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Internet Domain Name Services (IDNS)

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Internet Domain Name Services (IDNS) Reports & Reviews (102)

• May 26, 2022

Victim Location 11218
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

My customer received an attached invoice that said that our domain was expiring. They were going to pay it but thank goodness they asked me first. I tried calling their number which was odd because it went to a mailbox that was full. I then sent them an email and asked some very basic questions and wanted to speak with someone on the phone. The "support" person was very rude and never answered my questions directly and became very angry when I wasn't falling for their scam. Basically called me stupid... well I rather be stupid then lose money to this scammer. You can see, some people were not as lucky and sent them money. I'm going to report this to the attorney generals office as well so they can take a closer look at the "company".

• Mar 15, 2022

Victim Location 87413
Total money lost $190
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I am the Administrator at the ********** ****** ********** and we received a letter in the mail telling us our website domain was about to expire, which it was. I paid for it through this invoice and three months later we received an email from our domain holder that our domain was still about to expire. We paid $190 for another five years for our website domain already back in January of 2022. The invoice was very real, our deputy chief actually approved this. Many times companies do not know where they bought their domain from, we recently lost our office manager so renewing this domain was new to us. We just knew we did not want to lose out ****** **********'s website so we paid for it. Now we realize the website is not real and the support email only sends us our receipt.

• Feb 28, 2022

Victim Location 53963
Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I was contact by IDNS (Internet Domain Name Services) with the title of Internet Registry on their letterhead. The letter stated that I needed to renew my domain name by a certain date. I knew my registration for my website was nearing the 2 year end to my subscription with WIX so I thought this was an offer to renew my domain name. How else would someone get my information?

I sent a check for $90 for a 2 year renewal of my website domain name. I thought the price was steep but I knew I received a discount for being a first time web site creator. I then I received this message in my email:

In order to complete the transfer and renewal, we require the Authorization Code/EPP Key from your current registrar.

Please contact your current registrar , Ltd. and ask them for the Authorization Code/EPP Key, and to UNLOCK your domain name.

Once done please notify us that you have done so by replying to this email with the Authorization Code/EPP Key.

On February 27, I received a notification from WIX stating that my domain name renewal was coming due . I cannot connect with my website without WIX so the transfer from IDNS is worthless and twice the cost of the $50 2 year renewal through WIX.

I understand this is a buyer beware world but these types of businesses that provide just enough information to make the buyer believe that they are legitimate need to be reported. The renewal/transfer serves me no purpose as my website cannot be connected to search engines without WIX because it was created with WIX. The renewal is also twice the cost of my renewal with WIX. I have serious concerns how this business accesses domain names and know when subscriptions come due. I do not want anyone else to fall victim to this scam. I am providing a series of emails that "Customer Support" sent me. I cannot attach the series of emails but will paste the contents.

I sent: I was under the assumption that I was renewing my domain name through WIx but I just received a notification from WIX that my renewal was coming due. What kind of scam is this?

I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

Response from Customer Service: Our offer to transfer to us said it was an offer to transfer to us, it also said it was from us not Wix at all, not sure how your complete inability to read or comprehend basic information and the proceed to make incorrect assumptions would make us a scam. Perhaps you could explain that.

My response:

I have the information that was sent at my second home but I do not recall any statement stating that this was NOT from WIX. I can assure you I can read and your disrespectful response only further reinforces the fact that your intent is to take advantage of people by not disclosing information including how you obtained information about my website. So you just go through websites and send offers to every person with a domain name with an offer to transfer domain names at a price twice of what I am charged by WIX. You also access private information to know when the renewal period occurs so you can make this offer appear to be legitimate.

I understand buyer beware but businesses that take advantage of people with little experience in web protocol are just disgusting. I will not make the same mistake again. You will be reported.

Customer support response-Feel free to get your head out of your ***, just admit you made a mistake and politely request a refund for YOUR error, but maybe taking even a shred of personal responsibility is too hard for you.

