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I was helping my daughter find a rental house in Baton Rouge, La. we contacted what was supposed to be the landlord or owner to set up a viewing for a house we at **** ****** Dr. in Baton Rouge through the website We sent in $50 for a background check after submitting an application which included my daughters personal information. They “approved” her application and wanted me to pay her deposit of $1200 before we saw the inside of the house. They kept pressing me to send the deposit as it was refundable and would never commit to setting up a date to see rhe house. That’s when I realized it was a scam for me to send in the deposit via Internet. And to obtain personal information that could be helpful used to steal someone’s identity. I googled all the names associated with the situation and of course nothing came up. The phone number used links back to other rental houses in the US so they are doing this beyond Baton Rouge.

- Mequon, WI, USA

I have requested twice to remove the listing. Random people have come up to the house that I own and bothered current tenants saying they were interested since they see it “for rent” on this scam site. Not to mention, their listing includes discriminatory wording which I have never used for my rental.

- Murfreesboro, TN, USA

Someone took the photos and description of my home that was listed temporarily on another site and created a fake listing on My home is occupied and is not for rent. They are trying to scam people. - This site runs for rent ads for properties that are not owned by the person placing the listing. They trick people into thinking they are renting a house or apartment for which they forward a deposit. This puts the person scammed and the real property owner in a difficult position. I can imagine it may very well cost some their only hope of having enough money to actually rent a property that is truly available. I have asked site management several times to remove my property from their listings. They have not acknowledged my request or removed the listing. This lack of response has occurred even though I completed the request through their own link for such purposes and other means. Here is the property link: Here is the listing view:

I am active in this rental community. I can tell you that some of the other listings are also scams. There is a shortage of rentals in our community and this site and its customers are taking advantage of the situation to cheat people. The site owners have taken the time to program for ads on their site but not to verify their listings for fraud.

- Fayetteville, NC, USA

We are looking for a house in another state , I found this website a d I was really surprised that the houses rent are really cheap, I started calling the numbers but none of them answered , but they replied with text msges .. long story short , 3 of them started sending me asking if I like the house I have to pay deposit, and they ask for so many information, ,,

My home is currently for sale with a realtor. My realtor phoned me alerting that this website had my home listed for rent. Which it is NOT for rent only for sale. I didn't approve this. They stole my home pictures and information from my realtor's site and used them for theirs. Stating that they need a down payment to hold the home for rent.

Not a good one. I was skeptical but sent money for application process to two to three people. Then I sent a deposit 750 which was the scam. Now I am on the phone with Chase disputing the money...

Someone had copied my text and photos of my rental house and posted it in the website. This has happened to us before so constantly do a search online to see if there are any fraudulent listed. If we find one we can contact the company and they will take it down. The website has ignored my request and it is still up. Unfortunately one family send them money. I feel sorry for them. It is also a major headach for us. Reading reviews on this company most if not all the listing are fraudulent. This website should be investigated and shut down.

After seeing several house listings on the webpage that seemed to good to be true I cross checked the addresses with other more trusted websites (Zillow, Trulia etc) those same addresses came up as off the market. I decided to call one of the phone numbers given on the listings and there was no answer. I then recieved a text from the phone number. While texting with the person I asked for a viewing the person at first said sure then said they are actually out of the state due to a work transfer etc. - will be adding a screen shot

This house is offered for rent. It is not for rent. It is listed at 1/2 the going rate. The phone number and contact name are the owner, but the email must go to the scammer.

- Pinconning, MI, USA

We had someone come by wanted to see the house we had available for rent. The only problem, it is not available for rent. Found the add for my house on with my pictures of the unit only not my contact information. I reported it to the housesforrent website only to discover a new add for my unit with a different contact number the next day. I do not believe the website is a legitimate site and warn anyone to stay away from it. The add for my home is finally down. Stay away from this site. No contact information for administrators or phone numbers to call and complain. I think the only thing I did by submitting a complaint to the website is give them a heads up I was on to the scam.

