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• Jun 28, 2021

The email below arrived today without provocation, as has other communications from Home Soft (or Omega Software Solutions or Optimum Computer Support). The phone numbers I was given initially were 866/666-1901; 855/700-0290; 866/666-1904. Anther time I was given the number: 800/238-9352. The "technicians" with whom I spoke were: Oscar Kay and Adam. They were very good salesmen and seemed to me (in my 70's) technically competent. They scared me into believing my computer was at risk, which began with their first contact, an unprovoked, flashing red ALERT! interruption on my computer. I gave the "technicians" remote control of my computer for a couple of hours. Their program kept running through lines and lines of numerical data. They would tell me of the many viruses to which my computer had been exposed. They were clearly using "fear tactics." So far I have paid $299 and $499 to this organization and do not know if my computer is protected.
________________________________________________________________________________... /> Dear Customer,


This is to inform you that in case you are unable to reach us on our existing contact numbers (i.e 1-855-700-0717 / 855-700-0290 / 866-666-1901 ) ...

We Request you to call us on 888-655-2376.

or please email us on [email protected]

We will call you as soon as possible.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Team - Homesoft solution

• May 05, 2021

This company is definitely a scam! They sold my grandfather a 5 year protection plan through Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition for $999.99 that expired back in September of 2020. The technician's name is Mark Obien, and the "IT" guy we've been dealing with is Victor. Now, we just recently learned that the software needed to be updated, but we couldn't update it, we contacted Victor who told us we couldn't update ourselves, only they could update it. We were told that there was a key logger issue and we needed to purchase a key protection program. When we refused to purchase it, Victor told us he couldn't help us until we get the program. I did some research and found out that Broadcom owns Symantec and I reached out to them. We were told we needed a licensee number (which was never provided to us). I reached back out to Victor from Home Soft Solution (which by the way they are also known as Gizmo Help) and told him my findings and requested that he give us the licensee number for the product and he told us he can't do that, only they can have the number. After going back and forth with him for a while, he finally said he can update my grandfather's software with no issue, all I needed to do was give him access to my grandad's computer. I told him no. I asked if he could just walk me through the steps to update to the new software (which is Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise) and I was told they do not have that as an option. So as of now, my grandad's computer says his subscription has been cancelled. We are doing everything we can to fight for his refund and to let others know of this horrible scam!

• Apr 08, 2021

We purchased a "lifetime" Symantac Virus protection from them in 2019 (for a lot of money). Today I get a message that the service has been discontinued. I tried to call them at all 3 numbers they gave me last August. All 3 are "no longer in service".

• Jan 22, 2021

They just scammed 140K from my 89 year old mother in law. If they call, hang up! The more we learn about this, it looks like elder abuse. They're very skilled at this. They're now threatening her on a daily basis. Don't let a family member be scammed and abused by them.

• Dec 18, 2020

I was told that their major server had crashed and they would not need access to my computer but, did want to refund me $299.99 which was a portion of my fee for their security services. I then asked when did they put in the security? They said back this past September. I then was curious as to how much was the original cost of the service and if they could quote the amount. They told me that I could see the inactive code for myself by looking at my command prompt or some such thing. I asked him who he was giving me the name of Bryan to whom I was speaking to then. I didn't ask him to tell me what my name was to see if they knew instead of just calling me Sir. The area code of the phone number I was given when I said I wasn't able to do anything at that time and would have to just call them back and was given a phone number in the Detroit , Mich. area code.

• Oct 09, 2020

This place is a scam. I've had talked to four different technician II cannot fix the problem. They refuse to give me a refund. We're going into 3 weeks now and nothing has been done. Every time I talk to them I'm on the phone for two hours and nothing is resolved. I even sent them an email with a picture of the problem. Still not fixed and they still refuse to give me a refund I've disputed with the bank. Still there is no spyware in my computer. And pop ups everywhere. Do not use this company

SECURE SOFT SOLUTION’s was recommended to me by AT&T. They gave me the phone number and told me approximately what the service would cost for one year. They said they have had very good luck working with this company. The tech spent several hours with me working on the problems with my computer and finally did solve the problem. The only criticismI have a SECURE Soft solutions Is that both technicians I spoke to had a strong Indian accent and I wear hearing aids, the combination of the two took a lot of repeating and spelling out words. But they do seem to be very knowledgeableAnd very patient and courteous.

Victim Location 21921
Total money lost $399.98
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was beginning to use my computer when a strange message came on that said my computer was hacked and not to do anything but call the listed number. I did call and was told I have a Trojan Horse invading my computer and their company would fix it and give me protaction for 3 years for $399. I actually thought I was communicating with Microsoft so I accepted. I wrote a check and then sent a photograph of it. It is now a month later and I decided to google the company name and found it to be a well known scam.

Scammer's phone 8557000717
Scammer's website
Country United States
Type of a scam Tech Support
Initial means of contact Not applicable

This company installed a "virus" on my computer with a warning that I should call "Microsoft" support. When I did I was linked to this company that offered to "clean" my computer and install anti virus software. I paid $400 for 5 years protection. When I called Norton later i was told that the software was old and outdated and worth nothing, definitely not $400. I deleted what i could from the computer and called to ask for a refund. The employee threatened me and swore at me. Now I have to hope that my credit card can confirm they are scammers and get my money back!

Got a message that my computer was infected by a virus and would be permanently damaged if I attempted to fix it myself. Stupidly I called the number and got talked into paying $400 for a Norton antivirus program. Felt like it was sketchy so I called Norton afterward and sure enough, they don't sell that software program anymore and it is worth nothing, let alone $400. I called to ask for a refund and they said sure but I would still have to pay a one time fee for the "work" they did on my computer...removing the "virus" that they had just infected the computer with! When I said no way the billing person got nasty and swore at me. This company is simply awful!

Victim Location 13212
Type of a scam Phishing

Caller stated that money had been refunded to an account the refund amount was incorrect. They wanted the debit card number to "collect" the over payment.

Victim Location 48201
Type of a scam Tech Support

Sent a message to my daughters computer pretending to be McAfee. Told my daughter she needed to update her anti virus and the cost would be $249.99. Asked for her checking account number and routing number to obtain the money to fix her computer. Had my daughter give them remote access to fix her computer and then download software to gain access.

This is a scam and you should never give out your checking or routing number!

I do not believe the company described was security soft solutions. Maybe someone claiming to be them butI said they were MCAFEE also and they surely aren’t that company either.

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