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• Apr 24, 2021

Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact In person

i was scammed by ms. antonia smith. dont waste your money in bitcoin trading. u need to put big amount of money to invest but then after that u cant withdraw your money.

• Apr 24, 2021

i want to share also my experience here in joining bitcoin trading. it was a scam. i was referred to a friend in facebook to ms. antonia smith and then we chat. she promise me to give back my money with profit after 7 days. i believe that she could help me fixed my financial problems but then it was a scam. after i deposit $40 to my account it gain a profit of $230. so i was happy and excited because after a day it gain a profit in that big amount. after 2 days, she said i need to deposit again $1000 to upgrade my account. if i can't do that my account will be on hold. i told her that i have no money, i just borrowed my investment to gain profit. we finished at 10,000. so i deposit it again in my account. after that she said it was not enough and i can't withdraw my money. i tell her that i will report this because i was scammed. be aware of this guys.. don't invest money when ur not sure of it. most of the trading was scammed. u need to put big amount of money and after u can't withdraw it. that's their tactics.

• Jan 01, 2021

Victim Location 97004
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Investment

I saw an ad in Facebook about investment. I responded and was hook to another person. The person introduced herself as Antonio Magret Wokama. She said that she is an expert trader. To make it short, she was able to convinced me of trying to invest as little as $300. As that was a minimum—she explained. As dumbest as I am with no experience in trading — I decided to gamble.

She explained: told me that she will charge me 10% of my profits. Profits is granted 85% and has money back guarantee.

There were so many red flags but I ignored them and decided that $300 is not that much. Which is really stupid!!!

So, she told me to open an account on her trading platform. Which is, after I open an account she told me to download lumi app and buy Bitcoin. Lumi charges a lot. So, after I bought worth $300 Bitcoin and sent it to her it was not enough. So I bought another $90. The. Sent it to her.

After 3 hours, my account in hot2fx earn a profits of $640. Less than 12 hours later, she texted me and said; your account is trying to expire—you may need to upgrade. I said no way. She said don’t worry I’ll keep trading for you just pray it won’t happen. Few more hours later I got an email through [email protected] stated that my account is expired but will be resume ones upgraded to VIP. And the amount to upgrade is $1200. I texted her this is unbelievable why you don’t tell me this if you are an expert? She said it’s the machine decided not me.

There were so many back and forth arguments. I threaten her to report and she said pls no. I’ll give your money back ok? I know you are upset it’s your first time. So, basically she was able to calm me down and I decided to buy another crypto worth $1500 and sent it to her.

Before I sent the $1500, I asked her if there are any fees to withdraw the profits and she said no. I thought NO, it might not be scam. If she said yes there is a fee then I will never sent $1500. Few hours later I got an email from [email protected] that I have to pay a signal fees worth $2100. And this is to make assure that the outcome of the trade would be a total of $20,150.00.

I was so angry to her but I know I lost my money and will never pay that $2100.

She calm me down again. And promise me she will help. That she has an investor named Hannah and she will ask her to pay the signal. Few hours later she texted me saying Hannah is out of town and her card already max out. This time im expecting this reasoning.

I went to her social media account and she has a friend named “Jamez Alena” I contacted her and she vouch her too. Alena tried to help. She also told me that she was scam before too. I told her I’m not going to pay the $2100 I don’t have anymore money. I made some drama to see how it plays out. She said I can pay the 500$ can you borrow the rest? I said no.

To make it short, after Alena texted me saying that she sent $500 to Antonio. Then Antonio told me in 24 hours I’ll inform you when you can withdraw your profits. 56 hours past nothing happened. I confronted her and she said few more hours there are too many withdrawals on weekends. Then the following day they both disappeared. I can’t view their Facebook account and her Watsapp also was gone.

Lesson learned: don’t try to gamble it will hook you big time. There had been lots of scammers tried to scam me but this one is the first one ever got me!!!! My curiosity about trading lead me to lost some money.

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