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IRS Fake Call Scam

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IRS Fake Call Scam Reports & Reviews (36)

- Stockbridge, GA, USA

It was a voice mail, threatening legal action if I did not contact them. Claiming to be the IRS.

- Suwanee, GA, USA

Scammer left automated voicemail message. Message stated "Hello we have been trying to reach you. This call is officially a final notice from IRS internal revenue services. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number is 310-929-7286. I repeat 310-929-7286. Thank you"

- Duluth, GA, USA

They called and left a computer message. I called back and they identified as IRS tax and crimes investigation department. I gave my name and told them to wait while I investigated their department due to scam activity when they just hung up.

- Cornelia, GA, USA

Received a voicemail from 760-278-9796 stating this is Officer Michelle from the internal revenue service this call is the final notice to inform me they have received legal petition notice concerning tax fraud, so I need to call immediately to avoid federal claims court or getting arrested. I called back and refused to give them my name, and told them I knew this was a scam and do not ever call me again, and the man began saying very ugly things and I hung up

- Dewy Rose, GA, USA

They called & said I owe the IRS & have warrants out for my arrest. Call that number so they could help me.

Call was automated, said it was the final attempt to try to reach me. If I didn't call back to resolve the issue that I could be taken in front if the supreme court and grand jury. IRS says that they dont call people, and if they did they wouldnt call and say things like that. So I decided to call and see what they had to say. They told me that they were gonna file a lawsuit against me si they needed some information. So I said "lawsuit, do you even know my name? " He said , " I'm trying to get some information would you please help me?" I said I would if you were for real but your not for real." He hung up.

- Grayson, GA, USA

I was left a voicemail on 9/11/18 stating that it was the IRS and I had an arrest warrant issued against me because of an audit of our taxes being done and I had made a huge mistake in my taxes from 2012 - 2017. Here’s the voicemail I received.

“Did get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local cops as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you the number to reach us is 509-317-9858 I repeat 509-317-9858 thank you…”

I was terrified and I called them back. I was was told that I owed $7,990 and the police were coming to arrest me. I was given agent numbers and names. The first woman’s accent was so heavy I couldn’t understand what she was saying after a few tries she handed me over to a man who was supposedly her supervisor. He then went on to start threatening about how I was going to be arrested. I told him that I hadn’t ever received any letters from the IRS. I asked to be sent the info from the IRS and I was told that I had to pay it before any more information would be given to me. I argued with him about that because I wanted to see it on paper. I was told that it was mailed to me in March and a certified letter came to my house in June but no one answered. I was told that a note was stuck to my door. I never received either of them. I said my taxes were done by an accountant and I wanted to talk to them about the matter. I was told that that would do me no good. I was told that it was all my fault. He went on to to really threaten me and I couldn’t get a word in to question it more. I feel so stupid because I fell for it. I was told that I had to put $500 on a gift card because I refused to give him any bank information. That money was to cancel the arrest warrant. I got the card and gave him the numbers. He put me on hold because he was talking to the courthouse too. When he came back he said that they had found 6 allegations against me and I had to pay $500 for each allegation to be cleared. He said that I had to give him $3000 to stop the allegations. Like I said we’ve had some financial problems and it all just struck home with me. I said that I didn’t have any more money left to give except my bill money and he said that he was going to have the IRS dig in to my accounts to see if I was hiding it from them. It all went on so long that I thought it had to be legit. In the end I had to do another $500 to clear one up and to stop another warrent from being issued. I was told that I was going to lose my house my job and everything. So now all of my bill money was gone. I was told to stay on the line because he had to talk to the courthouse again. I was told our whole conversation was being recorded and another officer was listening in. While waiting the call failed and wasn’t called back. On 9/12/18 at 6:39pm I received the very same voicemail again. I’m dealing with Google Card Customer Service And they’re going to investigate this scam and see if I can get any money back.

