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Intex Reports & Reviews (31)

• Jun 21, 2021

Victim Location 38351
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband ordered a pool and never received it was given a fake tracking number to an address that is not ours.

• Jun 17, 2021

I ordered one of these like a [censored] when I saw that there was No date of shipping BIG RED FLAG i went in to cancel payment and they already took it. Sorry to say that PayPal just denied me on getting my money back they found nothing wrong which is bull[censored].

• Jun 14, 2021

Victim Location 54457
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is selling pools for only $98.00, which is super cheap. When I tried to buy, they asked for my debit card! I gave it to them and then realized what I did and had to cancel my card. They are scammers!

• Jun 13, 2021

I ordered a pool for $98. Received a tracking number for USPS. When I tracked the shipment it says it's been delivered. I have not received this shipment. When I look into further details it does not give my direct address, it's just the city and state I live in. What can I do about getting my money back?

• Jun 14, 2021

My husband and I just experienced this yesterday. When he paid using PayPal that should have sent up a red flag. He went to our bank this morning and they tagged the transaction as fraud. He will have to wait 10 days for a new debit card and it may take up to a year to get our money back but the banks and credit card companies are aware of these scams and are going after them as fraud. Hope this helps!

• Jun 11, 2021

Victim Location 78749
Total money lost $70
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website appeared on Facebook marketplace as the website for Intex, and claimed there was a large sale going on.

• Jun 09, 2021

It seems that, and I really should know better having had an ecommerce business in the past, I've been ripped off just as everyone else on this forum. I purchased a pool from at a price of $139 with a discount of $41 and a total cost of $98.00. PayPal payment to a Nicole Parks. Sent several emails to the gmail account listed yet no reply. Left three messages on the website's contact page with no reply. Files a complaint with PayPal but just like everyone else, I received a fake USPS tracking email showing the "Swimming Pool" was delivered to my home town, no address listed, and it was left in the mailbox.

• Jun 07, 2021

Victim Location 48506
Total money lost $98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I stupidly fell for a fake site as I was desperately searching for a pool as ours was leaking bad! Yes it was too good to be true but I bought into it anyways. It showed many intex pools which was fake and even gave a discount after the listed price of 139.00 I think. Bottom line was 98.00 and paid through paypal. As soon as I received an email regarding payment to Andre Smith I knew it was bad!! I initiated a report with Paypay and they contacted said Andre Smith who then provided a fake USPS tracking number showing it delivered. It does not say where it was delivered it does state same city and state I live in. Paypal accepts that as delivery so I at this point do not get a refund. My next step it to try and get proof on NOT being delivered to MY house from the fraud department at the PO. Then I can submit that and see from there. Yes, if its too good to be true do not do it!!!!!

• Jun 20, 2021

I'm waiting on my PayPal decision, but I uploaded an underlined picture that the "package" that was "delivered" (no package) was marked from USPS as 6 pounds. I then uploaded a photo of how much the package I ordered was said to weigh on the website which was over 400 pounds. I uploaded pictures of everything, I may not receive my money but I'm definitely not giving up

• Jun 07, 2021

Victim Location 15909
Total money lost $98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a pool from this website because I thought it was the official Intex pools website. It was not. My payment went to [email protected] via paypal. The name is Cerissa Lagrange. Fraud.

• Jun 04, 2021

Victim Location 38305
Total money lost $98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought a pool from website turned out to be fake website.

• Jun 03, 2021

Victim Location 32225
Total money lost $98.99
Type of a scam Online Purchase />
My sister got an email after ordering some pool filters from this company and then she sent me this link because they were having a sale on pools and thought I might be interested ..well I tried to order a pool from them and got the PayPal receipt immediately .but then anytime I check the website to see when the pool would be here, it keeps saying processing . I contacted the company via email that is the only way to get a hold of this company and I got no response then I told them that I was going to write a bad review because I had not heard anything back from them and they blocked me from the website. I emailed them and I have not heard back from them still it is now been about a week..

• May 01, 2021

Victim Location 53406
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website claims to be selling INTEX brand pools at a discounted price. They provide no business address or phone. They claim to be partnered with PayPal, provide a UPS tracking number and delivery notice, but no product is ever delivered and your PayPal account gets charged for the item. The only way to make contact with them is through email, with no response.

