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Infini Support

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Infini Support Reports & Reviews (13)

For computer "protection" the Miami based location has received approximately
$3400.00 from our family. We have refused to accept any phone calls from them (they would call 10-20 times per day but would only leave a recording on our answering machine in the first few days when we stopped answering the phone.
Also, they use many different phone numbers... but all begin with "8xx" area codes. They will NOT send us email because they might get tracked. Credit cards are not acceptable... you must send a check to a PO Box in Miami, FL. Plus you must send a scan capture on all checks, sent to them. This is the only method of payment acceptable to them. BIG TIME SCAM !

Infini Support LLC just ripped me off for $1550 and trashed my computer when i refused to send then another 400 dollars.

I was trying to make an order the month of June of this year 2020. I was interrupted and told that something was found happening with my system. I asked if he was from Amazon because I was trying to make an order. He said he was the support system for them. He gave a name of S.D. Serin (h-guessing that I spelled the name correctly. I ordered $ 320.00 for a Microsoft update and 2 year warranty. This young man was very nice and convincing. Supposely doing something with my system. I felt funny about it so I begin searching and you guys were not associated with them but had information that helped me. I immediately contact Amazon stopped my order and changed my bank card. Thanks so much! Getting non-stop calls from different numbers, even on my job.

Received a email from this company I don't know saying that my bank account will be deducted $2000.00 for automatic renewal. This company stored $173.00 from my bank account this month in which my bank refunded the funds, there fraud department determined that I was scammed. I attached 2 files with this report supporting my scam claim.

I've had a similar experience with Infini. I dealt with Harry Ritts. I contacted Facebook because I thought my account had been hacked thru Google, even tho my FB account is NOT associated with Google. Once Infini was in my computer, they confirmed that my Mac Pro had been hacked even though I have protection from Apple. At this point, I wanted to go to the certified Apple support. I was told that if I did that, my laptop would crash. I reiterated that I would have preferred to deal with the Apple people. They pressured me to allow them to get into my computer - it was the only way to solve my problem. After they got into my laptop, I was assured that my problem was solved, I was asked to write a check for $803 and scan it to them. I did so. I mailed the check the next day. So, I trusted these folks thinking I was dealing with Facebook. Now, I'm out $803, plus money spent with Apple certified repair support correcting previous problems. I have filed a complaint with BBB. Infini has an "F" rating. Their calls are all labeled "Unknown" so our phone guard will not let them through. I'm stunned that I was so gullible and regret the whole episode. I hope this helps someone. If a representative from Infini contacts you, HANG UP. These people are fearless.

I let infinite into my computer l need help with my printer hp.thay fix. Told me to send a check 299.99 I did . I was troubled so I stop payment. Got a call told him I stop payment and he was a scammer. He cuss at me told me to send 199.00 and he stop payment and if I didn't he and thay would come to my house.told me his name Kevin Gargis. Po.box402673, 445 w. 40 st
Miami beach fl.
I am afraid he cussed at me and said he come to my house

I let infinit support get into my computer
Ask to send 299.99 check I did. I got trouble about it so I stop payment
Got a call from them , I said you are a scammer and I stop payment he caused at me told me to send a check for 199.00 and he stop service. If I didn't he and thay would come to my house

My father is 85 year old, a person from Infini Support tricked him into buying life-time support for $3500. I will file a lawsuit to get the money back!

- Mc Cormick, SC, USA

May 9, 2020 attempted to call Amazon Customer Service. 1.888.424.6844. David Parker answered. Stated that the account in question had been hacked from Dayton, Ohio and was now blocked. As an Amazon employee, (Emp ID AMAZOn0035),there would be no charge for his service. Following "repair", we would be offered a 3rd party service to protect our network. Believing that we were working with Amazon, authorized "repair"; connected online. Following "repair" agreed to buy 5yr plan at $350. Upon insistence of the representative, wrote check to Infini Support LLC. Scanned check then visible to person still connected to PC. Was to post check to Infini Support LLC, PO Box 402673, 445 W, 40th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140. Representative then e-signed, on our behalf, a 5yr agreement for network support services. (Infini DocSchelton created by Ashley ([email protected]). Were advised not to use credit/debit cards for 4 hrs. Also advised not to use other security services, eg. Norton, McAfee.

Phone/PC contact terminated.

Immediately suspected that we had been scammed.

Did not post check. Reported to our Bank. Run security checks on PC and home network.

EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME , ALMOST WORD FOR WORD ,, I however did not send a check. I wiped everything off my computer that they did and closed my bank account , I blocked every call they made , then they proceeded in calling saying private but the number was still on the voice mail. I know it was them .. They claimed to be with Amazon that my account had been flagged , what I saw was sites that my antivirus had blocked or sent me a warning that it was not safe. .. I'm so very glad I did everything right when my instincts kicked into over drive .. everything is good now .

- Alexandria, VA, USA

This company Infini Support also goes by Plexus Support, LLC is a scam and claims to be an affiliate to HP. They are NOT affiliated with HP. They have been reported. The set up is they pose as HP support. We bought an HP printer. We had problems setting up the printer and printing was slow. We called the number associated to this printer and were ultimately passed to the company above. They claimed they would fix the connectivity problems associated with the printer, and requested payment via check. They download free software.

- Middleburg, FL, USA

I googled for help with my hp printer was told to let him remote in so he could fix the problem with the printer, so I did when he got in he uninstalled the printer and installed it again, then he tells me I have two viruses and they keep kicking my printer off line, says he can't fix it but he can send me to someone who can, so William Johnson calls me, says I need to install a firewall to prevent further viruses and I can get tech support to go with it, for 5 years it was $499.99 or lifetime for $*** wanted me to wright out a check take a picture to send to them and mail the check. I tried to look them up on BBB, but could not find any complaints on Infini Support LLC but when I looked under IDT the scam come up, another lady reported the exact scam. Needless to say I closed all my accounts and opened new ones, had my computer cleand. BIG LESSON LEARNED!!! Again the name was William Johnson ([email protected]) Infini Support LLC the guy that answerd the phone for name was Josh. No firewall was installed only there tracking system.


I bought an HP printer and wanted to hook it up via WiFi to use. I went to the HP web site ID'd on the paperwork in the box the printer came in and attempted to set it up with my chrome book, however I received an error message saying "we don't support this operating system" so I clicked to have someone help me. They asked for my telephone number so they could talk me through the installation so I gave it to them. They called me and said it would cost me $99 to hook up the printer. I didn't think HP would charge but I did not know so I said ok, after all I thought I was dealing with HP. They wanted remote access to hook up the printer for me, then they said they could not finish hooking up my printer because I had ongoing hacking attempts into my computer and they said it would be big problems if I did not stop it. They said they could have a company fix all the hacking attempts and monitor to prevent future attacks for my life time for $565.00. When I said I wanted to think about it they again said how serious this was and quickly said that I could get a senior citizen's discount price of $440.00 paid by check, and that I really needed to do this right now so they could set up my printer. Again I thought I was dealing with HP and so finally agreed. They wanted me to write out the check on the spot and they took a picture of it via the web cam, they said it was required...I was very uncomfortable through this whole thing. They then said they would "fix" the hacking attempts and call me back when done. Since they had remote access I could see on my laptop screen stuff happening, looked like some kind of code cycling through, I don't know but they called me back and said it was all cleaned up and they walked me through hooking up my printer. They sent me an email with an attachment saying I would pay them for the professional support services. Through this whole thing I felt more and more nervous but they kept moving along so rapidly that I didn't have time to think about what to do, and I kept thinking I was dealing with HP so it must be ok. After they hung up, and no longer had remote access to my computer, I sat and thought about all that had just happened and I felt more and more like I had been had so I called my bank and told them what had happened, they closed my account and told me not to mail the check. I looked up a number for HP and called them and told them what had happened, on the off chance that it might have been legit, and they said I had certainly been scammed. They said they felt bad that it was done in connection with their website, while I was trying to hook up one of their printers, and that this kind of thing was happening alot, and not just with them. HP said they never charge to hook up printers and would not provide this type of tech support nor charge for it in connection with hooking up a printer. They also said they only work with credit cards and never checks...for broken equipment...the only thing they do charge for. I gave them all the information about what happened and who I talked to and they were going to send it to their cyber fraud dept. I wanted to report it with the bbb as well in case they try and pressure me for any payment which HP said not to provide. I'm not very tech savvy but I am pretty careful and can't believe I was dragged into this mess. I don't know if this company is legit or not but this certainly does not seem like above board tactics to get business. I hope this story helps someone else from falling for this scam as well...someone scaring me into stopping a hacking attack, on my chrome book, that I never had and then trying to charge me for it.

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