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INSTAGRAM Reports & Reviews (19)

- Ogden, UT, USA • Mar 16, 2023

Scammer's phone (765) 203-1664
Country United States
Victim Location UT 84403, USA
Type of a scam Phishing

My daughter was reached out to on her Instagram account by Gerald Shaffer saying they would like to use one of her photos for an art project and that it would promote as his/her muse. They stated that the "painting" would be a 50x50 portrait painting and would be used as inspiration and they would also send her a copy of the picture once it was done. My daughter called and told me about the request and as soon as she mentioned a check would be deposited in the amount of $2500 and then she would keep $500 and mail them $2000 for art supplies and time, etc. I had her take screen shots of the Instagram chat as well as the text messages that were sent between her and the scammer. We do not have an email address that was used by the scammer but I did request that she inform Insta-gram that the profile was a scam.

• Sep 19, 2022

Scammer's phone 5203670934
Scammer's website
Scammer's address
Total money lost $700
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

K**** M****** sent me a friend request on instagram. Then she gave me information on whatsapp cause she said she was being watched or monitered on instagram which didn't make sense. I told her I was interested in what she was advertising on IG. So then we started talking about crypto currency. She began to tell me about this platform. She suggested I buy bitcoin and that I would get a nice return after trade. 1st time the $150 went to $300. After a short time she said terms and conditions require that the $750 minimum be met so she asked for $450 in bitcoin. At this time on the website the amount began to rise from $300 to $8600. Now she keeps mentioning a big return after I said you said that before my account was locked. They transferred the bitcoin out of my account without me transferring it to them. The next time she asked for $800 in bitcoin. I said there is no way I don’t even have money from the 1st or 2nd so called trade.Now my account is locked.I profited $8600. I was told i had to pay $800 more dollars to be able to access the money. I don’t have $800

• Sep 15, 2022

Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location MD 21921, USA
Total money lost $62
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website was found via instagram ad. However their Instagram page hasn’t been used since April. They claim to ship out items after 20 days. They do not respond back to any inquires sent to the email. They charge the money immediately before items are shipped.

• Aug 01, 2022

Victim Location 60625
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They responded to a Facebook market place add for a $700 sofa. They asked to pick it up next day and would said the funds right away. They sent a screen shot of Zelle payment using Wells Fargo but no funds were received. Upon checking email, a spam folder email claimed they needed to send $400 more dollars in order to be paid the initial $700. Upon googling for Zelle scams and learning this had been done before they were immediately blocked.

Type of a scam COVID-19

Message appeared to come from my cousin and suggested he had received $350k in "relief" just for applying to International Relief Agency. Obvious scam

Victim Location 55407
Type of a scam Charity

There is currently a scam going around involving Manuel Franco, who won the lottery in Wisconsin. Scammers are reaching out to people saying they are being given money from him but they need to get their personal information first. They messaged me with this message, “Hello this is Manuel Franco powerball winner, Congratulations you have been randomly picked among those I will be giving $50,000 ,are you ready to get your winnings”

I continued with a sarcastic “yeah buddy” which he took seriously and went on with “Okay, provide the full details required below for the Fedex agent to make your winnings delivery

Full name :


Email address :

Text Phone number:

Cash or Check:

You Are To Provide Those Details So I Can Forward Them To The DELIVERY AGENT. I’m waiting on your response so I can forward your details to the delivery agent?”

Country United States
Type of a scam Government Grant
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I'm sure this is a scam ,

I got an text message just a while ago, stating this ...


I included a screen shot of her Instagram profile...that's four attempts today alone by phony people on instagram attempting to scam me. I have not lost any money only because I am wise to them and schooled myself on and about them and have declared war upon them ..No more will I just block and forget it..
I'm sure this is a scam ,

Country United States
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes
Initial means of contact Text message

I was just now cont Patricia Busking Powerball winner with a fake giveaway.

I seen she started following me on Instagram wasn't long I get a text message from this person, just like all the others maybe 30 different people claiming to be a Powerball winner and that I was randomly selected to get X amount of dollars.. gave ma a contact number for a supposed UPS delivery of the funds . Talk to them theirs always a fee anywhere from $150 - $300.00 your supposed to send to get it.

I’m Patricia Busking the Illinois Powerball PowerPlay Winner, so you have been fortuitously picked among our electoral machine on Instagram lucky winners those getting about $70k program going on , are you ready to claim your winnings?
I was just now cont Patricia Busking Powerball winner with a fake giveaway.
I was just now cont Patricia Busking Powerball winner with a fake giveaway.

