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Jacobson and Wright

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Jacobson and Wright Reports & Reviews (18)

• Nov 24, 2021

Victim Location 65608
Type of a scam Debt Collections

A Paul Harris from a Jacobson and Wright called me saying his client had an account that needed settled. He addressed me by my maidan name and when he failed to answer basic questions I hung up on him He then called my husband stating that I had used him as reference and told him that I had an account that needed to be discussed. When my husband stated that I was actually his wife. This Paul guy said well your wife is being sued. This account was from over a year ago and has been settled. Legally they must mail you a notice and I never received anything.

• Jun 22, 2021

Victim Location 58701
Type of a scam Debt Collections

“Paul Harris” calls me and tells me I have not one but 2 civil suits that have been filed against me. I have no clue who this would be and I haven’t received anything by mail from any company I might owe money to from a “while back”. Paul Harris just leaves messages but doesn’t tell who the company is. He has also called my husband stating the same thing. He is beginning to harass me with his phone calls and, from what I have read on the BBB, will start calling my work place! They do not follow collections protocols and I want them to CEASE AND DESIST!! Please help me and everyone else who has to suffer because of this company’s unprofessional practices! If you call them, they are VERY rude!!


They are calling my family and job.That is harassment!They are talking about a civil lawsuit. Their tactic are wrong and misleading.

• Apr 02, 2021

Had called my wife, not me directly. (This is first indication of scam, get someone on their side)
I asked "if you have a legitimate claim why did you call my wife". He responded " we may have been working off old information".
My wife changes her phone number too often, her current one is just over a year now.
They threatened me with a 20 year old debt using basic info anyone can get from Google.
I asked why they aren't on Google search. He said "we work hard to hide our identity and what we do... "to protect you and your reputation".
I asked why they didn't mail proof, he said " we mailed it out Sunday, sorry if it didn't make it to you. We may have old address information".
Last he didn't have a creditor authorized settlement, he wanted whatever I could send to close the acct.
He provided a range of court dates that were within a few days.( this was to illicit panic from me) then wouldn't give a court location or contact info that I could use for confirmation.
He is very eloquent and sympathetic, don't fall for this. Keep pressing for actual information, they will stop if you keep confident, forceful and give the appearance of being knowledgeable.

• Mar 18, 2021

This Renee Watson called my family , stating that they are trying to reach me, due to a complaint against me, and they used the fraise and they are connected to the county where I live. When I researched Jacobson and Wright, I find that they are located in the east coast.I called , spoke with her, she knew my birthdate , last 4 of my social, credit co. Name, she ask to pay, after making payment arrangements, I ask for proof in writing, she said it noted. I ask again to send me information, until now I haven’t received information through mail.

• Mar 15, 2021

Scammer's phone 8336643312
Country United States
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Phone

A man called me at work to begin with. He told me I had a complaint come across his desk that needed my attention and I was being sued. I immediately told him to never call my work. I then tried to call back a few times and never an answer. Couldn’t even leave a message. What really pissed me off is he is calling my family members.

• Mar 08, 2021

Victim Location 29177
Type of a scam Debt Collections

They used scare tactics to try and collect on a payday loan they say I owe on, although I have never had a payday loan. They say I owe over $1000, but I feel like it was a scam to try and confirm personal information they had about me and/or get other information from me. Initially I was not informed what they were actually calling about-- I returned a call from a voicemail, because this was the 2nd voicemail I had received, and it was threatening me that I needed to have my "legal counsel" contact them about a "matter" in two days, etc. but they didn't say what it was about in the voicemail, they did not say it was an attempt to collect a debt, or anything like that. They just said it was a "matter," or a "very serious matter." The callback number is different than the number the call was made from-- the call came from a local phone number but the callback number is not local. The person I spoke to was a different person than the one who left the voicemail, and he told me that I owed $1000+ for a payday loan from several years ago and that it was "very serious," but he never said that it was an attempt to collect a debt, just that I owed money. I know that legitimate debt collectors state they are attempting to collect a debt, and these people did not on either the voicemail or phone call. He tried to get me to confirm personal information, and for me to make an appointment to call back again "once I had a chance to research it," but first he went through all of the information they have about me--He shared a lot of "personal" information with me, including my alleged birthdate, the alleged name of my bank, and where I allegedly work (I did not confirm or deny any of it). I am concerned that the entire point of the call was to confirm whether they had my correct personal information.

