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Instantlyvivid Reports & Reviews (24)

- Auburn, CA, USA

When reading what I thought was news on line it stated a famous female newscaster was retiring since developing a wrinkle repair cream. It stated plastic surgeons were concerned it would affect their future business. I ordered one free sample of the repair cream for the shipping cost ($4.95) only. As I tried to complete my order it also included the free sample of Instantly Vivideye Cream as well and though it was not my intention to order it I accepted as it was only the $4.95 shipping fee. Soon after I received my two samples I then received two more boxes. I was charged $88.99 & $89.87 for the two little containers. Though the products were very small and would easily fit in one box they were mailed at the very same time separately and, of course, each charged $4.95. I immediately called the customer service number listed and was told I agreed to the terms and conditions when I ordered. I have no recollecton of

seeing these terms and conditions. They would be sending me the products each month for a year and I would be charged for both since I did not cancel the subscription in 14 days. I offered to return them but was told returns were not accepted. I was quickly offered a 35% discount which I refused. After speaking with her supervisor I was offered a 50% discount and still would not accept. Then I was offered a 75% discount and would not agree. After stating I would contact the & radio station she agreed to refund my charges. In reading the other complaints I checked my credit card to find I was also charged $89.87 and $88.99 for the "free samples". I am still attempting to get these charges reversed. I am remaining on hold for 30 minutes with no resolution yet.

- Cathedral City, CA, USA

Saw an ad touting this product as being sold by Lara Spencer from GMA. However that part is a lie as well. You were supposed to be able to order a sample for $4.95 for the shipping and handling. However they start billing your credit card once a month for $89.87. Even after you call and cancel, they still bill you. It took a 2nd call to them to get them to stop charging. When you dispute the charge with your credit card company, they claim that you agreed to their terms and conditions, which they send a whole page to the cc company about that. Funny thing is, is that page never shows up in the ordering process. It just jumps you thru a number of pages asking strange questions. You are never notified that it will become a recurring charge.

- Marquette, MI, USA

I ordered a sample jar of this face cream for only $4.95 shipping. A few weeks later I received yet another jar of the cream and a completely unauthorized charge of $89.97 appeared on my credit card account. I have been able to resolve this with my credit card company, but I still feel angry. This product was never advertised as an ongoing scam and honestly the face cream doesn't seem to be anything special!

I purchased a single container (1 oz.) from this company in August unaware that the purchase would result in a monthly delivery of this product and a charge ($89.87plus postage & packaging ) to my credit card every month The first package arrived without any explanation of the ongoing obligation to receive these purchases every month. The second delivery included a phone number which I called immediately after receiving the second package. I was told that you had to cancel within 30 days or they automatically send out another jar. I also learned then that my credit card had been charged for this second jar and there was no possibility of returning the product. I asked that they cancel any future orders.

The company should provide complete printed information in the initial mailing about their plan to send out this product monthly unless the buyer cancels the order before 30 days elapse. Not everyone would use the product at the same pace. Each person should be able to determine when they wish to buy the product or if they wish to be on a monthly renewal purchase plan. It appears they are abusing their access to customer credit card numbers.

Instantly vivid sells a variety of beauty products which I am beginning to doubt are anything different than everyday hand lotion. They offer a free trial for $4.95 with no terms listed in the add. The product comes with no paperwork or indication of the supposed "subscription" that they enter you in, the price of the product, or the 14 day trial terms. After the 14 days, they charge the product for around $90 per product, then 14 days later charge you again for an additional shipment. When contacted, they claim they do not give refunds for returned unopened products but will be happy to cancel the subscription. If they were a legitimate company, they would seek to keep customers, however, it appears that all of their customers are treated this way since you cannot simply buy a product on their website.

I purchased a product called Instantly vivid online. It was a 30 day trial period and no commitment to recharge CC. With in two weeks my card was charged $179 and when I called to cancel product (because it was awful) the women at the other end of the phone on my CC statement had no idea what the Vivid company was? I called my bank to dispute the charges and they told me that I lost the dispute. I never rec’d any add’l product for what I had been charged the $179 dollars for. Shame on our society and the banks for allowing this stuff to happen to innocent people. Now I am out.. still confused how the bank lost the disputes to a fake company?? Their is no one to contact and no where on anything did it say I would be charged on an ongoing basis. I would have never agreed to that, because I am a skeptic anyway. This just confirms it for me.