Victim Location 44312
Type of a scam Phishing

Tuesday night I was on Instagram just scrolling and I got notified that I was logged out of my account. I got notified that this login was located in Alberta, CA. I quickly tried to get back into my account as quickly as I could. Luckily I had luck and got back in. When i got in I immediately went into my settings and saw that my email address linked to my account was changed. I quickly changed it back. Then I saw that a phone number was added when I never had a phone number added in there before. When I went to delete the phone number, it logged me back out and that was the last time I had access to my account. I had another IG page for my eyelash extension page so I went on that account and to my main personal page and saw that this person was online. I decided to call them and see if they would answer and sure enough someone answered. I could hear rap music playing in the background. Neither one of us said anything and they messaged me and said "Hi". I know you shouldnt engage with these types of people but i said i knew they hacked my stuff and to give it back. I knew that probably wasnt going to do anything but i still tried. They acted dumb and said nothing was hacked. They then proceeded to send me a message of like a dialogue to say and said to make a video of me saying this and make sure my pretty face is in it. I said no and they said if i did it that they would give me my password to me and I could have my account back. I still said no and they said "you talk too much. Just make the video cause its getting late and I dont have time for this" and then they threatened me and said "but just pray you send it soon before it gets too late" I quickly took a screen shot of it and said "oh so youre threatening me now" and then got a notification that a message was no longer available. I went into the chat and saw they deleted the message but I already had the proof. They ended up blocking me when I didnt answer anymore. They deleted my whole bio and changed my username. I have been trying for days now to get back into my account on Instagram. My account was hacked HARD. They changed my username along with the email and this person added their own phone number and set up the two step authorization. I can't request a code or reset my password or anything because it will just go directly the hackers email address and phone number. This person has threatened me and been messaging all my friends and family trying to scam them and get hundreds of thousands of dollars from them. Multiple people have reported the post and page 2,3,4,5 times per person and nothing has been done. I cant get ahold of ANYONE about this. No customer service or customer support team, no live chat. no nothing. This person is a disgusting scammer, hacker and mean and has access to all my personal stuff. The hacker knows my mom, my dad, my brother and sister in law and have messaged them and tried scamming them all! If the scammer doesn’t get an answer they want them they will just block them. i have had this account for over 10 years now. this disgusting hacker posted on my page 2 nights and it was a screen shot from his phone with a fake notification from their “bank” and in the background, they took one of my selfie pictures from last year and made me their screensaver background. I told my parents about this and they are both furious about all of this and how there’s not response for days now about how this can be resolved. this is the WORST thing i’ve ever encountered with an app. Ive counted 23 people that are friends and family that have messaged me in a 3 day period about this and how this person wants them to invest thousands in Bitcon and stuff like that. I know im not the only person this is happening to and that makes me feel even more bad that all these people, including myself, cant get any help or resolution for tis. Its very frustrating.

I feel for you dear. It's so, so sad that Instagram don't care to do much of anything I out this stuff that's running rampant on their's crawling with scammers ..sorry dear I wish I had an answer for you. ✌️

Victim Location 76549
Total money lost $3,500
Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I was messaged by who I thought was my friend through Instagram saying that they made a bunch of money through Bitcoin Mining. When I found out their account was hacked, it was already to late. They told me to message another account who was a "coach" who shows you how to make the money. @lovely.maria.4u

I was instructed to put money into CashApp, buy Bitcoin, and send to a Bitcoin wallet. After I did this, I registered for an account through and to keep an eye on my money. My initial investment was $500 and that account was stating that I made a profit of $14,600. Then I was instructed to send an additional $1700 to get the code so I can withdraw the money which I was skeptical of but I was still believing my "friend". Then I get an email saying you have to upgrade your account, because you can only withdraw $10K and to withdraw the full amount you have to upgrade for $900. Then we get another email saying all investors have to $350 to get their account unlocked. I do this because I was still believing my "friend". So after all of that I message the "coach" asking when will I get profit. Next thing that is needed to get your profit is to make a video saying how much money you made, message lovely.maria.4u, it's the real deal, etc. Last thing is to verify your account by putting [email protected] as your email in Instagram which signed me out of my account. So now they have access to my account and a video of my wife praising how much money we made to start trying to scam all my followers, family/friends

It's terrible man, I've heard of this sort of thing, but I personally never fall for it ..I learn all I can about these scams and what to look for .Red flags and such and don't take anything serious other than waging war on them now the best I can. ✌️

Victim Location 91307
Type of a scam Phishing

Hello Team,

My name is ***** ********. My IG handle is @*************. My personal profile was hacked on October 15, 2021 at 8:45am. This person is now impersonating me on that account. I was scammed on Facebook right before the hack. It began with a friend messaging me, not knowing his page was hacked. They had asked if I wanted $1,000.00; I said I was interested and was tricked into giving personal info such as phone number and email. They had me turn off two factor authentication, which locked me out. He also had me send my CashApp tag and a screenshot of my page. Along with having me send a video to him trying to promote the company @jovita_hfx_) which I believe is a spam account. As a result, I was immediately locked out of my Instagram account.

