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Henri Martin

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Henri Martin is an online jewellery company that offerers luxury-looking pieces at affordable prices, often offering $0.00 + Shipping promos via their Instagram account. It claims to have opened its doors in January of 2018. They state to be from Sydney, Australia, but their customer service rep(s) are located in, and their products ship from China.

They also seem to go by other company names and websites:

"Jean-Paul-Jacques" (

"Christian-Henricks (

Both additional companies also conveniently opened their doors in January of 2017/2018, respectively. Jean-Paul-Jacques also claims to be from Sydney, Australia, though Christian-Henricks does not include any details of their location. Their website look and functionality are similar, if not exactly the same, their FAQ, About Us, and Contact pages have carbon copies of Henri Martin's, without a shred of effort to differentiate, and their ring sizing guides are exactly the same images. They are very clearly run by the same people to target different audiences or locations.



(Takes place from June to October, 2018)

I saw an ad on Instagram from Henri Martin, advertising a promo for a free ring, I would just have to pay $9.95 in shipping. For a $25 ring, and positive reviews, I thought 'why not?" Granted, I should not have trusted an ad on Instagram, but I gave them, and the good reviews the benefit of the doubt.

June 10: Ordered, credit card charged, confirmation email received, order processing time 4-8 business days (max estimated shipping date: June 20, 2018)

July 25: Shipping email received (33 business days later) "Please allow 2-10 weeks delivery time from the shipping date." (max estimated delivery date: August 29, 2018)

July 31: I emailed customer service to ask when my order was actually processed because they took payment right away. Customer service claims it was processed on the June 20 (the original max shipping date), yet my card was charged on June 11, and I did not get an email confirmation until the 25th. She assures me the package will arrive between 2-10 weeks, quoting "expected time of arrival should be until the end of August."

After I had made my order, I followed the Instagram post to follow up on the promo. Once my shipping date had come and gone, I checked the page to see if anyone else was having difficulty. Lo and behold, comments were being left about no-show deliveries, absent customer service, the product that DID arrive being shoddy, and claims that they were/are using photos stolen right from other legitimate and well-known jewellers' websites. At this point I took to their Instagram to see if I would get a response in their comments. Upon demanding that someone contact me about my late delivery, my comments were deleted so no others could read them. This happened 3 times. The post, and all previous posts have since been completely removed from their page.

Aug. 27: Final week (10) of arrival timeline, I email to demand a status update on my order, or a refund.

Aug. 28: Customer service replies that it must have gotten lost in the postal system, confirms my mailing address, and offers a replacement of the same order, plus an additional ring for the trouble, free of charge. Only at this point does she provide a tracking number.

Aug. 29: I confirm they have the correct mailing address, customer service asks me to choose my complimentary ring that they will ship with my original order replacement.

Aug. 30: I select my complementary ring, and ask to confirm that no additional charges will be on my credit card. Customer service confirms no additional charges, and breaks down the processing and shipping timelines again — 2-4 business days to process (max Sept. 5), and 2-5 weeks for shipping (max Oct. 10).

Sept. 5: I receive a shipping confirmation, with tracking number for my replacement/complementary order.

Sept. 27: I receive ONE of the replacement rings, earlier than expected at that, but NOT the complementary ring I was offered (I know, beggars can't be choosers, but don't promise me something and not deliver, especially when the order would have been cancelled and refunded, had they not offered the second ring in apology).

Oct. 24: (today) My tracking number still says that my package is in transit, with no indication of any movement for the last 2 weeks. It's just stuck.

Now that I finally have the one ring I originally ordered, almost 4 MONTHS after first order date, I can say that although I only paid shipping, the product is still NOT what they advertise.

What they claim: "Material: Rose Gold Filled" (implying actual pressure bonded gold), "Main Stone: Citrine" (implying actual citrine).

What they delivered: cheap, unknown metal with a plastic stone. There is no indication of the use of other materials anywhere on their site.

They feature 5 star ratings via Google, based on "hundreds" of reviews that conveniently cannot be seen on their site, nor can you leave your own, despite a call to action to "Write a review." They remove negative comments on their Instagram and Facebook pages so as not to raise suspicion to future customers, and continue to use other jewellers' product photography to sell counterfeit merchandise.

No matter how many "Guaranteed Safe Checkout," "Money Back Guarantee," "Secure Ordering," or "Satisfaction Guaranteed" stickers they plaster on their site, it will not change the fact that this is a sketchy business, and they, and all of their subsidiaries should be shut down.

I paid the shipping for a "FREE RING" ($9.95)

They had originally said it would be 8 to 10 weeks for shipping. Which is fine, it's free, I'm, not going to get priority shipping for sure. I Ordered on July 15th 2018. So at my 8 weeks I sent their customer service a message saying I hadn't received it. They told me to wait the extra 2 weeks as they were behind in their shipping. I waited the extra two weeks (totaling 10 weeks) and still didn't get it.