I got a voicemail message from a woman warning me of legal consequences if I do not immediately get my attorney to call them back ASAP at (859) 953-0163. I did a reverse number search on which showed more than 2 dozen complaints by this number in the last couple of days of the same threat. Others that did call them said they were being sued by the IRS for back taxes. My taxes are done by a enrolled agent who is certified directly by the US Treasury. He said the IRS would never call me directly, they are required by law to speak to him directly, not me. He said it was a scam. I got this call a year ago, still going around.

I called the number this morning, got a message the voicemail was not setup yet. Every time I call this number now they immediately hang up on me.

- Atlanta, GA, USA

Called me and said there was a issue with my 2013 tax return and that my pay was gonna be garnished if i did not pay after i told them that i knew it was a scam he began to start talking sexual to me so i hung up

Indians pretending to be irs

They wanted me to pay $5400 or I will get arrested

This guy called my wife from California to announce that he was with the IRS and was sending a deputy to our home to arrest my wife this evening. He did not ask for her social security number or any other means of positive identification.

Rec'd a voicemail from a person claiming to be the IRS & if I did not return the call immediately they will forced to take legal action. Called the phone # back; spoke to a young lady. She verified my name & then asked me to confirm my address (which was incorrect; old address). She stated that there was a random audit which discovered some errors in my tax filings from 2000 - 2010. I asked where was "written" notification of these errors (certified mail etc..) She asked why I didn't contact the IRS to inform them that I moved. I asked WHY would I? I don't owe anything, plus my address is updated when I file my yearly tax return & confirmed with my employer's W-2 forms. She hung up on me. I called the # back & got a gentleman; when I asked the same question - He hung up on me also. I tried to call the # the 3rd time & they blocked me. (SCAM)... Would the IRS block a person who supposedly owed them money? I don't think so.

- Marietta, GA, USA

They said I was the main suspect and to call this number or face legal actions

- Jonesboro, GA, USA

I received an unauthorized call from this unrecognized number:


I "Googled" this number; numerous results showed it to be an IRS scam. Please investigate thoroughly. Thank you.

Prosecution to fullest extent of law for all scammers who misrepresent legitimate companies and agencies.

Received a voicemail saying I had to call the number within 24 hours otherwise I'd be taken into local custody for 4 "serious allegations" against me and they'll take legal action if I don't call.

Mentioned to a local friend, and she had received the same message.

Received a phone call asking if I was aware I owed taxes. They said a warrant was out for my arrest, but they could close the case if I could settle my payment of $4,000+. I asked why I hadn’t received any mail or paperwork in regards to the situation if this was the case and the lady hung up the phone. I called the number back and asked to speak to a supervisor. The gentleman asked why and I replied that I thought it was a scam. He told me it was and then used quite a bit of profanity following.

The callers have called repeatedly on my cell phone and house phone. Not sure how they have obtained both points of contact for me, but they are close to harassment. In one day, they called my home 3 times and my cell number twice. This has been occurring for the last couple of weeks and, after watching numerous scam alerts, consumers are advised that an agency like the IRS would not contact someone by phone.

- Norcross, GA, USA

Representatives from this number are calling telling people they are going to jail for tax fraud from years 2011-2016. And stating the individual owes over $8000 in back taxes.

- Atlanta, GA, USA

Message (automated via a computer) left on home phone to call. Message states “This is a message from the IRS needing to contact you immediately before action is taken against you. Please call the number:208-398-5841 immediately.” I called the number. They introduced themselves as an officer Johnson

Then asked for phone number. They spoke in English with an Indian accent. Because I was scammed last week and this was the Third time they had now tried to call me and do the exact same thing, I told them I wanted to speak to their boss who actually spoke in English without an Indian accent that actually sounded like an Officer Johnson. I was yelling at him by this time and he THREATENED ME to send a police and arrest me immediately. I then told him I got him and will send the FBI and arrest the [censored] that they are. Then he started laughing like a hyena.

- Dewy Rose, GA, USA

Got a call on cell phone. Said they were with IRS & they had a warrant out for my arrest. Long spiel about owing them money.

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