• Dec 15, 2021

Total money lost $101.70
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received in the mail a very legitimate looking Domain Registry Expiration Notice. This notice indicated that I would lose my business name if I did not transfer my information from my former domain company to them. It read very professionally and for those of us that do not understand how this all works, like myself, I got caught up in their process.

They had all my information. To complete the process I would then have had to get an Authorization code/EPP key from my current registrar. When I contacted my present registrar everything was fine and up today and I did not have to transfer anything.

I began to try with many unsuccessful calls contact the company with no response. I then emailed them in hope of requesting a refund and the unprofessional, abusive responses returned were unbelievable.

I became nervous, cancelled my business card, and now seeing others have fallen prey to this company on the BBB, I felt compelled to also report this company because I feel they are a scam. I WANT AND HOPE others like myself who just wish their business to remain safe, research companies before taking action. I regret not doing this myself and will not in the future act without checking the company out first.

• Oct 18, 2021

Victim Location 60020
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

A letter was sent to my business with a domain name that was obviously fake but had enough identifying detail to it that would make a less tech-savvy individual buy into it. Essentially, they were posing as a company that needed to renew the registration for the domain and to pay a too-large sum to renew.

We did not pay for the domain and reported it to the domain registrar.

• Sep 29, 2021

Victim Location 89108
Total money lost $50
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill


I am reporting this company that I received an invoice to pay my yearly Domain. On the invoice their name is, Domain Registry. After I received my my actual renewal from my actual “Domain holder” company ** *****, I quickly learned that the company I previously paid, Domain Registry is better known as Idns.

I am very careful about these type of situations, but this company caught me off guard! Late last year I had done a transfer of domain holders so that I was able to launch my website. I thought I transferred away from ** ***** and that this company was a valid company for me to pay. Made a payment of $50 which seemed really EXPENSIVE considering ** *****’s pricing. With all going on I didn’t question it and didn’t want to chance missing my renewal date. The scary thing is they have the exact renewal date that I’m supposed to renew on and with ** ***** 9/29/21, along with all my personal information. Not only did they scam me out of $50.00 they made me feel violated and unsafe!!!!

I would have never known my registration was not taken care of and that I was scam until ** ***** sent me an invoice and I thought it was a mistake being that I previously paid Idns on 8/2/21. My ** ***** representative assured me that my domain is with them and that the invoice has not been paid. The rep also helped me in navigating on my online profile with ** ***** where I can see in writing they hold my domain. He also said that there is tons of companies that seek out to do these type of scams!

The rep also had me go to, and put in my website name. I felt even more victimized!!! All of my personal information attached to my domain was there, addresses, phones #’s , and etc. I feel violated!!! I added the extra privacy protection against scammers like this company. I also quickly filed a fraud claim with my credit card company to cancel card and get a refund of $50.00 (I was scammed) out of. The sad thing is if you don’t pay CLOSE attention you could easily get scammed by them considering on the invoice it’s titled: Domain Registry with a website: not with NO CONTACT # and a shady name and address in FINE LETTERS on the back of the invoice. Which you would never see due to it being attached to the part you mail in with the payment.

After doing my research on Google I quickly found that so many people have been scammed by this company. They try to say if you don’t read it it’s not their fault it says if you want to “transfer” your domain. But on the invoice they clearly make you feel like you need to pay it by your expiration date!


Victim Location 61873
Total money lost $280
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We received a mailer last year for an offer to extend our current Registrar to Domain Registry. My boss mailed a check and we thought our registry would continue. It does not. They advertise they take over the registry and our domain name is secure from being used elsewhere. It is not. We were told last year we would receive an refund of $90, which we never received. My boss again thought they were sending a renewal and was unaware that this was the same place that basically stole from us last year and sent another check to renew the service we never got from them to begin with and when I called to explain and get refunded, the representative was rude and short with me. Would not listen and when I told him he was being rude (I did lose my temper in complete disbelief of the handling and treatment of my call) he hung up on me. I then emailed the response team and can only assume the person responding is in grade school and in no position to handle a sensitive customer service issue because the response I got demanded an apology for my belligerent abusive tone! I told the guy he was being [censored]ing rude! That is when he hung up on me. The response only made me question the integrity of this organization even more!

