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Imposter Lending Club

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Imposter Lending Club Reports & Reviews (51)

Victim Location 70560
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Called me number of scammer 4155061286, Told me I was approved for a loan of 3000, That I had to pay for get loan and that was 300 for Ins.once I paid that and with to the Dollar Store to call him and he would let me know what stocks are high at that time, I was a king all kind of question,and he said you have a low credit score that why, I know this is a scam and this just happen to me! 

Victim Location 34698
Total money lost $12
Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by Jennifer Rice from lending club saying I was approved for a loan of $8000, so I gave my info. She told me they would deposit a check into my account and I would return the money to them. That shows that I was an honest person she said

So I waited I got an email from my bank saying there is a check on hold and after it's reviewed it would be released. I got another email stating it was a fraudulent check. And my bank was sending it back. So I was charged a fee for them to send it back. I called her she said the bank was wrong. And she tried to send me another letter of approval.

Victim Location 23238
Type of a scam Other

Ok my husband wanted to apply for a loan so this company reached out to him and told him he could get $3,000. They him for his banking information and he gave this information to them. They called him back numerous times and said they would deposit $701 into his account, so my husband asked more questions and they informed him that once he received the funds he was to go to the Kroger supermarket that was near us between 7:30 and 8 am and he would call us with the information on how to send the money back to the company. I asked my husband why couldn't we send the money at 9:30 when the banks opened and the guy his name is (Steven Smith), was like no it had to be those times. So the next minute my husband checks his account and sure enough the $701 is in the account by mobile bank deposit. We could not read the company name or the bank information on this so called check. So something didn't feel right and my husband got on the phone and called our bank they informed us that it sounded like a scam. The man also told us about how this would help our credit by getting the $ and returning it right away. Went to the bank this morning and took care of everything, the $701 will sit in the bank until it comes back as a bad check. The bank also informed us that it looked as if the company had used Lending Club website which may be legitimate because gave them a ** rating. Just beware and don't be foolish like my husband.

Victim Location 44224
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They offered me a loan for 5000$. They told me I could get a unsecured loan with payments of 120$ for 45mths. I could send 6mths of my backing statements or get a loan verification card to show i could pay the 120$. They told me I would get the 120$ back. They call me everyday to see if I have the money to send them.These people out here know people are hurting for money. I feel its so hurting to see how people take advantage of people who are trying to take care of there family's. M.Harrison

Victim Location 21075
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Dear customer, your online loan application has been approved up to $5000. Your loan approval number is KK1620. Kindly call back on this number (415)-506-1299 to get more information and to receive this loan. Thank you and have a nice day. - Lending Club

Victim Location 99501
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Phishing

There is a company posing as lending club asking for customers online banking details and ask them to do walmart transactions before 9 am in the morning. There is money laundering going on.

Victim Location 90068
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was offered a loan, they deposited a partial amount into my account, which turned out to be bad. They scammed me into purchasing Google Play gift cards. They took everything I had. When I questioned them, they threatened me saying I was stealing their money, that I'd never get another loan.

Victim Location 80229
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied on a low score credit website and was contacted within a couple of hours by this "lender". They even emailed me a Loan Approval letter. In that letter, I was congratulated on a loan for 10,000 (Which I was hoping for that), the payments were 183.00 and the loan term was 60 months. I was thrilled. I could get caught up financially, it was a dream come true. Spoke with Eric (who did not speak very good English) and was explaining to him the predicament I was in. Shortly after my phone was temporarily shut off so I used my neighbor's phone once and the apartment complex office phone 4 times. "No Problem" was all I heard. I got transferred to Kiara (again, not a great speaker of English) she said to receive my funds I needed to go get 4 -25.00 ITunes gift cards. Alarms went off in my head and before I could say anything she hung up. Was emailing John Anderson (who I believe is Eric) or whatever his name is and he said the same. When I brought up the Lending Club Website and what they do on it, he got very angry with me and that's when I knew it was false. Please people be aware. Also, I have an application in the real Lending Club which they won't look at because of these people.

Total money lost $7,992
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Hey I have recently bein victim to a horrible scam I ended up spending all of my more on the Vice President of the company that supposedly are in control of numerous lenders any way he phoned me a week after I went through a scam from 8x financial telling me that 8x was a fake and would not realeased money and that I would be able to get paid from them with one insurance payment of *** after I paid that they said they need *** more and then to follow th those payment and commitment letter stating that I do not have to pay anymore money they come up with another one to pay that they can not pay I paid them well over *** dollars in steam cards and would not take any other form of payment. Don’t be a loser like me a fall for this crap .

Victim Location 06478
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Contacted me via text message promising Loan Approval up to 10,000 dollars. Should have realized it was a scam from the start when they asked for access to my banks web site Login and Password. Fortunately my bank, Webster bank's Fraud team had detected a red flag attached to this Loan "Company" and shut off all access to my accounts. It was a nuisance and an annoyance requiring me a trip to the bank to change my account numbers and re-open them. I will applaud the Webster Bank's Fraud team for a job well done and will be more mindful of this sort of thing in the future. I have not yet filed a police report they deposited 991.00 dollars into my account but the bank assured me that the

"Mobile" check given was bogus and untraceable and will be eventually rejected. Webster Bank's Fraud team caught this before I was scammed out of any money.

Victim Location 33601
Total money lost $1,100
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was offered with a loan of $4000 by a loan agent Anthony J. Hernandez claimed himself to work for lending club loan in Tampa, Florida and he has asked me for my personal banking account information with Wells Fargo with the intension to make a direct deposit with the amount of $814.26 with a forgery check from the US Treasury Tax Refund into my personal account. The purpose of the $814.26 to be made into my direct deposit is to withdraw from my personal account to spend on purchasing for prepaid gift card with $800 worth of I-tune apples of $500 and plus $300 on Google Play cards to help raise for my bad scores in order to obtain for the approval in return to their lender on the 2nd day. Then on the 3rd day he kept on giving me many different excuses of delay and that the loan didn't get through and he has convinced me on the 4th day to spend more on $300 worth of gift card of Google play to help pay for the service fees for the Money gram at Walmart to send the funding into my account. Then later on he kept on changing his story the guy seemed confused and struggling as he was clueless what he was doing. Although I had asked him prior on a several attempts that I am considering to withdraw my application for the loan due to the hassles that I was experiencing but he insisted that he could not due to the loan transaction was in the middle of processing.

He told me that if I have been waited longer for him to spoken to the Money gram I would obtain for a loan transferring into my own bank account but the Money gram were asking for more money from me. I told him no I had refused to. I had demanded from this guy that I wanted my money back and he has promised that he would send me my money back with a certified check and on the 5th day when I called him back with the 813-314-7453 it was disconnected.

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