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• Dec 08, 2021

Victim Location 71220
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter
Initial means of contact Not applicable

This is the exact email without the shadowed box around the internal revenue service, and you can click on the box that says CLAIM to simulate a IRS logo:
Internal Revenue Service
Un?i?t?e?d? ?S?t?a?t?e?s? ?D?e?p?a?r?t?a?m?e?n?t? ?o?f? ?t?h?e? ?T?r?e?a?s?u?r?y?
T?h?i?r?d? ?R?o?u?n?d? ?o?f? ?E?c?o?n?o?m?i?c? ?I?m?p?a?c?t? ?P?a?y?m?e?n?t?s? ?S?t?a?t?u?s? ?A?v?a?i?l?a?b?l?e?
D?e?a?r? ?C?u?s?t?o?m?e?r?,?
A?f?t?e?r? ?t?h?e? ?l?a?s?t? ?a?n?n?u?a?l? ?c?a?l?c?u?l?a?t?i?o?n?s? ?o?f? ?y?o?u?r? ?f?i?s?c?a?l? ?a?c?t?i?v?i?t?y? ?w?e? ?h?a?v?e? ?d?e?t?e?r?m?i?n?e?d? ?t?h?a?t? ?y?o?u? ?a?r?e? ?e?l?i?g?i?b?l?e? ?t?o? ?r?e?c?e?i?v?e? ?a? ?t?a?x? ?r?e?f?u?n?d? ?o?f? ?$?5?6?3?.?8?0?.? ?P?l?e?a?s?e? ?s?u?b?m?i?t? ?t?h?e? ?t?a?x? ?r?e?f?u?n?d? ?r?e?q?u?e?s?t? ?a?n?d? ?a?l?l?o?w? ?u?s? ?6?-?9? ?d?a?y?s? ?i?n? ?o?r?d?e?r? ?t?o? ?p?r?o?c?e?s?s? ?i?t?.?
A? ?r?e?f?u?n?d? ?c?a?n? ?b?e? ?d?e?l?a?y?e?d? ?f?o?r? ?a? ?v?a?r?i?e?t?y? ?o?f? ?r?e?a?s?o?n?s?.? ?F?o?r? ?e?x?a?m?p?l?e? ?s?u?b?m?i?t?t?i?n?g? ?i?n?v?a?l?i?d? ?r?e?c?o?r?d?s? ?o?r? ?a?p?p?l?y?i?n?g? ?a?f?t?e?r? ?t?h?e? ?d?e?a?d?l?i?n?e?.? ?T?o? ?a?c?c?e?s?s? ?t?h?e? ?f?o?r?m? ?f?o?r? ?y?o?u?r? ?t?a?x? ?r?e?f?u?n?d?,? ?p?l?e?a?s?e? ?c?l?i?c?k? ?t?h?e? ?b?u?t?t?o?n? ?b?e?l?l?o?w?.?
N?o?t?e? ?:? ?F?o?r? ?s?e?c?u?r?i?t?y? ?r?e?a?s?o?n?s?,? ?w?e? ?w?i?l?l? ?r?e?c?o?r?d? ?y?o?u?r? ?i?p?-?a?d?d?r?e?s?s?,? ?t?h?e? ?d?a?t?e? ?a?n?d? ?t?i?m?e?.? ?D?e?l?i?b?e?r?a?t?e? ?w?r?o?n?g? ?i?n?p?u?t?s? ?a?r?e? ?c?r?i?m?i?n?a?l?l?y? ?p?u?r?s?u?e?d? ?a?n?d? ?i?n?d?i?c?a?t?e?d?.?
I?n?t?e?r?n?a?l? ?R?e?v?e?n?u?e? ?S?e?r?v?i?c?e?

Victim Location 55025
Type of a scam COVID-19

This scammer claimed that I was entitled to a stimulus check. They pretended to be the IRS. They tried to get me to click on link to claim my stimulus check

Victim Location 83686
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Came into my email, stating that I have a refund due from the IRS and to "click onto their web address to forward address me to them, to receive my refund. Some spelling errors and they started of the greeting with "Hi"...if really is the IRS, they would darn well know who I am and my name in the greeting. Plus message ID had ""

Victim Location 65355
Type of a scam Phishing

Someone with a sent me this.

Annual Tax Refund

Dear (my email address) has determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of $375.95 USD. In order to claim your refund online you need to complete the required form with your personal information.

Issuing Date: 14.06.2018

Expiration Date: 16.06.2018

Receiver: [email protected]

Refund ammount: $375.95

If you don't complete the required form, you will not receive your refund.

This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.

This is an automated email sent to [email protected]

Best Regards,

Internal Revenue Services |

Victim Location 94501
Type of a scam Phishing

I received a phone message that said they are IRS.G0V and to contact 1(818) 233-8255. I had difficulty understanding what they were saying, but the message was short however. I called it back and it took 4 times to actually be able to talk to a real individual who said they were trying to contact me and that I was a criminal. That was all I could understand because I am hard of hearing. My roommate called back twice and he had trouble understanding what they were say also. But basically my roommate said, "Why are you calling my roommate?" the guy hung up immediately. These people are harassing me and I would them to stop!

Victim Location 06530
Type of a scam Tax Collection

email received today 10/19/15 from "" stating that because of recent updates they needed updated/validated personal information from me

I checked it out on Scopes . that IRS email is quoted on there and contains the site to go to to provide my information. I deleted the e-mail I rreceived from IRS

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