Victim Location 95611
Total money lost $295
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

On March 9, 2021, I received an email from IDNS for to Renew or Transfer my Domain for my business I thought the email was coming from my original subscriber. I went ahead and renewed for 10 years, for total amount of $295. On April 7, 2021, I now received another email from the original subscriber urging me to renew 'cause it's already pasted due on March 28th, 2021. I latter on realised that IDNS was a SCAMMER whenI tried severally to contact them to no avail.

Victim Location 07017
Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

this business is spam, avoid as much possible. I called their number to cancel the order after realizing it was spam and the person on the phone yelled and called me horrible names!

this is a looser sitting in their moms basement spamming people.

Victim Location 23455
Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

My business received a letter stating our website domain name was going to expire very soon and required a $90 payment to keep website name. I paid via credit card over the phone. 2 months later, I found out from my authentic domain name registrar that this was a scam. I immediately called Internet Domain Name Service to request a refund for the payment I made. The customer service person I spoke to called me an [censored] as well as many other insulting names, insulted my intelligence, was very argumentative and aggressive and eventually hung up on me without refunding my money.

Victim Location 22207
Total money lost $295
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received the attached, which I thought was a bill to renew my business domain and went online to pay it. I then later got an e-mail from the company that I previously used about renewing and was wondering why I was getting it, so I went back to my files to make sure my payment went through and then noticed the fine print. I believe that they intentionally made it look like a bill to trick people into paying them. I contacted their customer support e-mail asking for a refund. My domain still resides with another provider, so they are not providing a service unless it is unlocked. Given their response, they don't seem trustworthy, so I would rather eat the $295 I have paid them than to see if they would register my domain if I transferred it to them. Really not sure if they are just trying to cheat people into paying them or if they do something like steal your domain too.


Can you please refund the below payment? I thought that this was a renewal with my existing provider since I received a mailing that looked like a bill. I didn’t realize the trick until I just got a notice to pay for a renewal from my current provider. I do not want to transfer my domain and go through all that entails.


Excuse me, what "trick" are you referring to?


Sending something that looks like a bill to trick the person into paying you instead of the company that they are already working with. In any event, can you please refund the payment because I don’t intend to use you for my domain registration?


Everythign on our letter is 100% true, perhaps you should try reading?

"When you switch today to Internet Domain Name Services you can take advantage of our best savings"

"You must renew your domain name to obtain exclusive rights to it on the web, and now is the time to transfer and renew your name from your current registrar to Internet Domain Name Services."

"Domain holders are not obligated to renew their domain with their current registrar or with Internet Domain Name Services. Review our prices and decide for yourself. You are under no obligation to pay the amounts stated unless you accept this offer. This notice is not a bill, it is rather an easy means of payment should you decide to switch your domain name registration to Internet Domain Name Services."

Victim Location 84401
Total money lost $50.50
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a letter, noting that my domain registration is about to expire with BlueHost. I followed the directions and paid to continue the domain registry. I then discovered that IDNSinc is not the same or affiliated with BlueHost and is not allowed to move your domain registry or renew it. IDNSinc charges $50 for a service they cannot fulfill. BlueHost charges $17.99.

Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

The company iDNS Canada sent a invoice stating that our website was going to expire and to prevent that, the company would need to mail them a cheque for $90 before the due date. The I believed it was a valid invoice until, I realized its a different company we have set our Domain website up with.

Victim Location 85749
Total money lost $25
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a notice from IDNS that it was time to renew my site domain name. I knew it was nearing the due date, and it had been several years since I first registered. It looked very authentic, so I trusted the notice and paid it. (However, I have since learned that they were charging twice as much as normal.) A week later, I received another bill from another company, which made me wonder what was going on. I began searching and calling to find out more and discovered the second email was the legitimate one. I made my mistake in trusting the first company, IDNS. I've since learned anyone can go on line and find due dates for any domain name and send out invoices early to try to beat the legitimate company. Fortunately, I was able to stop my credit card payment. When I called IDNS about their scam, they hung up on me. From now on, I will keep much more detailed information.

