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ITResources Reports & Reviews (45)

- Martinsville, IN, USA

Hired ITResources to make a network backup and data storage solution, but it seems like they are not interested in me anymore after I made the first payment they requested so they could mobilize their team and get the needed equipment to get on this project, after a week of the first payment being sent, haven’t been able to get in touch with them, their CEO Scott Freeman is someone I had gotten in touch through this ordeal of getting what I wanted, but seems like he is just a low moral person, that is trying to scam peoples money away. Guess I shouldn’t have trusted a Chinese company to take care of this.

Wanted ITResources to make a website for my mothers bakery, thought the process would go easy and flawless as I had seen on an ad in a website that they were advertising themselves as one of the best website designes and IT solutions in all of China, what I got instead was 3000 dollars thrown down the drain, after I made the first payment because they said they needed it to start working, they helped me get through with everything that would go into this website, but after the 7 days they said it would take for me to see the product, they wanted me to pay the rest to receive it, so I did, in the end I got nothing, as they never answered my emails or phone calls after the 2nd payment, their CEO who I briefly talked with assured me their team of experts would be quick on this, and indeed they were. This guy is a professional con man that should be sent to jail.

My company hired ITResources for a system upgrade on all the computers, but my boss was basically scammed as Scott Freeman just sent a group of lowly skilled workers to basically do nothing, as they left most of the computers just as they found them, When we tried to contact their customer to find out what was the issues they said the job was completed as scheduled and nothing else had to be done.

ITResources and Scott Freeman are those person and businesses that you wonder how they still are operating and running free, as they should be terminated, and their owners sent to jail. Had the misfortune of meeting Scott Freeman at an IT Con, here is where he persuaded me to try the resources of his “company”, I ordered around 30 thousand dollars in Networking equipment, computer equipment, and various other things, that to my dismay what I got sent was nothing what I ordered, counterfeit equipment and a bunch of crap in boxes was what I got, his customer support team has been of no help to me as they just don’t even seem interested in trying to help me. Most of the time they just hang up on me or tell me to contact a lawyer, as their policies don’t guarantee any warranty.

Saw an ad for ITResources, where it said they completely build your website to your needs and desires, being a not so tech savvy person I decided to take this opportunity as I had been wanting to expand my business to more people and thought through the Internet I would more exposure. What I had fallen in was a trap, as this process was one of the most undesirable things I have been through in the last 15 years, Scott Freeman the CEO really is a goddamn scammer, after so much talk with him and his customer support team they just took my money and ran away, as they never bother to answer me back after I had made the payment with my credit card, and after all this when I call the back to try to chargeback it seems like they made a charge 3 times what we had agreed on. This is one of those scam businesses that should be prosecuted as well as the guy behind it.

Bought a website from ITResources, but they never got back to me after I had already paid, they helped me get through the process till after the first payment which is when they ghosted me, cant get in contact with their customer support neither through their phoneline or emails, help me, im very worried that I may have fallen into a scam, this is not money that I can simply lose like that.

- Malibu, CA, USA

Wanted a software made from ITResources, as this is one of the services they offer, what I wanted was a software to process the payments of my business, what I got instead was a really clunky piece of crap, this thing only gives me issue after issue, when I try to contact ITResources they just tell me if I have any issue to contact my seller, but I can’t get a hang of this person ever on the phone or through his email, as hes just ignoring me, its been a month of back and forth with my money thrown in the trashcan, as theres no way for me to get help from these guys.

Hired Scott Freeman and his company ITResources to do some website design and hosting, was left with an unpolished and really poor product as It seems like they didn’t have enough time for me or something, as that’s what it looks like, when I tried contacting them to talk about this issue they don’t seem to care about it at all, they don’t want to give me a refund and refuse to finish their work, I paid in total 6000 USD to receive this product and they are just telling me to contact my bank, as they can’t do anything about it. It’s a shame, seems like I should have gone for a more reliable company and not a Chinese one, Scott Freeman their CEO really is a heedless person, a person worthy of being called a scammer.

Went into ITResources to order a website design, agreed on everything that I wanted and needed, made half the payment and was told It would take around 5 business days until a product would be delivered, It has now been 2 weeks and I haven't gotten any contact with Scott Freeman or any of his employees, no way to contact them either, their phone line just hangs on me, and their email sees no responses, I'm desperate at this point, as I sent these people a lot of money that i can't afford to lose.