While looking for houses for rent, we found this web site that showed many houses for rent in the desired area at incredible prices. One home we had already seen listed for sale last month. This morning we contacted several of the properties. Within minutes we received a response asking us which property we were interested in (funny, since the home was supposed to be for rent by owner). Then they said they were the owner but we're out of state. Now they keep texting us: "I'm the owner of the property and I'm the right man in charge".

- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

I’ve searched for a rental home and thought i found the one. Called the number listed on the site and then i received a text. I was amazed by the price of the place, but they asked that i pay the deposit up front to hold the house. After i went back onto the site i noticed the name of the realty and visited the property. Called the actual property and found out that it was all a scam! The person texting me continued pressuring me about when I will have the deposit so they can hold the house for me!

- Anderson, SC, USA

This website is stating that houses are cheap and available when its not there property to rent they are asking for u to look at rentals outside because they are not local and asked you to send money for rent. I did not send anything because it just didn't sound legit. Please be careful we contacted the real estate company of the property to let them know what was happening

- Lagrange, GA, USA

I will start with luckily l did not fall for this scam. I was looking for a rental house when l happened accross on this website l saw a few house in my town, l then called the number list under the house it rings and rings and never goes to voicemail which l think is a little odd. I end up sending him a text but he did not respond. l rode to the address listed on the site and when l pulled up people were living there so l drove off. He then later responded to me that night in a text. I told him what property l was interested in and he informed me it was available and l could go see it any time. I told him that l had already been out there and saw people were living in it. He explained to me that their lease was up but soon as he had some one verified to move in thay they will move out. I told him that l was very interested in the proberty but l would really like to see inside of it before making a decision. He took a unnormal long time to respond to me when he finally did he explained that he is out of the state with work l asked how long would he be out of the state he responded with 4 years. I asked him how would l get the key to the house and then he told me his lawyer has it. So l wondered where his lawyer was located and ofcourse his lawyer was at a seminar and wouldnt be back until next week. During all this he asked multiple times when would l verify l was moving there and asked how, he said sending me the deposit. I told him l was not comfortable sending any thing with such little informations. His reply was " You dont need to worry l have a lawyer" Also when l asked what his name was he told me Brain, no last name or anything and l asked his lawyers name and again just responded with David. The last message l sent him that day was when his lawyer was going to be back in town. I will attach a screen shot of our last few messages l recieved the next day. I had already realized way earlier this was a scam. During this 3 day period of us texting l had went back to the website and saw he had house in many other states that has the same number attached. I decided to try to call a few more numbers listed under house on the site one went straight to Google calling some others l called said the text plus number is no longer available. This whole website is fake and l hope no one gets caught by the scam.

- El Paso, TX, USA

In that website there are several posting of houses for rent. When I contacted the individuals they didn't answer my call, was sent to voicemail, and they reply by text messaging only. The houses shown on the pictures seem nice and not expensive, I went to see the following in person 10432 Warren St El Paso, Tx 79924- People are living there, couldn't see it. The suppose landlord never reply to my messages when I asked why the property wasn't vacant. 5716 Arrowhead Dr. El Paso Tx 79924- Suppose landlord was surprise, stating it was a wrong address, days after he said that tenants are moving out, but need to have a secure person ready to move in. 10809 Jadestone El Paso, Tx 79924- This property is vacant, but suppose landlord is asking for my information and money to begin the process, stating that because she was involve in unknown activity with a tenant got transfer. All stated that are private agencies. Haven't been able to talk to them on phone. The Jadestone property is under Century 21 also had an ad there I called them, haven't gotten a response back. Is not fair that I'm looking for a house and things like this happen.

- Sacramento, CA, USA

I emailed rental application with addresses, date of birth, income, driver license information, paystubs to someone posing as a home owner looking to rent a property at 807 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA which I later found for sale at $400K on zillow. I left a voice message for the real estate agent managing the property advising her of the phishing scam. Her name was *** *** and phone number ***. I also reported the scam on Houses for The web address I found the property on was: The person listed his name as Dewayne Jackson with google phone number of: 515-992-6545 and email address: [email protected].

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