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Health Registration Center

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Health Registration Center Reports & Reviews (5)

• Apr 13, 2021

Victim Location 30107
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

This "company" says that they sell group insurance plans and asks for credit card information over the phone. After doing some snooping I found their Facebook page where they are recruiting individuals to make phone calls for them. I get 100s of phone calls from them each day with masked numbers that look as if they were in my area.

• Dec 17, 2020

Victim Location 08053
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

They pretend like they are helping you register for health insurance. They call me about ten times a day. I have blocked their number but they are still somehow getting through.

Victim Location 39307
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Obama Care Plans Scam 11/29/18 calls started at 3:24pm

Friend called me asking me if I thought about changing health care coverage because our annual deductible currently is sky freaking high. We have yet to meet and it's November already. She said to look into Obama Care. I went to the website and not even two minutes somebody was calling me.

11/29/18 I signed up around 3:22pm

First call at 3:24 pm

Lady named Vanessa called me from 601-273-3986. She talked so fast I was trying to write down the information and asked her to slow down so I could write it down and these were her exact words. "First $1 coverage. Monthly premium for a household of two would be $239.58. First payment would be $364.58 upon enrollment. Next payment would be in February of 2019. Dental and vision. Keep same doctor. No annual deductible. Doctor visits cost 0-$20 a visit. Specialist doctor visits cost $30-$50 a visit. Off brand prescriptions $20 or less. Name brand prescriptions $50 or less. To enroll today to ENSURE COVERAGE by January. I asked if I could talk to my groom about this and call her back and she gave me 877-836-0556 to call her back.

Second call 11/29/18 at 3:42pm from number 601-866-5844 a male questioned me about my sign up and started fast talking and I cut him off and I told him that Vanessa and I had already spoke and he told me that about 37 people would be calling me about different health care coverages and which coverage I thought would be best for us and again I told him I had already talked to Vanessa about it.

Third call 11/29/18 at 4:05 pm from 601-812-6649 I didn't answer.

Fourth call 11/29/18 at 5:21pm from 601-812-6649 I didn't answer.

Fifth call 11/29/18 at 6:28pm from 601-812-6649 I didn't answer.

Sixth call 11/29/18 at 7:34pm from 601-812-6649 I didn't answer.

Seventh call 11/29/18 at 8:34pm from 601-812-6649

I answered to say I had already talked to Vanessa and this lady's name was Monica. Monica proceed to state that I would get many calls from many different health care providers with different health care quotes and that today the price might be different from tomorrow's price and I should LOCK IN MY PRICE TODAY in order to save money. I asked what company she worked for and she stated that she worked for Health Registration Center. I began to tell her that I keep getting calls from the same number but she told me that its a call pooling center. She basically told me the exact same thing that Vanessa did but kept on telling me Vanessa didn't know her information and that I should get insurance from her. I asked for Monica's call back number and she provided these digits: 844-834-5551 ext 20. I kept asking questions and she finally transferred me to a guy named Ray. Ray overheard me asking my groom what quarter the game was in and what the score was and I said "Oh my gosh I hope the ------ pull through" to which he replied "yeah I have it on my phone actually and it lags and they just made a touchdown go ------" He then goes into the Health Care Benefits and says "Oh I see that my groom (by name) has ---- (insurance we have) and his annual deductible is ------ and how in the world are we living with that kind of coverage payments being paid $105 a week". I was in shock because he could see our information and what prescriptions we were taking and so forth.

My groom googled the information and showed me that Health Registration Center was out of Florida and to ask him if he was out of Florida and when I did he said lowly "You can't bet a deal like this anywhere" and I began to talk about the coverage and purposely hung up.

I immediately went to and put both mine and my groom's digits in and confirmed the email. I thought this was a real company but after my groom showed me on his ipad this was flagged as a scam I knew I had to report so others would know.

Note: I received an email to "Click here to find your plans NOW! from the email: ObamaCarePlans

[email protected]

Since I registered our digits again for the fourth time with we haven't received any more calls.

Victim Location 53235
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

While looking online at various marketplace health insurance companies, I rec'd. a phone call from this one, claiming to be able to help me find affordable health insurance. They keep calling mercilessly, spooking many local phone numbers such as 414-206-2352, 414-206-2448, 414-206-2457 and more.

Victim Location 75860
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Posing as an agency to provide affordable health insurance

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