Ordered computer equipment from ITResources, only to be overcharged by almost 2 times the amount of the bill, called asking the company about what was happening and they told me there's nothing wrong going on, but there's clearly a charge 3 times the amount that was billed, even talked with their CEO Scott Freeman and he assured me it was all proposed beforehand, going to contact my lawyer and the bank to sue these guys for being a bunch of scammers.

ordered a website from, paid 4500 usd, and gave them quite a bit of original artwork and other personal information for the design, haven't been able to get in contact with anyone in the company, not by email or any of their phone lines. it's not been 2 weeks since they were supposed to deliver.

- Beaverton, OR, USA

Scott Freeman offered his company to do some work for a renovation i was making in one of my call centers, He was supposed to be in charge of rebuilding the networking system and getting new computers. This has been absolutely the worst business encounter I've had ever, all the equipment that this guy brought and installed is some cheap Chinese counterfeit crap, which probably didn't cost 1/4 of what I actually paid him, There has been no way to get back in contact with this scoundrel or any of his company phone lines. After my extreme disgust with this person i kept researching and found he also owns a cryptocurrency exchange called C2CX, which is just another front for his evil doings, stealing peoples deposits and withdrawals money is just another day occurrence just as is the money laundering he does for the Russian mafia with being a "exchange" as a facade.

Scott Freeman scammed me, Paid him for the creation and installation of the system for a new small cafe i was opening, he was supposed to create an accounting software and the system to accept payments, etc. This was supposed to be done and delivered within 1 month time, this is now the second month since i agreed on all of this with Scott, after insisting he needed half the money in advance to start working, he just straight up ghosted me, haven't been able to get in touch with him since march 13, none of the phones listed on his webpage respond to me anymore, they just hang up as soon as i say what im complaining about, this guy should be hunted by the fbi for being such a scammer.

- El Dorado Hills, CA, USA

Ordered some computer equipment from ITR, got counterfeit equipment and was purposely overcharged, by more than twice the amount, contacted their customer support to see if anything was wrong with this, at the start they just brushed it up as the system being wrong, but then they just started just hanging up on me. Scott Freeman their CEO really is a bad person if this the kind of business he is running and what he hopes to achieve is just to scam people.

I was charged more than twice what was suggested on the bill, Ordered a few pieces of networking equipment from ITResources, only to be charged more than 4 times what was actually ordered. I have tried to get through them but they don't even care about my issue or want to help me, this must not be something uncommon for them. Scott Freeman the CEO really is a vile person if this is the kind of business hes running.

Ordered 15k in Cisco Equipment from ITResources, a company owned by Scott Freeman, the customer support was all good, but I was really dissatisfied with the product I actually received, as It was not at all what I ordered, I received counterfeit goods and they don't want to acknowledge It or do anything about it, but I could just tell what from the outside that it was just a front for some Chinese knock off products, as it in fact was when we opened some to check. Scott Freeman is a man without honor, just another Chinese hustle trying to scam people.

Sent a request for a website to be made, after the first payment I was never attended to or answered any question, they just straight up acted as if nothing was agreed between us, that I was never registered with them or made a payment. I did some research and turns out the CEO of this company IT Resources Scott Freeman is a *** first class scammer, he has other businesses like C2CX, a cryptocurrency exchange where he steals deposits and withdrawals from customers, hes also been under investigation for laundering money for the russians.

- Round Rock, TX, USA

We had agreed on a deal of them making me a website for around 7000 US dollars, after I paid them, they basically ran away with my money, I haven't received a product in 2 months, or a response from them, can't contact them through phone or email. Their CEO Scott Freeman is really a [censored] for trying to pull this on people without any remorse.

- Santa Cruz, CA, USA

I ordered a website to be made from ITResources (, and after the first payment they didn't bother answering any of my calls or my emails, i was basically ghosted by these scammers. Their CEO Scott Freeman is a goddamn [censored] of the earth, I can't imagine how many more people he has pulled this on.

- Auburndale, FL, USA

I purchased 15 computers for a new internet cafe I was trying to open, after I made the first payment of 20 thousand US dollars they basically erased me from all their books, I call they just hang up on me, I write to their email, no reply, there's no other option for me other than to sue and report them everywhere I can.

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