who have fallen for his act because it is very believable. No ladies, he’s not in real estate, he was never in the special forces, he was never a mercenary. He’s not some great businessman. He gets his money out of scamming women and also allegedly dealing in illegal products like hormones, drugs and counterfeit items. He’s highly volatile and dangerous. His moods can turn on a dime. If you’re in a relationship with him, look up “signs you’re with a sociopath”. He knows how to read people and he’ll sweep you off your feet with fake promises of marriage and children to keep you hooked and not wanting to end the connection.

End it. You’re not losing anything in reality because it’s not real.

• Feb 14, 2022

Initial means of contact Not applicable

And that I scam women are way out there. So, how much money did I scam U for? Because I do very well without scamming women. You're a lying b[censored], and U know it! Yes, I misled U, but I never scammed U.

• Feb 14, 2022

Who the hell are you? Write about me like I am a scammer! So I wasn't a soldier nor a mercenary. I felt it on my body and soul. No more to say about that. Because I gave you false hopes about us having a life together was bull[censored]. But I was looking for something. Yes what is between ur legs, nothing else. I should have told, but ur not all that. Good bye!

Victim Location 84047
Total money lost $7,000
Type of a scam Romance

He met me through FB, and said he was very religious, and very devoted. We chatted via the messenger app, and eventually LINE, another chat app. He said he was in real estate in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was involved in real estate in Atlanta, Georgia, but has settled in Utah. He said that he was currently in Norway on holiday, and his family lives in Norway. I called the real estate company in SLC that he says he is employed at, and the real estate company did not know who he is, and he said he was involved in the Norwegian Military, and he did not want me to run away because he is military, and military men get a bad rap. We talked of the normal relationship things, what we wanted in relationships, thoughts of marriage, etc. His first request for money was for $300 to "activate his page." I asked what he meant by "page" thinking it was a domain name, but it was a broker for crytocurrency, and he asked for the payment in three $100 Amazon gift cards. The gift cards should be bought with cash, not a debit/credit card, and you need pictures of the cards with the activation code exposed and the receipt. He later asked for another $300 in gift cards but this time iTunes, same rules. He later asked for $5000 in combination of iTunes and Amazon gift cards, I told him the only way that I could pay that kind of money was by means of my credit card. So all told, I have given him $7000. He tried to get me to take a $10K loan out, which I refused. He kept promising he would pay me back, that I am all he ever wanted, that I was a great support, that I am supporting his business more than any other person would, that I would be paid back in full, and then some. He showed me his crytocurrency accounts, and that he had millions wrapped into cryptocurrency. I told him, if this is truly the case, why does he need my money, and it is because he is overseas, and it needs to be USD. I told him he needs to come to the USA to finish his business, if he has that kind of money, he should use it to finish what he needs to do. He says he cannot leave where he is currently, he flies to Dubai and Singapore on a regular, but cannot fly to the USA. He said he wanted to transfer me money to finish his business because he made a business commitment and needed to see it through. He's sent me paperwork on his crytptocurrency commitment, which has his SSN and passport, if those are real numbers. He said he would pay off my credit card debt, and I gave him my bank account information for a transfer, and whatever transfer he did locked me out of my online banking, and went to the fraud department. I can still use my bank account, but can no longer do online banking for the time being. He tried getting my Verizon account by asking my phone number, and then Verizon popped up on my phone saying "your account is being accessed elsewhere, this is your passcode" and he asked for the passcode, which I refused to give him. I asked what he wanted in my Verizon acct, and he wanted to buy iPhones and send them to his contacts, which I staunchly refused to allow. He then tried to send me money via his lawyer, or so he said, gave me the lawyers name, and I called my bank and blocked that possible transfer, I had already lost my online banking, I did not want to loose my bank account and be flagged for fraud. He wanted my SSN to send me money out of his 401K, and I refused to give him that info. He asked me to set up a separate bank account so he could transfer money into it, to finish his business commitment, and it needed to have checks. I did this, set up the account with a check book, and he asked me to write over $8000 in checks, to deposit them into my regular bank account, to send a picture of the deposit slip that I deposited those checks into my regular bank account. He said he did the transfer, and I looked into that bank account I set up, and there is not a dime in it. The balance is $0, so somehow with me sending a picture of a deposit slip to him, that I deposited the fraudulent checks into my regular bank account, the money will magically appear in the bank account I set up, and I will not have written over $8000 in bad checks, which is a felony. When I ask any sort of questions, report any observations, tell him any feelings I may have regarding things, he gets angry, calls me stupid, that my attitude is stupid, that I am not ready to meet him, that I have no faith, that I don't believe in him, that I think I'm better than everyone else, that I'm smarter than everyone else because I have a college education, and he says he has a masters, so isn't that the cat calling the kettle black? If I do not answer his texts right away, I'm this horrible person, he hates that I have a regular job, and I cannot be on my phone all the time, and that my time and attention cannot be on him. Any conversation after the initial request for money, is all on money. He will ask the pleasantries, how are you, how's your family, how's your child, then goes to when can you get me more gift cards, you need to get this loan, and devolves into this money tirade, and how I do not support him, that I am a liar, and that I am untrustworthy, and that I have not earned his trust enough to be paid back.

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