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Highway Credit Lending

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Highway Credit Lending Reports & Reviews (13)

• Jun 15, 2021

This is definitely a scam. This person who goes by Clayton Reid scammed my friend of $ 1000 . I hope he gets caught and pay the consequences. He asked for up front money to be etransfered to someone’s bank account instead of the company’s account. Then he cannot be reached after saying the loan didn’t go through. I hope the RCMP catches up with him. Unscrupulous!

• Apr 22, 2021

Country Canada
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

I was hurting for money I had some bills that were overdue and I was thinking it was real and I send the 1750 and now I’m out that money

• May 01, 2021

Who did you speak to?

• May 01, 2021

You are not telling all what really happened. Something missing.

• May 01, 2021

What is the real story?

• Apr 26, 2021

I am in soo much trouble now
I have opened a police report
Hopefully they don’t scam anymore people

• Apr 21, 2021

Don’t answer to their call they are scammer. I gave them 2685$ for a loan and they are not answering my call now. Kelly Anderson is the worst when he don’t know what to say. He will disconnect the phone. I am doing a background check on them right now. I will have their private information. Let’s report them to the police and the media. So nobody will be a victim. I sent their information to the Canada fraud department. I am waiting for an update. I am going to the police station right since I was able to track their social media.

• May 01, 2021

Where did get this Sky Dial. I would like to have it on my phone. I would appreciate you post the link in your comment bo

• May 01, 2021

Did you physically pay? Do you have hard solid fact and evidence of this payment you made? Before the police can do anything, with teeth into it, hard solid fact evidence has to be presented; a receipt ( bank or bank transfer payment etc... just the fact.

• May 01, 2021

Did they cold-call you? Something is missing from the experience you are telling. What specifically the cost was for What exactly did they say to you after paying? And what did you reply in answering them? There small loans offer out there and there high end loans out there. When you go on Angel Investors, you have to pay a percentage to secure the loan before the investors themselves even consider extending you a financial loan. The investors are not bankers etc... these are private people with hard cash who want a partial guarantee security usually one tenth of the loan. And sometimes the investor will backed out for the guarantee was not high enough. And theses financing company will try to find another investor , maybe not the same amount of loan you are requesting. When you go the bank , you pay a premium and principal interest. The only difference you do not pay these premiums and principal upfront, but definitely your installments are high.
Yes, there companies out there that take advantage etc...and spoil things. But you go to the bank and really sit down and take to an honest bank lender, they will tell you the dirty truth of themselves worked in the loan a guarantee fee, premium and principal. They simple give you a loan while they laugh themselves to the "bank" in return you pay bank back 3x more than what you borrowed.

• Apr 22, 2021

Hi I looked up this address and it’s a building that is up for lease and it appears empty. This company is fake and they are using a copy of a contract that belongs to the real hiway credit lender. This person needs to get arrested

• Apr 17, 2021

Scammer's phone 343-572-3169
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 205 Catherine St., Ottawa, ON K2P 1C3
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country Canada
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

Beware of Highway Credit lending it is the same company Altura Financial Group which offers a loan of $ 15,000 and asks you for a secured deposit advance of $ 1,450. When you make the deposit, the fraudster never gives you the $ 15,000, no longer responds to your calls and removes the contract that made you sign in Docusign.
Please check, before trusting company...

• May 01, 2021

How can they remove the contract you signed when you already have a copy on you computer? It asked you as to whether you needed a copy? It does not make any logic what you said. Any contract automatically downloaded you copy. Whatever you signed you get a copy. Did you asked this company if they are registered so you can research their existence, etc...? Did you pay? Do you have receipt to prove it. Going to the authorities and reporting it, one needs to support the claim with evidence.

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Highway Credit Lending Contacts

Address: 205 Catherine St., Ottawa, ON K2P 1C3, Canada



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