- Richmond, VA, USA

I could pretty much copy and paste others stories. While searching the internet I saw this post that said Robin Roberts was leaving the morning show to promote her skin care products. It was then made possible for me to order the product at a reduced price. At no point did I see that this would be a trial or conditional purchase. I only wanted the cream, but it automatically selected the eye serum also and I could not get rid of it. I thought it's only $4.95, so I continued on with the purchase. Then the system went to the very end and the purchase was complete. This is when I became very suspicious as I've ordered online before and you would at least see what you ordered and other information, here nothing. I looked for a confirmation and never received one, I checked my bank account and saw the charges, but never expected to receive anything as I went online and all I saw was the scam. I said I would just eat the small charges and let it be done. Maybe a couple of weeks later I was checking my account and noticed two other charges around $89 each. I immediately contacted my bank and was going to file a fraud claim. The Customer Service rep. called the company and they explained that I did not read the information given and I advised that the consumers are not given the information and that this is a scam. She offered to close the account and refund me 30%, I and the bank representative advised that that was not acceptable and we need a 100% refund to avoid a fraud claim being filed. It was agreed at that time that I would receive a 100% refund. I have to wait to see if the refund actually hits. The bank put a stop payment on my account for anything coming from this company. I will still keep a close eye on my account as I don't trust this company.

- Medford, OR, USA

Company offering a trial size of cream products. Misleads with saying "free trial" just pay shipping and handling. Gave my Credit Card # to order one free face cream and only pay shipping. Next page asks if you want to try the free trial just pay shipping eye cream and there was no place to turn it down or close this popup, so, since it was only shipping and they already had my credit card #, I proceeded to checkout. I looked for but never saw anything about having signed up for anything else. Received products, looked very trial size to me. Used several days and both products did nothing for wrinkles and dried my skin out terribly (the eye cream I only used one day because the pump stopped working). Today I received a SCAM alert from my bank (Aug. 15, 2018) saying there were two "pending" charges on my card for $88.99 and $89.81 from this company. I called the company, holding for one hour before talking with someone. I explained to her the situation and that if I "unknowingly" did not see their very hidden terms (which I did look for) I do not want the pending products sent to me and to cancel me off as a customer. She then kept saying I had already received the products and I kept repeating that I had only received the free trial. She then informed me those were the products! I was floored to say the least. These products are definitely trial size. They are selling these tiny products for outrageous prices, the products do not work, in fact, they harm your face and dry it out and they deliberately advertise the product as a free trial just pay shipping and handling when everyone knows that free trial means you will receive a small sample to try. This is deceptive and fraudulent. I should have read all of the horrible reviews from others, that's definitely my mistake, because they say the exact same things that I am writing to you. Please don't let other people be intentionally deceived like myself and a lot of others. Most folks don't have $180.00 to be tricked out of, including myself. Thank you for your help.

I ordered free samples for shipping price of $4.95. A month later my credit card was charged 5 more times for a total of $362.57. I tried to call many times only to be on hold for more than 30 minutes at a time. I tried their call back scheme, never received a call back. I tried to contact them via email, they wrote back telling me to call their phone number. I never authorized more purchases, and told them so in my email. Yet I was still charged after that.

I Thought I was obtaining a free eye cream product. I gave acct number for postage and handling ONLY. Not 10 days later my bank acct number was charged $ 89. I called 888 number and rep told me I should have sent product back not only was i unaware of this but it hadn't been 14 days. Nor was i told about price other than postage. I received a confirmation number to cancel and the next day they hit my acct for another 89 dollars when I called yesterday they said they would reverse this charge but it would take 5 to 7 days to process. I do not have an email to send additional complaints or remarks or disputes to

- Oak Forest, IL, USA

Facebook ad from this company offered a small trial size container of face cream for $4.95. Said if you weren’t satisfied you could ask for a refund within 14 days. Said NOTHING about a continuing charge. 14 days later there is a draw from my account for $89.87. Called company and they said that was the actual price of the trial size and since I didn’t call within 14 days, I had to pay full price. This is a tiny little container of cream. No where in ad did it say there would be an additional fee if not cancelled. Looking for a refund. They refused. Please help.

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Instantly Vivid is a huge SCAM!!!!!! The company is fraudulently using celebrity names to endorse their product & get consumers to buy.

- Des Plaines, IL, USA

I only ordered 1 free face cream sample, plus $4.95 to mail, but they also sent 1 free eye cream sample, plus $4.90 to mail. I did not want to order any further creams but was charged $357.72 for 2 orders on my charge card - neither orders I wanted & have not received. I called this AM (7/7/2018) & they won't give me a credit & don't want the creams sent back - even if I do receive them. Instead of listening to me, the customer service supervisor just tried to sell me more product at a reduced cost. There was not a clear & conspicuous disclosure on the website about terms of the product - so to avoid future shipments or charges made to my credit card. This is so shameful of the company & certainly horrible how they treated me - this is definitely a scam in my eyes.

- Duluth, MN, USA

I saw that Good Morning America host Lara Spencer was supposedly coming out with a new product. I decided to give it a try.

I ordered the cream and something flashed on the screen. I thought I was declining the eye cream but in fact I was ordering it with an extra shipping cost. problem. I received the “samples” and began using them.

