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HOLAPICK Reports & Reviews (15)

• Apr 26, 2021

Buyer Beware
Buyer Beware! I don't even want to give them one star. I don't understand how they have a 3.4 rating? I purchased four items about $100 from them. It took over a month to get here and when I received the items they were horrible. The quality was worse than I've ever seen before. The sizing was off, the shapes were odd the quality of fabric was terrible. I contacted them immediately and wanted to return the items for a refund. Their website States to contact them within 30 days have an unopened package have items not worn and you can get a refund. They are refusing to refund my money. They say they can't do it, they won't do it even though I have followed all their guidelines as stated on their website. I am out $100 and am an extremely dissatisfied customer and will never do business with them again. I believe they are based out of China and are a very unscrupulous company. I give them negative five stars!

• Jan 29, 2021

Victim Location 70403
Total money lost $101
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from this company in December of 2020, immediately after ordering I decided to look them up only to find out they had an F rating. I immediately sent them an email asking them to cancel my order, that I had read that the clothing will not look anything like the stock photos. She told me that she understood that the company had quality issues but to give them a chance by waiting to receive the items. I finally got the items and was very disappointed. The items were inferiorly made, a very cheap yarn, did not have any shape and and most certainly did not look like the stock photos which resembled very high-end clothing. Just like I have read in other complaints, I was asked to send pictures when I complained in an email. I sent the pictures and was offered a $21 voucher for $100.96 that I had spent. I told them that I had read in Better Business bureau complaints that these vouchers do not even work and that I had asked for them to cancel my order before they ever processed it and they told me to trust them so I wanted my money back. She again told me I could have a $21 voucher I asked if that was $21 per item which would have been $84. She cut off all communication with me. I know what they do they tell you to send pictures and they communicate with you until your 30 days refund time is up and then they cut off communication with you. Other people had said they sent the clothing back and never got refunds so I was distraught and just wanted them to make this right because in this time of pandemic, this is just horrible to do people this way. I had got emails from different people in my conversing so I don't know who was really my contact person. I think one was named Alice Cindy. The packages have addresses that are not very legible but one was from Culver City California and the other from Industrial or Industry, Cali. The item should not have come from different addresses unless they are pulling some kind of drop shipping scams on the customers. This picture shows two of the sweaters as you can see I put a pillowcase under the navy blue just to show how thin, without shape and cheaply made the sweaters are. Even the sizes were wrong, they were much too big. The items were very beautiful in the stock photos on their website. I hope the Better Business Bureau can do something about this company, I can only imagine how many people have been taken advantage of that has not come to the Better Business bureau site. Thank you, AP.... If you need to contact me please do so by email.

• Jan 09, 2021

Victim Location 28557
Total money lost $33.59
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased this coat on Holapick’s website after seeing a picture on line. I ordered it with my credit card on 12/18/2020 and paid 51.59 (36.99 coat on clearance, 16.45 shipping, & 1.85 5% disc.). It arrived after Christmas, from: **** **** ***** ***** **** ** *** ***** ******** ** *****. I immediately saw it was inferior fabric (more like you’d see a housecoat or bathrobe made of) and workmanship as shown in their picture on line. I contacted them through [email protected], the only way on their website. I was asked for pictures and sent them, however even after I sent them, I started seeing more issues. The list is from: missing buttonholes and buttons, belt not completely sewn, sleeve tabs not sewn symmetrically, and foremost the inferior quality of the outer material.

I dealt by email with April Cindy & Michelle L, who initially offered to give me a voucher. I said I didn’t want a voucher. Then I was offered: “We are offering you 11$ partial refund as compensation. You can return the item for full refund however you will bare the shipping fee.” When I said this was unacceptable, I was then given: “Once you accept the $18 refund you may keep the item(s) and no need to return. But in order for us to process your full refund, you must return the item(s) once we receive the item; we can either replace/exchange or refund your payment.” When I tried further to get the full refund, I was told, “No, If you want to accept the $11 partial refund, no need to return back the item. Just keep it to you. But if you want full refund, you will return first to us.

We are sorry to inform that our US address is temporarily closed due to pandemic situation. Will it be possible to offer $18 (50%) partial refund back to original form of payment to keep the item.