• Jan 05, 2021

Absolute clown show trying to use reverse psychology acting like you are the problem that won’t resolve things, threaten to hang up on you, then do so after threatening a civil suit and your credit score being screwed for 7 years. Comical...
Funny thing is they are the one’s harassing individuals which is a Class-C misdemeanor in my State. Ask for name and age and you are set, file a suit so they stop abusing people.

• Dec 14, 2020

...these guys keep calling me, and calling all my family members, calling my jobs saying i owe money. Telling all my confidential business to people. Like WTF. Why you gonna call my boss and tell him all my business for? You guys are so funny calling me while im at work, i tell you to call me back after work. BUT YOU DONT CALL ME BACK. F*ing JoKe...SHOW ME THE ORIGINAL DEBT CONTRACT...SHOW ME THE PAPER WORK! OmG these guys just keep harassing me. Telling me i should delete my voice mails so they can leave me a message. LOL...

Victim Location 94115
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Someone by David L***** from Jacobson & Wright left a message stating:

18336643312 They are contacting me this morning because their office was faxed over a pair of complaints filed against my name and social security number stemming from a breach of contract with one of their clients with they're stating that they were issued a return check.

I never sent a check anywhere, that’s number one.

Number two I have not received anything by mail. They also haven’t stated who their client is. This is in violation of the FDCA, they should not be contacting me this way and I will not give any information especially since my identity has been stolen before .


These people...Paul has called me several times saying they are representing Speedy Cash trying to get 600 payment upfront or they will sue me...If Paul calls back I will be waiting with a recorder! Also please ask for a validation of the debt and call the original creditor they will inform you if they have an account linked to your social. I'm glad my gut felt this scam!


These people scared the crap out of me this morning. I wake up to a message like that and so I google them and this page pops up. Thank you for helping save me a lot of trouble. They sounded so legit they have my home address and all. I’m changing my number. This is ridiculous.


I keep receiving calls from a Paul Harris claiming that he has been retained on behalf of a few civil complaints against me. This company Jacobson and Wright from what I have been reading are nothing more than high pressure debt collectors trying to cash in on someone's hard luck. I'm not talking for this scam ! As for the calls they can jump into a deep hole somewhere and never come back.


Victim Location 95628
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This co. Said I was being sued. They said they were mediators to try to keep this out of court. Asked for payment. They had my ss#.


Victim Location 87031
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

My sister got a voicemail asking her to get me in contact with them because I was being sued by my county. It seemed a little weird that if my county wanted to sue me, they didn’t call me straight away (seeing how they definitely have my information due to a couple speeding tickets I have gotten over the years). I called my local county’s office and was assured it was a scam!!!! Please don’t fall for this scam!!!


Victim Location 45044
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Claimed I have an outstanding loan through check smart. They have my personal info. Gave the address of the check smart they have on file. I called that check smart they have no record of me owing anything. They are contacting my family looking for me. Stating I need to call let them know a decision on this claim against me it have my attorney call. Someone named Doug Connelly keeps harassing me and my family members.


Victim Location 95949
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received a very convincing call from these people claiming to be from a debt collection agency in the town where I live. I was told I was being sued by a credit card company and would be served papers the following week. They then gave the number for Jacobson and Wright, and I was told to contact them.

"Paul Harris" is very convincing as well, and by the end of the call I had paid $500. Only later did I look them up online. Don't make this mistake! Google first, ask later!


Victim Location 43123
Type of a scam Debt Collections

This business has called myself along with my family. They have the last four of my social security number and a vast amount of other personal information. They make numerous threats and try to get you to pay them. When you ask for information they never know. If you ask them to mail you the court order or a copy of the documents they usually hang up at that point. I've read about these scam artist. They are 'Fake Debt Collectors impersonating real businesses'.

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