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• May 17, 2021


Same experiences as comments mentioned above has happened to my friends and I as well, they all have an Indian accent but claimed that their name is “John Tyler” “Henry Nicholls” “James Norton” and also claims that they are based in South Alpena, MI. They sent us an email during the beginning of the pandemic stating that we can not get a refund so we used our credit to book in January 2021 for flights in May 2021 after they gave us the flight info and asked us to confirm my replying “I agree” since the had a credit of $1530 our new booking was only $1163 we agreed that it will be a lost. We replied “ I Agree” and waited for our e-ticket but never got the email. We tried for a month to get a hold of someone and they never replied so after the 9th email attempt and many phone calls that were continuously being transferred to in the end not be helped we had a replied email stating it’s confirmed and we should be getting our e-ticket confirmation within 24 hrs we received an email 3 day before our flight stating we did not have it booked and that we needed to pay more money if we wanted those flights. After over 3 hours being transferred and on hold majority of the time a “John Tyler” was trying to have us pay for another flight of “$521” per person when it was their fault for not booking us on our original United airline tickets which was “$388” per person. Trying to scam us out of more money claiming they we will get “$930” refunded back to the credit card and “$600” will be a United airline credit we have 2 years to use before it’s lost. After looking and booking our tickets through United airline directly with no issues “John” tried to lie and said they have no more tickets and that it would be “a lot more” if we insisted to book those flights. Once I told him I was able to book the tickets with no issue and that is was $200 cheaper than what he is claiming he said we will get an email confirmation stating we will get our $930 refunded even said to the same card with the last 4 digits within 24 hours. We stated we don’t trust them anymore so we would like to stay on the phone and wait for his email stating that we will get the refund, etc. John chuckled and laughed and said he “promise” we will get the email and that he will email us in 5-10mins and not to worry.

Multiple times he has repeated “not to worry” “don’t worry”. It is now exactly one week later and 2 emails and well as 2 calls, we still have no confirmation and no email replied.

They are a total scam, unethical and unprofessional. They will call and try to get your money within seconds of your online search as soon as you put in your info to check out the flight availabilities. So don’t even bother going on the site! TOTAL SCAMMERS!

We hired an attorney to make sure they don’t get away with continuing to scam others. We will also be filing a small claim through court.

If anyone else is a victim please reply to this chain and we will get an attorney to contact you and shut these scammers down.

• May 07, 2021

Holafares is running a scam, they are doing a bait and hook by advertising lower fares, taxes and fees included. I book 2 times thru there website and on both occasions they wanted to change my airline carrier from Southwest airlines to Spirit airlines because they did not want to honer my Southwest reservation. I booked thru them for $794.56 and then they called me and said that it would now cost approximately $1,080.00 to book the same round trip flight. DON'T do business Holafares! you will regret it. Book directly with the Airlines or use a reputable travel agency.

• May 17, 2021

Were you able get a refund or did you end up paying more?

• May 03, 2021

Holafares does not give the rates on the website. They are not the correct prices, they told me no discounts at this time after I booked the discount tickets. This is a scam! False information given on website.
This company took all my credit info and info for 5 flights.

• Mar 28, 2021

I bought a ticket and cancelled it in less than an hour with a cost of 880 cads in December 19th 2020
I removed the dispute I had against Holafares in my bank the 27th of January but they still havent honored their commitment to pay my money back 
This is affecting me a lot because I've to pay a debt I shouldn't be paying for ($880 cads), and for the interests being generated on my credit card monthly ($14,66) starting in December 2020 until today 28th March 2021

My advice: Avoid dealing with this company by any means. If you did the same mistake than me Pay with your credit card and don't let you them convince you to remove a dispute even if they send you e-mails or call you promising the refund of your money. They always find some problems to pay you back !

Victim Location 99301
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Searching for flights for our family vacation I came across the website that had a great deal. I filled out all of the proper documentation online and submitted my credit card information. I then received a "confirmation" that said that the fares and flights are not guaranteed until ticketed. The next day I got on their online chat because I didn't receive any further information regarding our purchase. I spoke to a someone who told me that I needed to wait 24-72 hours for a confirmation. After waiting 72 hours I got on their online chat again and spoke to "Damian" who immediately called my phone to reassure me that our flights were in "processing" and that he needed a confirmation from me for payment. I explained that I had already given it to them via their website, he then sent me an email with ALL of my and my families personal info that I had submitted along with my full credit card number that I had also submitted. He said I just need to sign the email then he would be able to process my payment. He said once that was done he would let me know what was next. I told him I wasn't signing anything until I knew what was next. He then said no to worry he would just be giving me my confirmation. I signed the email and then he said okay he had gotten it and now I had to send him a picture of my photo ID and a picture of my credit card. I instantly got mad and told him no way. He reassured me it was to only verify that I was the actual card holder and that I had it in my possession. He said that I could cover everything except my issue date and expiration, and my address on my photo ID. I could cover all but my name the expiration and the last 4 of my credit card number. I was very flustered and reluctant but knew they already had all of that information so I gave him what he asked for. He told me that he received it and now to wait 24-72 hours for confirmation. 72 hours later I had nothing in my inbox. I called again at which time "Damian" assured me once again that our flights were guaranteed but were in "processing". At this point I had actually waited for 8 days and still did not have a confirmation. I gave him one more day because my husband wanted to speak to them to which they told him the same thing on day 9 that our flights were still in "processing" At this point I have had to cancel my credit card. This is NOT a TRUST WORTHY company. I do not recommend them to anyone.

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