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Honest concept TDG LTD

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Honest concept TDG LTD Reports & Reviews (42)

• May 09, 2024

Ordered from Pavers/ Flyflots shoes on Arpril 15th 2024 £42.90 was taken out of my bank HSBC , no emails and no way to track order and no way of getting money back , I have been well and truly SCAMMED

• May 06, 2024

Ordered a jacket and a pair of shoes ( prices suspiciously low) paid 73,90€ on my credit card. I registered on the website and after a month my order shows "not shipped".
No contact with "customer service"
After research I found out that this is s scam website to defraud people
I've contacted my bank, they a researching

• May 01, 2024

I ordered from Pavers website, 4items, £44 +£6 for fast shipping. I haven’t received them. I have emailed them and had a couple of replies but last 3 emails I haven’t heard back from them. What do I do next please haven’t been in this situation before

• Apr 29, 2024

I have 2 charges on my checking account. $31.84 + fee .25 and $27.89 + .22 fee... Explain PLEASE... If something is not done I will have to take further action...

• Apr 27, 2024

Ordered from Pavers website but payment shows as HONEST CONCEPT TDG LTD on bank statements, no goods arrived

• Apr 27, 2024

I bought through Facebook, some Hey Dude shows for a total of $69. I got a confirmation email but it came out of the bank as Honest Concept TDG Hong Kong. Now when I click the link, it’s page not found. Only contact information is an email address and that has gotten me no where. Facebook is now letting scam sites sponsor them with ads?
Hey Dudes

• Apr 25, 2024


Saw an offer that was to good to be true, have no way to contact them. never got a confirmation for the order. It has been almost a month and nothing as of yet.
now to figure out how to get a refund.

• Apr 24, 2024

I placed an order on 4/24 /2004. They charged my card. Never sent me an email confirming my receipt.
Did some research and heard the same things back that people never received their product had to call and go through the hassle of canceling my debit card because I'm not local I have to wait up to 2 weeks for them to send me a new one. Not impressed

• Apr 24, 2024

Trading as Pavers (trustworthy company) I ordered shoes ,when the payment showed on my account,it is listed as HONEST CONCEPT tdg ltd. I have not received email confirmation of the order therefore deem it as a,

• Apr 23, 2024

I saw a Facebook add for a company going out of business selling White Mountain Puzzles offering puzzles at 80% off. Interesting that you couldn't purchase more than $59 of puzzles at one time. I looked and it looked legit to me so I put in 3 orders.

I received an order number when putting in the order but never received an email confirmation. I ordered on April 2nd and the charges hit my credit card the same day as Honest Concept TDG LTD from Hong Kong. So it is very likely a SCAM. Will be reporting to Facebook and Better Business Bureau but likely I am out my $150 and could have other issues with them having my CC (although it did show as secure when I was putting in my CC #).

I find it interesting that they keep the order $ amount under $60 and that they target a company or product that you have as a facebook "friend" vendor.

Has anyone gotten their credit card to reverse the charges?

• Apr 22, 2024

Very clever as this scam looks so real,how has this still allowed?Facebook needs to be accountable as they haven’t done anything and letting people get scammed

• Apr 22, 2024

I thought I was buying from Go Outdoors Sale. All appeared correct and looked like the real thing ie. pictures, sizes and descriptions etc.
No email confirmation sent so checked bank and the money (£45) had been deducted.
Can't find any way to contact them so assuming it's a scam.
Shows as Honest Concept TDG on my bank account. Grrrrrrrrr

• Apr 21, 2024

Scam company,ghosted as MandM and ordered a pair of trainers,money taken from this company and no trace of them

• Apr 21, 2024

They advertised via Facebook as a fake MandM profile

• Apr 21, 2024

These scammers have copied the website from "YOURS" which is a uk clothing site even down to the verified site certification. Normally I don't get fooled but I took my eye off the ball and hadn't noticed the "" under the company name, when it should be
Like an [censored] I purchased £49.95, checked my bank straight after and Honest (yer right) concept came up knew instantly I had cocked up, I sent 3 emails to different email addresses requesting the order to be cancelled and refunded... not holding my breath on that one
I have contacted my bank cancelled my card and will be putting a dispute in against this company to get my money back.
I will also be contacting the correct company to let them know these [censored] are conning honest hard working people using there website. Remember if it's too good to be true that's cause it probably is. Essex UK.

• Apr 20, 2024

Never heard of Honest Concept Tdg. Can’t even get hold of them but they have happily taken money from my bank account that I have never given them permission to take.

• Apr 19, 2024

I purchased items from Chico's for $54 and when the charge came on my bank account it was to Honest Concept TDG. I received an order number and when I contacted Honest Concept they had no record of the transaction. I am out $54. They should be shut down. It is a total scam!

• Apr 19, 2024

There was a Chico’s ad on Facebook announcing store closings and inventory reduction sales.

Easy to believe because Chico’s closed stores in the USA.

So, I clicked the link. The items really WERE Chico’s. They advertise a free shipping for orders over $5;. Again, believable.

So, I placed my order that came to just over $56. After I provided shipping info and credit card account, I noticed in small print ‘items may be different from the items ordered.’
The company was NOT Chico’s. The company charging my credit card is called Honest Concept Tdg LTD in Hong Kong.

I became suspicious, immediately, tried to retrieve my account. Sadly, there was no such website, nor did I receive any confirming information. Within a few minutes, it was charged on my credit account, again, I thought unusual because HongKong is in a different time zone.

The credit card company will not remove the charge for 2 weeks just to make sure it was fraudulent and I do not receive any goods.

I reported it twice. Both times they refused my dispute.

So, now, I will wait to see if they are honorable and take my report seriously next week.

Since this all went down,
the Chico’s ads on Facebook are gone.

I reported the advertiser to Facebook … they saw nothing wrong and said the advertiser was within the guidelines even though multiple people have been ripped off.

Now I see why social media CEO’s are being dragged into Senate Hearings. I hope they are stopped.
Fake Chico’s sponsored advertisement on Facebook
Fake Chico’s sponsored advertisement on Facebook
Fake Chico’s sponsored advertisement on Facebook

• Apr 16, 2024

Placed an order for Tommy Bahama clothing…never received an email confirming the purchase..apparently they have done this to many other people…Facebook has since taken the site down….DONT BE TAKEN…unfortunately I was…

• Apr 16, 2024

An advertisement from Facebook offered an 83% discount on Alpinestar merchandise. The website looks like one of the top brands. Everything looks legit on the website. The selection of different products, the pictures, and the presentation look like a real top-notch company website. One thing that caught my eye is the spelling of the website. It was spelled "" The letter "e" from Alpine is missing, but nevertheless, I went through with my selection since the website really looks real. In the end is a FKNG SCAM. Facebook should be held liable for this type of scam since they allow these people to do this on their watch, on their company.

If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Never again will I buy anything on Facebook.

• Apr 16, 2024

The company name in my visa transaction is Honest Concept TDG Ltd. These people are scammers!

• Apr 15, 2024

My wife received an email from what she thought was one of her favorite online stores. She used our credit card to purchase $50 worth of stuff. I looked into the charge when it was posted on our account. When I read "honest concept," I knew it was bogus. I immediately called my card company, canceled my card, and opened up a dispute.
P.S. The return email for these scams is the clue that it's fake.

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