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Ian Bergon

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I just got in the mail yesterday. I want to know if it's a real thing or a scammer... My girl friend sent it to me to help me and her out... But when I looked at the check it's from a company called Cannon's Of Jax, LLC. It's issued by a Compass bank with a P.O. box 10566 Birmingham AL 35296

I received the mail on the January 19th, 2021 and assignment to take it to the Bank and cash the check but the bank say its no good so they took the check and gave me a copy of it .ok I went to my bank with a check but I said no I'm taking it to the bank that I check sirpol came from Woodstock National BANK NUMBER 53316713 P.O.Box 7889 The Woodlands, TX 77387-7889


I just received the same assignment I knew this wasn’t real that why I’m doing this checking the hiring manager name on my letter is Mark Fabian email [email protected]


Just recieved the exact same thing but my check was from Navy Federal... Good thingi seen this... I was having doubts... Thought it was a job with Kelly Staffing ?

Received today glad I seen your report such bull ¤¤¤¤ scan forsure


Luckily I got suspicious at the second email and decided to look this Ian Bergson guy up, figuring if he’s really in charge of a company like Sephora he’d come up pretty quickly. When he didn’t until I only had one letter left to type my suspicion increased. Now I’ve found this website. I’m very grateful to whoever started this site/page, you are a good person. What clued me in that it might be a scam were the following(direct quotes from the 2nd email): “You will receive payment inform of a bank prepaid card from the Government on my behalf starting from next week. I have an orphanage home and the cards are for my disabled workers. I have a busy schedule and I will not be around to do it myself. I am presently in New York. That's why I need your assistance.“ like if you own your own company why would you need to involve the government? You own an orphanage okay great how is that relevant if it’s even true?! Oh so now you’re potentially using money normally for your disabled workers for me? Which means either you don’t give a damn about your workers and are likely not nice or you are assuming I’m disabled which seems highly unlikely. Also if I’m doing this remotely even if your schedule is busy couldn’t you find a way to do it? Maybe not idk. Then he wanted my address, full name, cell number(that I’d already provided), and a clear pic of my id. Like ummm no. I’m not trusting you with all of that information without looking you up. It already sounded sketchy and now you’re asking for all that and my id?!?! I’m glad I found this site and am very frustrated as I’m actually in need of a job rn. A lot of people need a job rn and this dude just decided to take advantage of that?!?!?!?! NOT COOL!?????Grrrr, I feel kinda sick thinking about it. Just why?! What makes people think that this is okay?! Alright I guess that’s my 2 cents. Good luck everyone! Oh and this is the email he used: [email protected]


I’m afraid I was duped as well. My text and email claimed to come from Swagbucks from a man named Nathan Williams. The letter was from Mark Scott, and it instructed me to buy $2500 worth of Walmart gift cards and call Nathan as soon as I did. They gave me a check for $2850.

Nathan’s cell number is from Florida, and his accent is African. I can barely understand him. I told him I’m onto him and I was going to report him to the FBI. He didn’t seem scared.

Would love to hear how we can get these guys from continuing to scam people.



I'm was screwed over also my bank cashed the check then I came back now im out 4197.oo I'm screwed wish I new this site was here! Any one know how to get your money back?

Latest update on Ian Bergon. He sent me an email for secret shopper for Sephora. I am to send him me correct address, name and a picture ID. He will send me instruction on how to spend the $1000 he'll send me to secret shop for him. After looking him up I replied to his email letting him know the jig is up :-)

Just got 2 priority mail packages with 2 checks to be a secret surveyor from Alpisho Enterprises 6 Bernice St. San Francisco, checks from HANAC Inc 1250 Broadway NY, NY. Thank goodness I found this website. Not sure how anyone would profit from this, wouldn't my back just bounce the check? I don't get it.

I was given a check for 3526.00 and after the money was in my account it was returned and now I’m over 3000.00 negative in my account. I’ve been trying to talk to Ian Bergon all day and he has not emailed or texted me back.


I just received a missed delivery ticket from Alpisho Enterprizes which requires a payment of $7.75 for postage... ?
Does anyone know what this is about? VERY CONFUSED!