If you still want to return for full refund, here is our alternative returning address:

Receiver: Dong Zhigang

Address: Gate 2, Zhongtang Warehouse, Sanhe Logistics Park, Chajiao Avenue, Zhongtang Town

City: Dongguan

State: Guangdong

Country: China

Zip Code: 523000

Phone number: 18998655193”

This is the only other address I saw but really didn’t understand their role:

Aober UK Limited

Suite 10c,1*-23 Queen Street,Deal, Kent,United Kingdom CT14 6EY

The shipping charges to this address were over $*0, so of course, wanting to be shed of this company & their way of doing business, I accepted the $18 back to my account.

However, I am writing you because there is a statement on their checkout page that read, “30-day Satisfaction guarantee with Money Back If you're not satisfied with your products we will issue a full refund, no questions asked”. I felt safe making the purchase with that statement and expected a fair quality product.

I am not satisfied with the $18 refund because I will not wear this coat. The coat was misrepresented by photo and when you give a customer an inferior product after they have paid for shipping and spent time trying to arrive at a decent outcome (other than me paying $33.59 for a coat I will never use) then this is not “satisfaction guaranteed”. Possibly you can make an impact and I will always check with you first.

Bait and switch? It’s way I see it, they will take what they can get from you in hopes of making you go away from weariness. How can these people be allowed to do business??

I’d love to have my $33.59 back and would love to donate the coat to the Salvation Army when you make this happen.

I am grateful that you are in businesses!

Best regards,


• Nov 11, 2020

Please, Please don’t purchase anything from Holapick. I placed an order on 06-07-2020. I cancelled the order on 06-23-2020 because I hadn’t received the order or any information on the order. PayPal deducted 197.38 from my acct. on 06-07-2020. The order came on 07-21-2020, I returned it to the Post Office as a Refused Delivery. I asked the Postal Clerk for a receipt but was told they don’t give receipts on Refused Delivery they just return to the merchant (Holapick). That’s been since July and I haven’t received a refund. PayPal says it’s my bank, my Bank says it’s PayPal or Holapick that owes me the refund. I have sent a letter to the CEO and President Mr. Shulman at PayPal, I’ve filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in San Jose, CA also with the Texas Attorney General office since I live in Houston, Texas. Holapick have received their merchandise and are still holding onto my money. Please don’t buy anything from them or pay anything on PayPal. They are both thieves.

• Sep 11, 2020

My story is exactly like the ones reported here!
HOLAPICK is a scam, and PayPal won't help!
I had ordered two dresses, received one much smaller than I had ordered and not of good quality and different than what I ordered, am now out $67.34!

• Sep 16, 2020

They sent you them and wouldn't exchange it for size or right item?

• Jul 22, 2020

Victim Location 08054
Total money lost $334
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered inferior, nonfitting clothing from At first did not receive order, filed dispute then received first package. Nothing fit. Second order came..same thing and filed dispute with credit card co. The company states it will refund and reimburse but they do not provide a return address. I contacted the co. through their provided [email protected] I requested the return address to which, over 10 emails, never addressed the request for a return address.."We're sorry for the inconvenience..if we can help"..but still no return address provided. Saw a review with a phone number. Someone stated they were reimbursed. I called that number and spoke to someone hard to understand. They said they would provide me with a free shipping label and asked if I had a computer. I said no working computers and asked for it to be sent in an email. They said they could not. Second scam alert! Called back and with working computer I was told to download a TEAMVIEWER site which appears to be preparing a refund. Not! Do not give them the ID or other. It seems they are preparing a refund from PayPal back to a credit card. I should have used PayPal for protection...I said I did not use Paypal.They kept telling me to hold on, they're contacting the bank and asked me if my screen went to dark. I turned it off and on. I could see them using an arrow on their end and asked what are you doing...are you scamming me? You are obtaining information, hacking my computer? KEPT TELLING ME TO HOLD ON, GIVE ME A FEW MORE MINUTES...I went to my online bank account and noticed new charge. When I asked about it they gave me an excuse, etc..After way too much time, the person starting to get upset. Personality changed to anger. I hung up, finally. Took pictures of computer and obtained a witness. I looked at my credit card statement again and saw more fraudulent purchases. I proceeded to call the police, my credit card company (closed with alert) and the ids and passwords on the computer had to be changed. Horrible experience. Please listen to your instincts. Read reviews and never, ever give out personal information. They even asked for my credit card number and I said you should have it...kept loosing connection, as well. They called back each time and I made the horrendous mistake when I thought I was smarter than all of this. One reviewer, supposedly, gives out the number (919) not call this number. They are there to hack into your computer and obtain personal information and use it to make purchases or buy gift cards. "BUYER BEWARE"...truth to the old saying. No address, no reimbursement...hard lesson when I ignored all the signs of becoming a victim of a fraudulent merchant.