I e-mailed again. This time I was told that they had switched carriers and it may take another 2 weeks. So, Here I am after waiting 13 weeks. Still no ring. Bu tI do get an automated e-mail reply saying to wait and extra 2 weeks because their courier is backed up.

Don't order from them, they are raking in cash, $9.95 at a time...

Is the owner I'm guessing

Anna Fang (Henri Martin)

I ordered a ring in June and still not received what I payed for its been back and forth with this person. She says it's on its way the has me look for a free ring then October is here and I have yet to see eaither I just asked for a tracking number and it looks weird on the tracking park not sure if I will be seeing what I purchased or not.

- Baltimore, MD, USA

I placed an order on July 20, 2018 for two rings since the company was offering 100 ring giveaways and just pay for shipping $9.95. I had contacted the company 30days later checking on the status of the order and was informed the order would take 4-10wks. It has already been 4wks. So I set a reminder on my calendar to touch base again and now I am not getting any responses from them at all.

I went ahead and disputed the transaction in order to try and get my money back.

- Palm Bay, FL, USA

Followed a link from Facebook to get a garnet ring, just pay shipping on July 6th 2018. As of October 1st no ring has arrived and all email contacts asking for money back have been denied by company.

Saw an ad I think on Instagram for free ring and for some stupid reason thought it looked legit so paid shipping 9.95 and after that got weird email with confirmation and like a week later got weird email saying it was shipped. Needless to say it was sketchy af. So I emailed them after waiting close to a month got generic email back with excuse for why I hadn’t got my goods. It’s now been 2 months still haven’t received purchase and I do not see getting it in the future. I emailed them saying I wouldn’t accept anything but a full refund to which she replied we can not issue a refund . So this is where I am now I made a dispute with my bank and now I’m reporting the scam so hopefully no more people fall for this.

- Tecumseh, MI, USA

Advertising of a ring for 9.95 never received. Ordered 7/31 and shipping updates as of today state still preparing order. Emailed to cancel order and get refund by company allege that product will be sent which I believe to be a scam. Paid by paypal and am going through their channels to get refund.

- Altavista, VA, USA

This website advertised free jewelry if the customer pays for shipping. I paid shipping for two rings. I have gotten confirmation emails that the orders were received and that they were shipped but with no tracking. That was over two months ago. I have emailed several times to the “company” asking for an update on when I can expect my jewelry and they have told me they don’t know where it is. My last email to them was to request a refund and they said that I didn’t request the refund within 24 hours of placing the order so they were not going to refund. This seems fraudulent to me. Not only do I not have a product, the company seems like they never intended to provide one.

- Mickleton, NJ, USA

Placed order on internet. Then almost immediately I demanded a refund. they refused grant me one.

- Kent, OH, USA

I saw an ad on Instagram for a limited giveaway from Henri Martin jewelry company. They claimed to be giving away 100 free rings. The site looked very legit and did not at first encounter appear to be a scam. I paid for the shipping for the ring ($9.95) through PayPal (thank god! Because the seller did not have direct access to my accounts like some other victims of this scam have claimed and I did not have to worry about my information being compromised). I immediately received a confirmation from a very sketchy email address (not formal business address for a big jewelry company). I immediately called PayPal to dispute the purchase and report the seller to lock their account. Please avoid purchase scams like this on social media. I’m not stupid and thought to myself “nothing is free! Don’t do it!” But the site seemed legit at first so I gave it a go. Upon further investigating, pictures used on the site were stolen from other jewelers, and all the rings on the site were listed as “free”!! The name associated with the email had a very weak Instagram account (few pics and many followers) thank god I paid through PayPal and did not give my personal information to this seller. Shop smart! Use a secure method of paying and never give anyone money while is claiming “free” products without investigating first, lesson learned.

- Columbia, AL, USA

I came across this website in a sponsored Instagram post. They claimed to be running a special for a free opal ring, and you just pay shipping. After I ordered, my credit card company flagged the purchase. I then started looking more at the site I had just ordered from and noticed every item in stock is “free”. They state that it takes about 4 business days to process an order and 6-8 or up to 10 weeks to ship it since they are in Australia. The website even explains in FAQ that “they are not a scam, and why would they waste time explaining that if they were a scam?” I had to freeze my credit card because it was compromised and immediately contacted the Henri Martin company to cancel my order. This was all in less than 2 hours. I received an email this morning from a different email... [email protected] stating they received my email past the 24 hour cancellation window and my order has already been processed and shipped.. in less than 12 hours. I looked further into this company and many of their Instagram images are stolen from real jewelry companies. I have reported them on Instagram as well.

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