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• Apr 12, 2021

Emily Greer Hi mam this is Antony Crabtree from Crabbush landscaping and wood fence installation. We do quality work and here are some reference Vince. And Liz [email protected] Robert burns ffom

• Mar 30, 2021

As a design business I don't feel this is a good place to get leads. I answered one tje other day saying they need paint, space planning and flooring and I should have know better than to click on it. Finally got up with the lead the following day and they have done the total renovation and just need help deciding which flooring. Most of the leads on home guide I find are more like to just need a contractor .., not a designer. Designer is not in most budgets . Just my opinion.
The Nielsen Collection

• Dec 22, 2020

HE came to change 3 toilets , I was sick but when i came out of my room i open a closet in the closet in the hallway and i soon as i open he came over my shoulders to see what was in there. an the silver and cristal we there,
When he left and then next day i realized he robbed me everything rob all my silver and crystal

• Nov 14, 2020

Totally SCAMS! I found a contractor at, the contractor claimed he's licensed and will bring his state license next day, he asked me 50% down payment $2600, I was so stupid as he looks nice, he cashed my check $2600 on Oct. 5th. My nightmares began, 15 times of no show, without prior notice. I reported to, they didn't take any action. SCAMS! Stay away from, lots of unlicensed contractors registered with HomeGuide.

• Oct 14, 2020

I hope y'all people see this. I have babies to feed and y'all take 30$ without my permission. I would like to have my money back?! I canceled and it better not happen again!?!

• Aug 23, 2020

So far I have found this to be crap. I spent 70 dollars the first time for 40 credits or something like that. My phone goes off constantly with leads. I’ve hit the I’m interested a few times and I’ve had a couple people message me and chat for a few messages and then nothing. I’ve ran out of credits and decided to try again. All I get is so an so reviewed your quote. Never get call or nothing in return. I believe it’s just home guide sending out bogus leads so you lose credits. The jobs were never there to begin with. Just like Home Advisor it’s just a scam. They got 100 from me but will not get another penny. They can keep the remaining credits I have left 🖕

• Jul 16, 2020

So far no good. I think I paid 20$ upfront for like 7-10 leads. The first 2 leads I got came back instantly with, “ I’m going in another direction” That never happened to me on Thumbtack. The third lead today ( about one lead a week) I asked the guy a question and he said when can I call you, I said now. Still waiting. I’ve heard these are spam bot leads. Only found one good review about this company.

They send out occasional leads to me...sounds similar to service magic or Home Advisor...Funny and unfortunate how many frauds and parasites there are in the world now..THIS MAY BE A SCAM...The business people that run these services are not trustworthy as I have found..

Victim Location 44224
Type of a scam Phishing

February 21, 2018

I've noticed every time I reply to one of your so-called leads no one ever replies.

Today your system sent;

It's Emily Greer from HomeGuide. I have a new customer Jason Blackwell who needs a new home builder near Stow and I thought you'd be interested in this referral :)View the customers details to see if you're interested, then contact them directly.

View Jason's Details

Not the type of home you build? Update your preferences on the types of customers you would like. Also, you can unsubscribe here to stop getting requests from new customers. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm here to help!

Emily Greer

Customer Success at HomeGuide

While checking out home guide I found this: DOES THIS LOOK FAMILIAR? Looks like Jason is a repeat customer who cant seem to shop for himself or maybe a fake shill. Do you ever worry about getting caught? Don't you know what karma is?

From July 2017, during an internet search.

Does this email look legit or like a scam?

James... (rest of name removed by me) CPA,

It's Emily Greer from I have a new client Jason Blackwell who needs an CPA near Medina and I thought you'd be interested in this referral.

View the client's details to see if you're interested, then contact them directly by filling out a few details.

* view Jason's details* (previously included hyperlink)

Not a good fit? *Update your preferences* (previously included hyperlink) on the types of referrals you would like. Also, you can *unsubscribe here* (previously included hyperlinks) to stop getting new referrals.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm here to help

Emily Greer

Customer Success at Thervo

In may of 2017 They had mislead me with an offer to remodel Mr Jason Blackwell's home. I wrote this: Based on your companies unsolicited email approach and the lack of proof that Jason, your referral, even resides within our region; I'm alleging your firm offers fictitious referrals with intent to defraud businesses and broaden the HomeGuide members list and subscriptions. I further suspect once information is gained, your firm may share or sell that to others for profit. If this is true, the practice would be unethical at least and possibly illegal.

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