It’s a scam don’t fall for it

Ive just recieved a similar task accompanied with a $3,700.00 check, thing is i am the Founder and CEO of a non profit charity. So i'm going to cash the check, and then i'll try to meet this guy face to face in order to thank him for his contribution. I've also contacted the business the check is drawn from, and `they are willing to proceed with the investigation. Provided that the receive a receipt for their donation. Wish me luck people, he is going down.
Chaplain Richard Williams
Church of Creation


Same thing just happened to me. Ian Bergon Hiring Manager contacted me via email.
2weeks later he texted me. Saying he would be sending my assignment in the mail I never responded. Got the package in the mail & he then texted me. I still didng respond. Well last night he called me around 6-6:30pm. He def has an accent & he sound like a creeper. I just went along with him cause I want to mess around with him a little. I tried to call him, no answer so I texted him a couple hours ago telling him I cashed the check & I wanted to double check with him that he wants me to scratch the #s off the back of the cards cause I have them. ( Im totally lying) Im trying to mess with him now and act like I cashed the check already and I have the gift cards. As I was writing this he just called me back. He's using a (929)-444-9798 #. I still can't figure out his accent. I think its European but Im not sure. His voice makes me uncomfortable! He is telling me to send him the gift card info asap so I can get the $100 bonus. I said ok I'll be sending them to you soon. He just texted me again just now. Lol he is anxious for those cards. Lol his text are these instructions.

*After purchasing the cards, open the pack, scratch off the silver label at the back of the cards CAREFULLY to reveal code. Capture clear images of the back of each card and send to me via text/email for verification. Also, KEEP the scratched gift cards for record purpose and wait for further Instructionson what to do with the scratched cards. Thank you*
I'm going to text him back & say I'm in the middle of texting you my secret shoppers report. I'm in the middle of explaining to you all the details of the store & all the info you requested. Make him wait some more & get him more anxious. Lol instead of sending him a report. I'm going to reem him out. He's obviously using burner phones & is using someone elses return address. I wish we could get this low life locked up. Happy Holidays everyone!


Obviously he is still in business. My checK is for $3426 and I am supposed to buy gift cards for Nordstroms and Sephoria, only, and am instructed to purchase them at several different stores, never buying more than $1000 per store. As expected, I am to scratch off the code cover, take a picture of the card and code and email it to him. He says to keep the scratched off cards for record purposes and wait for further instructions on what to do with them. Of course, I am to then send him a report on my shopping experiences in the different stores. It all sounds so official, but the check is from Harborstone Credit Union in Tacoma, WA, but issued from Moneygram Payment Systems, INC that has a PO address in Minneapolis, MN, with the DRAWEE:BOKF, NA, Eufaula, OK. The return address on the Priority Mail envelope is ALPISHO ENTERPRISES, 6 Bernice Street, San Francisco, CA but when I checked the tracking scan it showed it was mailed from LA CROSSE, WI 54601. Could this thing be anymore sketchy?


He’s still out there scamming people! And I almost fell for it! I even cashed the check, but before I purchased any of the gift cards I googled his name & found several posts about how it’s all a scam! I’m so glad I looked into it before proceeding! Going back to my bank now to tell them what I just found out. What can I do to help catch this guy?!

I got a check just like that was lan Bergon.hiring manager .the second was John Taylor. Hiring manager. Emails I got [email protected]/hiringmanagerhntries@gmail/contact number(508)296-5416/(765)357-6309 (text only)I hope this help you!

- Ponder, TX, USA

I have the guy on the "hook" so to speak. he keeps emailing me to see if I cashed the (fake) check he sent me in the mail.

the name he uses on the letter sent to me in the mail (and in email correspondence) is

Ian Bergon

Hiring Manager

[email protected]

he sent me a check almost $3500 with a legitimate credit union logo and address from Wisconsin, and wants me to buy gift cards and report back with numbers via email.

can you help me catch the guy? call me *** (home)

it is now feb.16, 2019 (let's hurry and get him off the streets)



How do we stop this guys? Aren’t the law enforcement agencies getting around this guy by now?

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