They’re okay, but I wouldn’t order any more. I was looking at my bank statement and saw that I was billed for $89.87 from Instantly Vivid. I also have a pending purchase amount for $88.99 for the same date as the first purchase. I called them only to find out that I needed to cancel after 14 days from ordering. They would not credit my account, they wouldn’t do anything!

Most companies will offer some sort of refund....not this one! What dishonesty and a scam!

I’ve reported them the the in North Carolina.

Shame on me for thinking I could trust an online deal! Never again!

- Escondido, CA, USA

Buyer Beware! Instantly Vivid is a total rip-off. I ordered a trial of the company’s facial and eye lid cream on 3-2-18. I was not aware of their terms stating that they will put me on automatic shipment 2 weeks after they sent the trial. Cannot find their terms anywhere.

The creams do not remove wrinkles. After receiving one more facial and one more eye lid cream, they charged my credit card for four creams; it included the 2 trials for which I was supposed to only pay shipping. Total Charge $357.72

We called the company several times. It takes up to 30 minutes before someone picks up. Presume a lot of people are calling them with complaints. They state that they do not take products back nor do they offer a money back guarantee.

My Bank was unsuccessful disputing the charges. Called the company back. They stated once the bank gets involved, they can no longer speak with me. The Banks says, “Not True - A company can always resolve issues with a client directly whether or not the bank is involved.”

Passing this information on to Instantly Vivid supervisor, she rudely responded “the case is closed – we will not give a credit.” Then she hung up.

This company is using deceptive practices and should be investigated.

DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT LINES FROM INSTANTLY VIVID. They do note in their conditions and terms that they will bill your card for $89.87 and/or $88.99 per product plus shipping and handling. Their return process says to cancel within 14 days, but you do not receive the product until 9 days after purchase, which the trial period starts as soon as you order thus giving no chance to try the product and cancel within their limits. When I tried calling for a refund, within their own terms and conditions listed number, they said they do not accept returns and that my trial period had ended so they would not refund. They advised they would cancel my account but couldn't refund me the phone. If I wanted to file a claim with the bank as a disputed charge the bank would have to conduct a three way call with the bank, me and this vendor. Very poor customer service, business practices and way scam a lot of money off innocent women. At no time do they contact (phone or email) you to check in or let you know your trial is coming to an end. Super disappointed in these shady practices.

- Camarillo, CA, USA

I ordered a 30 day free trial of a wrinkle removal cream and paid $4.90 and $4.95 for shipping and handling. Though the charge for this item was never mentioned anywhere in their website page, having ordered free trials in the past, I knew that I needed to cancel this product prior to the 30 days, when I attempted to find a contact number or website for this company in the internet, there was nothing. In fact, thought they still have a website, when you click on the product that I ordered it takes me to another product, since I could not contact them I researched their product and realized this was nothing but a scam based on all the reviews I saw online, I then contacted my bank and canceled my credit card and let them know not to authorize any charges, however; they were still able to charge $88.99 to my account prior to the 30 day trial expiration date, it wasn't until they responded to this complaint that I was able to obtain their number, they provided my bank with fake documentation; I never authorized nor approved this charge. I contacted them on the number listed in their response (same number listed in this form), they would not talk to me.

- Philadelphia, PA, USA

Sent away for a FREE sample but was billed $90 dollars 14 days later. When I called the company, was told I agreed to these terms and conditions when I ordered the FREE sample. Do not deal with this company. They are engaging in false advertising and deceptive practices.

- East Meadow, NY, USA

A company Instantly Vivid, promoting facial products, used messenger to sell me products costing $360 when expecting to pay only shipping. Not advertised on messenger as a trial period product. Credit card comp powerless. This is financially debilitating for many voters! The company. Instantly Vivid, reports the 2 week trial and automatic shipping is disclosed on main website not on messenger. Please prevent sales directly off messenger as this time line causes a charge of 180 x 2. The billing statement arrives around the time of reshipment and causes a $360 financial burden for constituents! The company, Instantly Vivid, does not accept returns of its products! The credit card company is unable to protect the consumer from these practices!!!

Instantly Vivid offers low-cost samples of their product. After you purchase, you will find another separate charge for a 67.40 initial membership fee, which you will be surprised by, as in no way is it advertised or even mentioned as you make your sample purchase. When you call to have this error corrected, they will tell you that you did, in fact, commit to membership while purchasing your sample. Where this fine print is, I certainly cannot tell you. I phoned to have this membership cancelled and charges reversed, while being told I was in a binding contract with them. Because of my dissatisfaction, I was offered progressively higher refund amounts, starting at 25% and going to 75%, but not a full refund. I am waiting to pursue this with my bank as an unauthorized charge, as it is just that, an unauthorized charge. Why would anyone commit to a membership, of a product that has not even been sampled, to determine if it is a good product?

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