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HomeFi Reports & Reviews (13)

• May 25, 2023

Very happy

I am using Homefi in central Florida sunce 2 montfs back and I am VERY happy. Goid cinbections. High speed abd affordable price.

Customer service promtly answered any questions I had earlier.

Very happy Customer

• May 10, 2023

Pyramid scam artists with no customer support

We have had the service 2 months. Worked well at first, now internet goes up and down. Last week my wife’s Visa debit card was hacked so she cancelled and is awaiting new one. In the interim, next month’s bill was coming due. No person to speak to and she has thrice submitted emails requesting to change payment method to a credit card. Well, we just got shut down. I guess we’ll go back to lousy HughesNet which even with the highest speed and most expensive plan has really poor connectivity where it sounds like you’re calling from Atlantis on Teams meetings. Can’t wait for that ARPA funded broadband to reach us end of the year. You live in exurbia of the most affluent metro area in the US and you have cow dung for internet connectivity.

• Apr 06, 2023

Their service keeps going off

Everyday several times the internet goes off . Then it takes twenty minutes to get someone on the chat to find out what the problem is .

• Jan 24, 2023

Scammer's phone None
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Who knows
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)


Stay away from this service. It does not work in cellular dead zones. If you get a decent cellular signal, just use your phone as a hot spot. The customer service is TERRIBLE. Extremely slow response times loaded with canned responses. The 14 day no hassle trial is a lie. You essentially have to harass them daily to get an RMA. It's been a month and a half and I'm still fighting for a refund. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! If anyone wants more specifics, feel free to message me.

• May 01, 2023

Same here. Speeds were nowhere near advertised. Their website used to say to email to when canceling. ( I have screenshots ). I Emailed on the 7th day and received a email stating their website updated with forms to fill out. Filled out 2 12 or 14 question forms it said I would be contacted within 2 days. 2 weeks later still nothing so I go back to website and find place to put in to chat. It's been a month of chatting and they refuse to cancel my service and refuse refunds for all of the charges that's accumulated.

• Jan 14, 2023

One of the WORST rip-offs in WIFI and there are many rip off artists out there in WIFI

From the beginning, they double and triple billed me and I have had to fight all the way for hours to get that straightened out. NOW I have finally found a service that provides service with NO buffering and they wont cancel my auto pay unless I return the device to them that I PAID for in the original box

I have news for them. My auto pay was thru Discover because I didn't know that I could trust them, and I was right. They may not allow disconnect orders for auto pay but Discover does and my auto pay has been cancelled and Discover has received notice that they are overbilling underdelivering scam artists

• Jan 05, 2023


We purchased this device in 2021, at first we had problems, they fixed it via email, and it worked great. Fast forward to November of 2022, we moved and the service does not work. I told them I wanted to cancel, they kept asking for my new address to try to make it work. I told them I wanted to return it and that I want to cancel my services. I received a shipping label, shipped the device, and have received absolutely nothing. I requested December's refund the beginning of December and have not received it. I was charged AGAIN THIS MORNING FOR A SERVICE I CANCELLED FOR A DEVICE I NO LONGER HAVE. I have to go to my bank later today to dispute charges and cancel my card. This morning I sent multiple emails and received a response stating their email is no longer working and to use the chat on the website. The chat only responds with two responses in a loop so it goes nowhere and you are not able to reach ANYONE.


• Dec 16, 2022


The product works fine, but they will double and triple charge you with no customer support. They ignore all emails, especially when you want to stop or pause service. It's a total scam. Had to call the bank in order to stop them from charging again. Go elsewhere for your internet! Run as fast as you can from these people!

• Nov 27, 2022

Nightmare Scam Co.!!! Beware!!!

I came across the unit on Facebook I went to the site ordered the unit purchased the $80 plan with 200 GB.
I set up the unit seemed to work ok.
The 30 day renewal came up they not only overcharged my card they charged me $95 for an $80 plan but the problem is you can't call anybody! This all had to take place through email which takes days to get a response! When you finally do get a response you're basically being told we will look into it so now the waiting game starts all over again! You ask is there a number I could speak with somebody and they say NO! So now that $15 overcharge has now turned into an absolute nightmare where which I am sure they're hoping that people would just either not notice it or just say screw it because it's so aggravating and they keep the money!
In addition to this so they charged my bank card $95 for an $80 plan but now my service stops working I now have to email them about that and that takes days to get a response and days later I get a response that they are refunding my card $6 for the overcharge and hit me with BS taxes!
During this whole period I now have no internet service but my card was charged and haven't had service in over a week! I went to my bank got a new bank card so they can no longer charge it because I know darn well they would and sure enough they sent me a email stating that if I didn't return the unit they were going to charge my card $99 even though I paid $89 per service I never got!

If you're a glutton for punishment, love to deal with companies that have no technical support no telephone #,s to contact anyone, enjoy sitting around for days waiting for bs emails..
Knock yourself out! Best stock up on Advils cuz headaches are coming!

FBI, BBB & IRS Need to Raid these people and Shut Them Down!

• Sep 30, 2022

A Total Scam

I had them earlier this year. It's almost impossible to cancel. You are on automatically put on auto-renew and have to email them for days, in order to cancel. But here is the kicker: They will say you are cancelled and STILL charge your card monthly and say, "oops!". I had to go to my bank and cancel my old card and get a new one. And I still get emails from HomeFi trying to auto-renew my old card number. As for their internet. It's REALLY bad, drops connections at least 20 times a day. And has the slowest download speeds ever. You cant even check you email. It MIGHT work for the first day, after that...nope. This company needs to be shut down.

• Jul 20, 2022


With their month-to-month no contract service, you can’t actually cancel the account, just drop it to an inactive state where you still are on the hook for $10 a month. If you don’t pay the $10 monthly fee and want to actually cancel, you have to return the device with the original charging cable AND MANUAL AND BOX or you’re charged $99, more than the original service even cost. Also, the well designed orange puck device on the website is not the device you’ll receive. You’ll get a generic plastic box with a business card glued to the top of it.

• Jul 18, 2022

Victim Location 32577
Total money lost $155
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Beware, there is no customer support phone number. It takes a couple days for them to respond. I ordered the device and once in my possession, I soon realized it was not what it claimed and was basically unusable. I packed it back in its original packaging to return it for a “14 day return Refund”. It took me harassing the vendor on Facebook to get a return address label. I returned the device and it was received through the USPS Tracking.


1. Received the Device 29 June

2. Sent email stating device was unsatisfactory and needed a return label 29 June

3. Received a reply to my email with”your account has been suspended” a Shipping label was sent 1 July

4.Device was mailed out with shipping label provided on 2 July

5. Device was received by HomeFi on 5 July

6. Writing an email each day, waiting on a refund, today is July 18.

There are no phone numbers, only email, be advised.

• Jun 10, 2022

Victim Location 22407
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have tried two different routers that this company offers and neither of them have worked I sent one back over a week ago they have admitted that they have received it back yet they still have not refunded me. The second one they offer a 14 day moneyback guarantee it does not work I have asked them at least 10 to 20 times for a refund label so I can send it back they keep beating around the bush they will not send it back to me. Also there is no way to contact this company by phone they will text you for literally 10 hours trying to troubleshoot something that is just not going to work. When you ask them to get someone to call you they say that there is no way they can possibly do that. The 14 day moneyback guarantee will be over in about seven days I feel like they are trying to buy time so by the time it gets to 14 days it’ll be too late. If it’s a 14 day money back guarantee and I have no way to send the merchandise back it’s going to be too late by the time they may send me label. All I want is to send the router and modem back to get my money back and they refuse to send it to me

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