• Sep 16, 2020

Omg team viewer is a site to let them access your comp. so scary that people are that carefree and can be confident to really keep it going. I guess im not cut out to be a criminal because i would say "team...view..." I chickened out. Lol

• Jul 09, 2020

Total money lost $145
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They did not send me everything I paid for.

• Jul 06, 2020

Victim Location 64801
Total money lost $32
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a blouse from them, paid for said blouse and shipping. and now I can't track my order, log in to their website, nor contact them! This is the email address when they send their spam: holapick [email protected] via

• Jul 05, 2020

Similair experience with this company. Ordered several items on May 8, received no confirmation. Requested tracking info which they sent, but package never moved. After several more emails went unanswered, disputed charge on my credit card. Thank God. Package did arrive on June 29 - unbelievable. Of course, none of the items fit. Sizes are like children's clothing and fabric is cheap. Further, they got three of the items wrong.
After emailing them again to try to return package, they asked for pictures, then in another email asked for sku #'s, even after I gave them their own order #.
I am still trying to get a response on how to send it back after 2 weeks of emails. At this point though it's not even worth my time. I have already informed them my credit card company won't pay the charge. Do not order from this company is my advice.

• Jun 23, 2020

Victim Location 05143
Total money lost $58.82
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased two (2) shirts from Holapick. After waiting an extended amount,of time for my,order I received a winter jacket in what looks like a child's XXXS. Been going back and forth with "Bioy Ro" who is insistent on me to keep taking a picture of the item sent. Did 2x. Emails always start with "We are glad you got your order but are unsatisfied with it" I am out $60 do not do business with this company

Victim Location 91701
Total money lost $86.89
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Holapick is advertising clothing and taking orders which appears to be paid to them but, is actually a PayPal charge to my credit card. They send no conformation information and provides no contact information after the order is confirmed. I made an order on May 13 and have not received reply from them. Efforts to contact them have failed, as that information is not provided.

This business is running a scam and needs to be shut down.

I'd like a refund but, have no way of reaching the company.

Victim Location 95677
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found their ad on Instagram and purchased 11 articles of clothing. No email confirmation of my order, no tracking number, no evidence of the goods they owe me in exchange for money they've already taken from my account. $236 down the toilet until I can dispute the transaction with my bank. I have emailed them at [email protected] no response and I don't expect to ever receive one.

Also, I don't think they are actually based out of LA and I don't believe the address I provided is their legitimate location. Most likely "operating" overseas.

This business needs to be shut down. 60+ customers who have also been scammed left their reviews on Trust Pilot.

Victim Location 11361
Total money lost $76.33
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Aug. 20, 2019, I ordered 4 items from HOLAPICK in the amount of $76.33. I emailed them on Sept. 7, 2019 after being unsuccessful in tracking my purchase & not receiving anything. I received my items on Sept. 10, 2019 but ALL of the sizes were incorrect & nothing fit so I emailed them immediately to request procedures for returns/exchange. They responded (email) stating that my only options were: 1. (because of high shipping fee) KEEP THE ITEMS & GIVE THEM TO SOMEONE WHO MIGHT LIKE THEM & RE-BUY THE ITEMS AGAIN FOR 60% OF THE ORIGINAL PRICE & 2. ACCEPT A CASH VOUCHER AS COMPENSATION FOR $31. I really couldn't comprehend either of these 2 ridiculous options so I have been repeatedly been asking for return procedures so that I can get my money refunded. Marlito, John Kamil D, Carlo Marco, Cielo M & Timothy from the HOLAPICK Customer Service Team have all responded reiterating the same 2 options & not giving me an address to return my items for a refund. I also responded to all of them stating I WANT TO RETURN ALL ITEMS & OBTAIN A FULL REFUND but the clock is ticking on the 30 DAY REFUND & EXCHANGE (Sept. 20 will be 30 days) & now I am afraid they will keep my $76.33 & not give me anything. I am a senior citizen on a limited income & cannot afford to be swindled out of my hard earned money. Can someone help me return these items & get a full refund?

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