I never sent any money. My Facebook profile is fine and I am able to access it. The original email address on the account is (************* and the phone number is 818-********. I created the account on an iPhone. But since then the email, phone number and password have been changed. The email is (**********[email protected]). I have no idea who this person is. I was locked out of the account before I had a chance to deny the email change request from Instagram. I noticed it too late. The link has expired since then. It shows he’s logged in Las Vegas.

I submitted an impersonation report on November 1, 2021 leading to the account being disabled but since then has been reactivated and still not able to get into my account. This is the reason why I submitted the impersonation report in the first place. In the meanwhile, I have submitted all forms needed. I still have access to the original email and phone number on file. I am more than happy to provide any further answers or screenshots.

I made the account in 2012. I have over 9 years worth of photos and memories that mean very much to me. There are photos of my family on there that I don’t feel comfortable with strangers looking at. Along with personal photos, they can see all my messages I’ve sent which does not sit well with me. Before my account was hacked all my messages I sent had nothing to with CashApp or asking for money. I have never done anything like that. This whole incident has made me sick, stressed, effecting my everyday life and have lost a lot of sleep over this. I use Instagram as a way to connect to old friends and family that I don’t see much anymore. Over the last 9 years my account has become a big part of my livelihood and has helped me become who I am today. For some, this is the only way remain in contact. Family and friends have already reached out to me asking if I'm ok, and trying to find out whats going on. Knowing that he has access to all my photos, messages and info is a very scary situation to be in. I have been using my Instagram page to help promote my YouTube channel, (***** ********) which has been starting to grow.

You’ll be able to see that I’m the one who owns my Instagram page. There are plenty of photos of me on my page. I have read and not broken any of the Instagram Community Guidelines.

I am happy to provide any screenshots; I have more than enough evidence. You’ll be able to see all my previous stories prior to the hack and none of them have been like this. Like I mentioned, I am still able to access my email address. However, I am not able to change my email back, change my password or phone number on Instagram. I have already sent an email confirming my identity with the code your team provided to me.

In order to monitor my account and to help further the investigation, I made a temporary account linked to my Facebook profile, using the email;

([email protected]). I’ve started to follow some of my followers on that page.

The hacker been posting stories frequently, but not on my behalf. He’s been impersonating me; trying to solicit for money, trying to phish my followers. They have been posting stories asking people for their CashApp tags, trying to scam them. Along with messaging and blocking some of my followers. Anytime one of my followers messages them asking to give my page back they are blocked. It's all been exploiting for money, fraud and impersonation. Since then they have started following people I know who I hadn’t been following before.

Thankfully all my posts are still on my page. I’d just like to recover my account and get the hacker out of there, before there is anymore damage done ASAP

Thank You,

***** ********

Be sure to contact all your friends and family if possible and warn them .These people are heartless without conscience and they never stop or give up ..good luck man ✌️

Scammer's email [email protected]
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I have been contacted by a lady saying I won the Instagram drawing and have $130,000 coming but I have to pay the taxes on it before I recieve it. I wonder if this is a scam. I need to know as soon as possible. *********7

Text or call. If I dont answer please leave detailed msg. I have appts today. I can return your call. Text a detailed msg so I get it please.

No it's a scam .. Don't fall for it.. Their not the tax collector's. Google it and see what you find .. I've gotten a half dozen or more of these kind messages , their all scams .✌️

- New York, NY, USA

Scammer's phone 3136823388
Scammer's website
Scammer's address TN, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location NY 10017, USA
Total money lost $795
Type of a scam Online Purchase

please do not try and buy from @solewaver on Instagram ! i thought i found sneakers for a great price untill the charger me three times because they claimed the two didn't go through and then after blocked me after asking if the sneakers shipped please report as a scam and fraud on instagram !

- Cedarburg, WI, USA

Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location WI 53012, USA
Type of a scam Other

Was contacted on Instagram and scammer said he was a military doctor in Kabul on a peace mission.

He was telling me sob stories orphan etc..said he needed me to watch a box he had in Turkey for 2 months until mission completed.

I was leery due to grammar if he was a physician..than he wanted my email and I stupidly agreed..was contacting me on hangouts calling me Dear and posting hearts ta liking about trust

Nearly a week later he mentioned box in Turkey. I said send me a selfie in your barracks asked him name of base he said could not take photo. Call him on hangouts he didn't answer..

Than starting cussing me out so I knew a scam..

- Gadsden, AL, USA

Scammer's website DECATPCOM.COM
Scammer's address LAKEWORTH FL
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location AL 35901, USA
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Charging my bank acct, sons bank acct and my credit card for services/charges not requested nor enrolled in

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