Total money lost $180
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Domain Registry sends a mailed out invoice for domain renewal and informs customers their domain is about to expire. the fine print shows that this is actually a transfer of domain which is not possible with out unlocking the domain. Customers assume they must pay the inflated fee to protect their domain and then will also be forced to pay their current provider (registrar) and the customer will never be refunded from Domain registry.

Victim Location 30319
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

misleading, it says i need to renew my domain and want payment for it when in fact they don't and are trying to trick me into transferring my domain to them and paying them for the renewal.

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received a letter from a Domain Registery Company called IDNS. The letter indicated that my Domain was expiring and to renew.

I went to their website and there where options to "Find your Domain" "Transfer your Domain" and "Renew your Domain"

I selected "Renew you Domain"

I filled out renewal and paid by credit card. I received authorization by email asking me to provide EEP from the current Domain Register to make Domain transfer. I did not request a transfer or select transfer.

I realized shortly afterward I paid wrong wrong Domain Registry Company. The letter is very misleading.

I called IDNS to speak to a representative, told them I made a mistake and would like a refund. The representative told me I was an [censored] and a few other nasty words. Said I should have read the letter more carefully, laughed and hung up.

I realized I did make a mistake"my stupidity" but they did not want to discuss any cancellation policy.

I Googled company name and it flagged all kinds of SCAM warnings on the front page.

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Domain Registry has been scamming for over 10 years. Before they were called "Internet Registry of Canada" if I remember correctly.

They send via snail mail, a letter looking like an invoice, saying "You must renew your domain name ..." with a series of prices, even tough they are NOT the current registrar.

In small letters hidden in the text is "this is not a bill".

I can't understand how Canada Post accepts to do business with them and let them use electronic stamps (probably at a reduced rate).

I receive a few of those letters every year. I hope this to stop as it's obvious that some fall in the trap once in a while.

Victim Location 30017
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

The FAKE Bill sent is threatening to end our existing domain registration. Letter shows Charges for different options that MUST be met to avoid taking down our domain name that has been in existence for over 20 years!!!

Victim Location 50171
Total money lost $90
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Our company is quite new, so when a letter to renew the domain name showed up we didn't think much about doing that. We renewed, (or thought so), our name for 2 years for a $90 fee. Then we received an email from IDNS stating that the transfer would only be complete after we send them a transfer code. Transfer code?

I thought we were renewing our name, not transferring it.

To add insult to injury, I get an email from the company who already has our domain name and they're asking for renewal. It took a bit to sort it out but after realizing what had happened, I made a phone call, (today), to IDNS to ask them to cancel our order. The 'Guy" who answered couldn't have been more rule and abrupt! As soon as I tried to explain our situation, he wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise, or any other way for that matter. He kept talking about me "wasting so much time" after he answered my question as to how to get a refund which was to "Send and Email". I tried to confirm his answer and again he talked all over me and wouldn't listen at all, claiming I was wasting time.

Frustrated with him, I pressed on to get him to verify about sending an email to cancel and refund our order and he hung up!!!!!

I called back, hoping to get another customer service person and low and behold, I get "Him" again. All I'm still trying to do at this point is get confirmation as to what information to include in the email he claims he needs. I asked, "Since I have you one the phone, why can't you just put us in for a refund." And once again, he talks all over me, not letting me get one word in. I was however able to ask if there was some else I could speak with. "No" was his response. "Got it now". He hung up again.

I sent the email which he responded to quickly. It stated that they would cancel the order and refund the money, which by the way was sent via a check. Refund would be in 3 to 5 weeks! I emailed back, "3 to 5 weeks? Why so long".

No response.

I'll mark 5 weeks on my calendar but as they say, we're not holding our breath!

Somebody please stop this predator!

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