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ITBA Technologies

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Victim Location 20910
Total money lost $149.99
Type of a scam Tech Support


I thought I was on the Amazon Alexa website as I was trying to get my Echo Spot connected to my MacBook. The webpage states in the middle of the page, but the actual web browser address is: I realized this too late.

I tried to download the Alexa app and got an error message stating ‘Alexa App Download Failed! Can’t connect Alexa to network. Error code 7:3:O:O:1’ and an option to ‘Chat Now With Expert.’ Naturally, I selected chat now - thinking I was connecting to Amazon support - and I got a response asking for my phone number so that an expert could call and assist me. A few seconds later, ‘Bob’ called me and said he was from Amazon Alexa. He asked to control my screen because he was getting a network error, and for safety reasons Alexa will not download on my computer if there is something corrupt on my network. So, he needed to share screens to “check my network security.”

He asked me to go to, where there are two options to connect to a secure server. He asked me to open TeamViewer but that didn’t work so, he asked me to open GoToAssist, which unfortunately did work.

He was extremely quick navigating around my settings, and then it looked like he was running some type of report and he showed me a log of activity. At the end of that “report,” it clearly stated that there was malware and adware running on my network. He claimed my network was being hacked, these things were running in the background, and it was only a matter of time before the virus infected my devices and that is why Alexa would not download.

He pulled up Torpig on Wikipedia and explained how bots like that can circumvent antivirus protection on your computer. He opened other documents/articles/white papers (it was so fast, I couldn’t even tell you the exact source) showing that in previous years, customers were hacked through the Alexa app. So, Amazon increased their security and if there is malware running on your network IP address the app will not install on your computer for safety reasons. He reiterated how Alexa Amazon was keeping my network safe by alerting me to this ‘infection.’ He said ‘thank God you called – this malware started on September 28th and who knows what would have happened if you didn’t stop the infection now.’

‘Bob’ also cleared my browser history. Later I realized he only cleared the part of the history that included the website of our initial connection. I was able to go back to Google and find my history in another place to get the exact web addresses again later. He obviously was trying to hide where I had stumbled upon them.

He opened a note in notepad and started taking notes. He explained that I needed network protection, that there was a company that he recommended who could provide cloud based firewall protection for all the devices that use my IP address. He said they use IBM security that offers 5 layers of protection, that includes Antivirus, Adware, Malware…something and something.

He was so fast, and on my screen, it looked like he was taking notes in the notepad. But later I realized he was typing information and deleting it throughout our conversation, which lasted for over an hour.

Then came the pricing options: $149.99 for 1 year, $259.99 for 3 years, $299.99 for 5 years, or $499.99 for lifetime. He said I could cancel any time, they would refund the money, and I didn’t have to renew if I wasn’t satisfied. He even said I could buy the one year term and within 3 months increase the term and just pay the difference.

Services were supposed to include a cloud based network protection firewall, that would cover any device connected to my IP address. Also, services were supposed to include any other tech issues I might need, like if I couldn’t get my printer to work I could just call them. He said “they are like your own personal IT department” - I would have IT support 24/7.

He connected me with ‘Martin’ a ‘networking expert’ who shared my screen with an app called GoToAssist Customer (1692). He was equally as fast moving around the windows, looking at ‘reports and stats’ and messing with my settings. He reiterated everything Bob said and installed something called Trusteer Rapport Endpoint Protection. He said with that installation, the malware was stopped immediately and he was able to set up Alexa. He just went to my Amazon account though, and simply connected the Bluetooth. He told me not to try to install the Alexa app.

Then he went to ‘check my IP’ in a Google search, showed me my public IP address, and further explained that any device logged on to my IP address would be protected now with the cloud firewall. He then went to my Netgear IP address on Netgear’s website, and even installed an update to my router firmware. He said that would make my internet run much faster.

He then sent me an invoice, asked me open it in my email while we were still sharing screens and I paid it. The charge is listed as ‘PAYPAL *IT SERIVC.’ He sent me an authorization form for a one-time charge while we were still on the phone, which he filled out for me. I have a MacBook, so my card number was in the keychain and did not appear on screen and since I paid the invoice in real time, he claimed he didn’t even need my card number on the form. I immediately got an email receipt, an email from customer service - “Alex” – thanking me for allowing them to serve me.

I asked a lot of questions about the company ITBA Technologies while talking to both ‘Bob’ and ‘Martin.’ They showed me this website, which seemed fairly legit for a quick search while actively on the call. They answered all my questions in a way that made me completely believe the company was real and it was a personal IT type of service.

Between talking to the two representatives, I was on the call for over two hours.

An hour so after I hung up, I started Googling more about the company ITBA Technologies, and found nothing. Then I stumbled on an article by GeekWire explaining near exactly what had just transpired – and confirming it was a scam.

I looked up the customer service satisfaction rating claimed on their website, allegedly provided by Trust Pilot - and could not find ITBA Technologies in their listing. Then I looked up the address listed on their website, which appears to be NJ residential or a PBC Bank. I also realized at this point, they were not listed in the either.

So, then I started to panic, and researched the software that was installed, and I found out:

Trusteer Endpoint Protection (a.k.a Rapport) is a legitimate program that is specifically designed to help fight financial fraud and is often recommended by various banks for reducing the chances of fraud and identity theft when it comes to online transactions.

But, there was nothing to indicate that there was any cloud firewall whatsoever. Also, there is a free version of the software.

Once I tracked down the search history that ‘Bob’ tried to delete, I clicked on the download Alexa App again, and got the same error code. The website is designed to give everyone that same error message. That is when I knew for sure I was totally scammed.

I tried calling ‘Bob’s’ phone number back and the number was not in service. I tried calling the number that ‘Martin’ gave me, and there is no voicemail or extension – he claimed his extension was 67. The phone number rang and rang and finally a statement ‘no one is available’ and then the call disconnects.

Each time I was connected with someone, they would disconnect the call and have another ‘expert’ call me back. When I started asking for direct phone numbers, they kept giving me the one ‘main’ number. Eventually they told me that is the only number they have.

Each representative had obvious Indian accent.

The next day, I tried calling the company again and surprisingly did get a representative on the phone. I explained I wished to cancel services, that I was told I could have a refund if I changed my mind. In response, several extremely aggressive, angry even, Indian men verbally assaulted me for about two hours, calling me ‘a liar’, ‘bossy’, threatening me if I continued to call. When I did call back, they would pick up the phone and hang right back up. They refused to provide any service, answer any of my questions about the company, they gave me incorrect contact information for their “CEO” and of course, they refused to issue a refund claiming that the tech ‘resolved the network error yesterday.’ When I told them the error message still appears when I try to download the app, they didn’t even investigate. The representative called me a liar, told me I can’t call back and they would block my number and hung up on me. Now when I call, the line is busy and I can’t get through.

ITBA Technologies website lists a NJ address. But one of the representatives confirmed they are in India. That is the only additional information I was able to obtain.

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