• Apr 05, 2021

Victim Location 38058
Total money lost $102
Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website as Intex pool company with amazing deals on pools. Then when payment is made they are showing to be foreign symbols as the company that took the money out of my account.

• Mar 27, 2021

I tried buying a new Intex pool on "Etsy" marketplace for a "ridiculously low price" ...under $1,000.00 for pool 12'x 24' 52" and PayPal wouldn't let my payment go through...thank goodness...because seller was a scam...thanks Paypal!...I counted over 15 Intex pools popping up "overnight" on Etsy with what appears to be made up names with "no sales" behind them. I reported this to Etsy website but it appears they are still selling (as soon as one pool sells another "fake name" posts another pool on website. I started putting them in my cart to keep track and I stopped at 15...There is NO inventory like that ANYWHERE! Dont be fooled...

• Nov 06, 2020

I ordered a Arlington 5 piece patio set for $96.55. They'll tell you that your tracking number will be sent to you and just be patient. They'll tell you to check your spam. A package was delivered in my mailbox, not at my door. The package came from China, not anywhere in the US. Instead of a patio set, I received three pairs of fake Versace socks. I sent an email several times and got a few responses back telling me that if I was okay with them giving me 33%, next email 38%, then another until it reached 50%. They told me I had to first send back the socks and then they would refund me back all my money. I told them to send my money first and they could have the socks. I told them I read the reviews of people who did so and they haven't received nor heard back from the company. As expected, I haven't heard back from this company since this letter. But t seems as though my someone has been trying to get money from my account several times but was denied! I reported it as fraud and it needs to be shut down and the person's involved prosecuted!

• Oct 10, 2020

I ordered two kayaks for a total of $89.98. They shipped a pair of Oakley sunglasses that I do not want. What is my best recourse?

• Sep 14, 2020

Scammer's phone 8615622326174
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 02 JinxiuRoad GuangDong 528000 China
Scammer's email
Country United States
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product
Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

I went on Market place looking for swimming pool . Intex had many adds . I ordered a pool for $99.99 it said from Texas . Got my confirmation email with order number and description of swimming pool . I received a tracking number , and when my product came it was a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Big scam going on . I found 5 different sights alone on Market place in Maine .

• Sep 10, 2020

I purchased stationary bike via Facebook ad. After waiting for over a month, I received a scarf from China. I sent queries on their website for numerous time but no response at all. Facebook must vet their ads because it can compromise its members. They should take down all these fraud/scam advertisers.

• Aug 22, 2020

Purchased an Intex pool from what appeared to be the manufacturer. No receipt, no confirmation...nothing but the next day I received PayPal confirmation that the transaction had gone through for $113. I was given a tracking number. Didn't think a whole lot about it but the following week, I tracked the number and clicked to have updates sent to me. I got an update from UPS that my package was delivered. I contacted them immediately. For security reasons, they could not tell me what address it was delivered to but they did verify that it was not addressed to me or intended for my address, furthermore it was substantially less weight than a swimming pool. I then contacted PayPal and have gotten nothing but a run around from them. A different person reads my responses each time I reply and I am making no headway. This has gone on over a month. UPS advised me to file a police report which I intend on doing first thing Monday morning. I have also contact my back from which the debit was issued, they are also investigating. I am seriously considering file a report with the Attorney General and anyone else who will listen to me. Seeking help from any of you that have had success!

• Aug 11, 2020

Bought a pool from 占喜 顾 for $99.99 a Intex 24'x 52" Prism Frame well as I thought a scam never recieved a confirmation or anything but PayPal paid them they gave them a tracking number saying it was delivered but it was a different order that I ordered which was delivered in my mail box this is what it was it wasn't a swimming pool

• Aug 04, 2020

Ordered a 2 person kayak. The order went through twice. No real contact information for this scam. I tried canceling the orders, there is no where to cancel. I realized it was a fake website, I immediately tried to get in touch to cancel. I have received no email confirming the purchases or replying to my requests. I feel so stupid to be scammed this way. I will try to stop payment through my bank. I do not know what else to do.

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Address: 02 JinxiuRoad GuangDong 528000 China



This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Intex, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Intex, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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