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Imposter Lending Club Corporation

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Imposter Lending Club Corporation Reports & Reviews (8)

I received a text from a Chris Taylor stating I was approved for a loan up to $8000 with a loan approval code of AA_JGJ4414.

Monthly installments of $244.36 for 36 months, I have been applying for loans including Lending Club so I thought nothing of it.

I called him and verified all of my information, including checking.

He then said that he would need to transfer me to his supervisor, I spoke with a gentlemen whose name I didn't understand.

He told me that my credit score was low, and that there were a couple transactions on my bank account that if I reversed they could deposit the $8000 by 6 pm that night.

That is when the red flat went on, I then questioned why would I reverse payments on things I can afford to pay, and be in even more trouble than I already am, he then got an attitude with me and re-iterated himself, I again said cancel the loan I will go elsewhere, told him should anything come out of my account he will be sued, sent Chris the same message.

A charge from Zoomus in California came out of my account in the amount of $25.75, luckily my bank returned and now has a red flag for anything else from this company, I will be changing all bank information, but wanted to make others aware.

Also two days later got the same text from another number in New York claiming the same thing.

Be careful, I was lucky I caught on and my bank helped me!

I was told I qualify for a 3,000 dollar loan I gave all of my personal information and they started reversing transactions on my account as If I had disputed the claims. I had to change everything including adding extra security on my ss # I foolishly listened to them thinking they were legit. THey go by the names Kevin, Frank, and Daniel. I am disgusted at myself for falling for such a thing. this has ruined Christmas for my children

- San Francisco, CA, USA

"Mason" calling from "Lending Club Corporation" phone number 415-988-8154 with a very thick accent called 5 times today leaving 5 separate 30 second voicemails about me being approved for a personal loan of up to $8k. To get the loan call back the customer service number at 415-988-8154.

I have blocked the number.

The company said I was approved for a loan, and there was no fees. The loan was for 60 months. The loan officers name was Steven Morris.

- San Diego, CA, USA

I was looking for a loan to help with my bills, and I applied for Lending Club Corporation, they denied me. So then I get a text from them saying I was approved. So I answer the text and said no you denied me, they called and said you were approved for $5000, I said I only need $3000 what do I need to do. They said check my information. So they did. Then they said we have to check your bank account I said ok, they said we check it by putting a $1000 dollars in your bank account, and then you go to Walmart and get to 2 Walmart Gift Card half on one card and half not half on the other and text the number and pin on the back to us. I did that, then they said we need to do insurance on you we are sending $700 to your bank account and go to Walmart and get another 2 Walmart gift card and do the same thing again, and then we will send you the loan money. I said this do not seem right. I look up Lending Club Corporation and called the real number they say It wasn't them. Now I'm getting text messages saying send the money in a Walmart Gift Card until late night, then they start back early in the morning. I don't know what to do.

I applied for a loan online, and received the following text " Hi, This is Frank Morgan from Lending Club Corporation. The Nature of this Message is regarding your loan application which has been successfully approved by our company. Your Loan id no. Lc19362. So in order to get this loan please call us back on +1(510) 545-7208. Thank you." I called the number and explained to Mr. Morgan that another company had offered me a loan but asked for $100 in Google cards twice to process the loan and I discontinued contact with them. He asked me the name, phone numbers, and other information about the loan, which I gave him, and he said he would get the $200 back for me, and promised me this was not the same type of organization, that I would get my money. This process began Fri. Dec 7, 2018. He asked for $100 on Sat., Dec 8, on a STEAM card, which I sent on two $50 cards and he promised my funds would be available in 45 min. Of course, the money wasn't there. I attempted to call him and was unable to reach him until Mon, Dec 10 when he again asked for $100, which I sent on 2 $50 STEAM cards and he promised my loan in 10 min. but that didn't happen, again. On Tues, Dec 11, when I finally got in touch with him again, Mr Morgan then told me I needed to send a THIRD $100 to him. I told him I did not have any more money and would not until I got paid on Fri, Dec 14. He insisted on getting the money sooner and when I kept explaining I didn't have money, if I did I wouldn't be seeking a loan, he offered to hold my file until I got paid on Fri. On Sat, Dec 15, I sent 2 $50 STEAM cards to Mr Morgan, called him and told him I had sent the numbers to him, and he said the funds would be deposited within 30 minutes. Over 30 minutes later, he texted me back, saying" Now Miss Byrd, your funds are ready to deposit in your account but you have to make lates fees penalties $200 that we hold your file this week. Thank you" I then called Mr Morgan and told him I would not pay an additional $200 in "late fees" since he did not mention anything about late fees when we discussed holding the file until Fri. I also told him I shouldn't have to pay "late fees" on a loan I didn't even have yet. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he was the supervisor; I asked to speak to the president of the company, or anyone available with more authority than him and he said there was no one. He then told me that if I didn't pay the extra $200 I would forfeit the loan. I requested my $500 back and he said that would be forfeited too. I told him I would be contacting the BBB, FBI, and Attorney General/Dept of Insurance and he said "Go ahead," then ended the conversation.

Yes I was looking for a loan and they text me says I was approved.

- Houston, TX, USA

Was contacted by the company via text to let me know I'd been approved for a loan up to $8k. When I spoke with the loan officer this evening he wanted to verify my bank account by depositing some money and then I'd be set. When I cancelled and hung up, I received texts back from his assistant calling me a "brainless talkative woman/old lady" and to "get lost b!tch you can't do anything".

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