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I love Jewelry

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I love Jewelry Reports & Reviews (17)

- Grand Rapids, MI, USA

I placed an online order March 24, 2021

Called a dozen times-have been sent fake tracking numbers

Every time I call they say you will see movement today. Nothing as of May 10, 2021. Not even a tracking number .

- Columbia, SC, USA

Sell ladies clothing on Facebook & instagram,but never deliver items, don’t respond to emails,no answer phone and phone number listed with PayPal is disconnected, they take your money, never send merchandise

- Houston, TX, USA

This company advertises that they sell Monogram items. If you read all their reviews, FB reviews, and others on the www., you will find that they advertise great items, but most people never receive the items, or if they do they receive partial, incorrect, or a cheaper version of what they advertise. They don't answer their phone, take returns, or respond to emails. I received a partial order, 2 of the 5 items, the bracelet I received is not what is advertised or what I ordered. The Jettsetter gift set is right, but that is it, the other 3 items did not show up.

- Memphis, TN, USA

I made a purchase through this "Company" on November 8.... I have been trying to get in touch with this company and all I get is an automated message saying that due to a typhoon product will be shipped on such and such date... Well i am not the only one who has been told this and has been scammed out of money. I am furious about this and they need to be reported! They are scammers and crooks.

- Stillwater, PA, USA

I placed an order for a monogrammed sweatshirt on sept. 7th. When I placed the order the site said it could take up to 25 days to process the order . The money was charged to my credit card that day. After 30 days I contacted the company by email just asking when I would receive my order. The email back said there was an increase in orders and it would take an additional week. After another 2 weeks I contacted them again and asked for a refund because it had been well over the 25 days and actually going on 45 days. I was told no refund bc I agreed to that when I made my order. I was then told my order would be shipped out a week late. It has been almost another 2 weeks and I still have not received any email or order.

I ordered boots this summer and received an email in August saying they were “in production and almost finished”. It’s now mid November and since then I have received no information, no boots. And yet they took my money months ago. I have facebook messaged 5 or 6 times and called more times than I can count only to hear “no one is available to take your call” and to be disconnected. I am overwhelmingly frustrated and feel scammed.

- Glasgow, MT, USA

This site was on my facebook. I looked through it and ordered some rain boots. I still haven't received them. I was charged $68 on August 15 2018. I have tried calling the number several times and get no answer. I have emailed many times and only get an automated response.

- Hartsville, TN, USA

They do not ship and they take your money and never respond to any communication!

- Dandridge, TN, USA

I ordered a handbag from I Love Jewelry on October 7th and never received it. They advertise on Facebook and then people go to their website and order. After I didn't receive my item I tried calling and it says nobody is available. I sent them an email and got a reply that someone would call me with 24-48 hours which never happened. I've read the comments on Facebook and many, many people are angry that this company took their money but never sent what they ordered.

Their Facebook page is

- Tinley Park, IL, USA

Initially, I found this company on Facebook. That should have been a red flag, but I thought the necklace was pretty and it didn't cost that much. I Love Jewelry has a company website and many products, so I thought it was legit. I ordered a monogram necklace and was told it would take at least 4 weeks. Okay, I can understand that. After a month of not hearing anything, I emailed the company to ask for an update. No response. A week later, I emailed again. 8 weeks after my purchase, I finally received an email reply that simply said, sorry, we'll let you know when we ship it. Never received that email. I ordered at the beginning of June and finally received a necklace at the beginning of August. It has the wrong initials engraved on it. The initials I requested are clearly stated on my invoice, but the necklace is not even close. Tried to call, but the phone number leads nowhere. A machine picks up and states "no one can take your call, goodbye." Emailed again, but I don't expect a response. I only lost about $25 dollars, but it's still annoying. Please do not buy from them.

- Manassas, VA, USA

I placed an order for a pair of pants on May 9th, 2017. As of today, I still have not received my order. I contacted the company by email on June 6th with an automatic response letting me know that someone will contact me within 24-48 hours. I followed up on June 8th, because I still hadn't received a response and again on June 12th requesting that my order be cancelled. Meanwhile, they continue to post on Instagram, so I tried messaging them on there, still with no response. I have called them at 877-848-2433 and no one answers, plus they do not allow you to leave a message. I have filed a dispute for the charge with my back, since they took the money out of my account on May 11th. This company has no problem taking money out of your account, but when they do not deliver merchandise as promised it is impossible to get in touch with someone to get a refund, let alone an answer. DO NOT purchase merchandise from this company.

- Dallas, TX, USA

I ordered a top (on April 14th) and was told I would receive it in 3-5 business days. When it had been 10 business days I called this company and was told it could take as long as 25 days. Received an email that my order had shipped on May 10th. When I clicked on the shipping status it states item has not been received at USPS. I check every few days and status is the same...don't think I am getting my top. Today is May20 and still nothing! The item has already appeared on my credit card bill and has been paid. So frustrating. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH THIS AWFUL COMPANY!

- Okatie, SC, USA

I ordered an item online from a Facebook ad. My credit card was charged immediately. I never received my item. No one ever answers the phone and I never received a reply to many attempts to reach them by email and Facebook message. Read the comments on Facebook. I am not the only one this has happened to.

- Alpharetta, GA, USA

Facebook add!! I ordered a blouse with secure checkout. It's been 4 weeks. I have emailed them and get an auto response they will get back to me in 48 hrs. Never hear back. I call and phone just rings and nobody answers and no voice mail. Do not order from them! Now I am scared because they have my credit card info!!!

- Louisville, KY, USA

BUYERS BEWARE!!! Do not purchase anything from “I Love Jewelry!” They are a fraud! I signed up for the Monthly Monogram Box and received my first two orders with no issues. The third order came on February 8, 2017 and it was someone else’s monogrammed order and invoice. I first thought it was a simple mistake and could be remedied quickly; however, after three weeks of trying to contact someone (No response to emails and the number on website just rings – Not even a professional voicemail message!) finally a “Kayley” responded. I had to send proof that I received the wrong order and requested a membership cancelation, refund, and postage paid shipping label so that I could return the wrong item. Several days later I received an email from this “Kayley” trying to entice me with a free month. I refused and restated my requests. I have yet to hear anything else and I have continued to be charged for the monthly membership! Please read reviews for this company as well as look them up on the BBB. The owner is Jordann Miller Weingartner! I’ve private messaged her on Facebook to get some kind of communication with no avail! This company is a fraud and is stealing customer’s money! Read the BBB investigation on them for fraud! DO NOT SHOP WITH “I LOVE JEWELRY!” THEY ARE THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Carthage, TN, USA

There is over 600 Complaints about this so called company and still nothing has been done about it.. they are still taking consumers hard earned money and not sending the merchandise!! There E-mail is an automatic reply back which means they will never email you back and the phone number is bogus. This needs to stop..... The report on the page states they fixed the problem back in 2015???? NO THEY DIDNT!!! THIS SO CALLED BUSINESS DOES NOT NEED TO BE ON FACEBOOK OR ANYWHERE ELSE!! A letter to my state attorney is next. I am a Govt Employee and this ILOVEJEWELRY is a FRAUD!!!

The website

Thousands of complaints on Their Facebook page (ilovejewelry) of people not receiving merchandise. I have not received my merchandise ordered months ago. Tracking number was an non existing number according To the USPS. Unknown address but my bank draft had a location of Florida.

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