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INSURANCE COMPANY Reports & Reviews (13)

These guys won't stop calling me, I've told them to put me on a Do Not Call list but they're scammers so they're not abiding by it, they call me 30-40 times a day trying to offer me some insurance deal but I already have insurance and told them to not call me anymore and they continue to do it.

- Jacksonville, FL, USA

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be an insurance representative who could get me a lower rate on my car insurance. I explained I was very happy with my insurance company and was not interested in switching. He said I did not have to make a decision today and asked if we could set up a call for me to hear rates they could offer me. I told him I may not be able to answer but agreed to hear them out if I was able to answer when they called. He repeated my phone number to me and asked if it was a good number to reach me at, I said “yes.” Then, he asked how I pronounce my name. I told him. And then he asked for my ZIP Code so he could research the best rates for me. After I repeated my ZIP Code once he said I needed to say it again.

Suddenly, it clicked and I remembered that I had heard about the scam where they get you to say “yes” and then say your name, etc., and they record you saying these things and then use the recording to authorize fraudulent activity in your bank account(s), etc.. I hung up immediately without finishing the phone call. I then called back twice and got a voicemail.

Someone from the same number called me back after a few hours and it was the owner of the phone number who had no idea what I was talking about in regards to the scam. It seems like they had hijacked this phone number to use for their scam to make it seem like they were calling from a local number.

I am hoping I did not give them enough information and they won’t be using my voice for anything fraudulent. I wanted to warn others to not give any information over the phone unless you know the person or company you are speaking with!

- Knoxville, TN, USA

Person from number 865-234-0663 text me talking about medical insurance from a unknown insurance company.

"A***** D**** It's Katie here w/ Allied Insurance Partners! Let's discuss Medicare insurance. Does 1pm EST Mon or Fri work for a call? Text no to end."

Never heard of this company. I don't know how they know my name. Totally a scam.

a female said she received information from my insurance company and just wanted to verify some information to get a better deal on insurance asked if still lived in virginia (never lived there) told her we know she scamming because we received the same call and she hung up

- Dayton, TN, USA

They call randomly. They call everyday. And if u do not say anything they'll hang up. If u do, they'll say we took you off out list. But still do so.

- Athens, AL, USA

Someone has called multiple times, about 30-40 from this number claiming they have gotten my number as someone wanting low cost health insurance. They won't stop calling after multiple times I've told them that I'm not interested.

- Madison, AL, USA

I just received a phone call from a stranger saying that she just got a phone call from an insurance scam using my name, number and even had my picture!

- Arlington, TN, USA

I have received 4 calls today by two different numbers both call locations were showing Millington,TN. First calls came from 901-876-5515 called indicated it was coming from a insurance company, needing more information. The second number came shortly after from 901-874-6649 also stated they were insurance related wanting to know more information. Both times I asked how they received my cellular number and was hung up on. Both numbers I called back and both came back with you have reached a number that has been disconnected or no longer in service.

- Chicago, IL, USA

To whom it may concern 

I have been collecting these telephone numbers in hopes of being some kind of Assistance to at the I watched a news report that stated "217" seemed to be the only numbers the phone hackers aka data thieves were calling from. Please accept this list maybe it can help widen your scope. I receive calls two to times a day. I block these calls however it seems to only encourage them to call back using a different sequence number. The topic of calls varies from offering me a credit card, telling me they have information about my credit, They want to dicuss better mortgage payments, car laons telling me I won or bought some exotic trip.  I would like to be direct I am unemployed and have been off and on for the passed three in half years while my family and friend allowed me live with them. I do not own a car. I notice I receive a this kind of call after I leave a public place librarys, restaurants just about any place that offers free wi fi I attended two schools also with in those three in half years.

I DO NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION for these text or calls.

7733261574   7735423987

7348541122   7736542743

8153741085   7733555219

8553286700   3128182343

2096747110    7732974766

2252797428   3128789022

8556661949    7736213514

7732207077    7738794323

7157601663     7737271846

8187567488    7739793351

9167588621     7732203038

5153057328     3127620917

6028121569     3122250055

3868048927    7732881818

7732202791     7739389075

2626202167     7735222525

6023841557     7732206235

7083023490     7735988706

7134478797     2054252945

8554112411      3193828108




















































- Dearborn, MI, USA

Got a call that from someone that stated they were from an Insurance company . Then they said " Can you hear me?" I said "Yes I can hear you." Then they asked " If I wanted Insurance for my car" I said "No" they then hung up. The call came from Dearborn MI. I called the number back the person answered the phone said "Thanks for calling us back " I immediately hung up. Then I called from another phone the same number and got an answer machine that was asking for me to "press 1 to accept a gift certificate I had won. and then hang up " I then again hung up

- Picayune, MS, USA

The caller identified himself as John with some insurance company that I did not catch the name of. He then asked Can You Hear Me OK and before I could stop myself I said yes. I then realized it was a recording as he went on saying we are contacting people who may qualify for $5,000 no cost insurance coverage at which point I hung up.

- Clinton, TN, USA

Call started out as....this is....I am calling to inquire about auto insurance coverage to help you save.

They asked if I have auto insurance.....

They asked, who is your carrier, to which I replied....I don't know, then they promptly hung up and said they would call back at another time. I tried calling the number back and immediately it was cut off.

- Gretna, NE, USA

Called and asked me if I had car insurance. I answered yes but just heard of the scam that is going around. Wanted to make sure everyone knows the number that it is coming from in Nebraska

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