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Government Grant Program

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Government Grant Program Reports & Reviews (19)

• Sep 12, 2023

She scammed me for 600$ dollars I was sending it through bitcoin and still haven’t got my money back and somebody needs to do something about this! I thought my so called was doing me a favor by sending me to her but I got scammed and that was my last money and nothing has been done so basically I gave my money away I rather give to someone that’s homeless and really need the money.
Rachel Levine
Rachel Levine
Rachel Levine
Rachel Levine

I've been scammed by this so called Grant thru Facebook messenger. I'm so upset. It has to be stopped. I was asked to purchase gift cards and that was weird to me. Then, the text everyday was annoying and all it stated day by day was,, are you ready to make the payment NOW sir? I'm at witts end with this bs.
AGENT  Mrs.Rachel Levine


Un amigo me paso la información porque al a el si le dieron su cheque y yo confíe ciegamente en el y pague como ellos me dijeron y gue un total de 2500 dolares y que el cheque me iba a llegar y yo la verdad no me a llegado nada y me dijeron que este iba hacer el cheque

I recieved the same also and was to purchase a giftcard because i didnt have an account and only min money. when the card was made and sent they said the shipment wouldnt come until the remainder of the balane was made in payment ..they used a friends acount to link me on messenger. that is the only reason i beileved it was true. lucky i guess they only got 25$ instead of more..beware.

Spoke with David Bernhardt using a good friend as bait. the state had a program to help seniors etc. Pay $2,000 and get $50,000; pay $5 get $5,000 and get $150,000. With debit cards they got me for $1000. Called friend directly she had not gotten money and had just had knee surgery. paid by visa and ebay cards. Refund of the money $1000 and a stop put to this scam.


I just had a friend refer me to this facebook page for Grant money. They want more personal information than I am comfortable with, and a copy of my ID. The page I listed above is still active. Here is the link:

This is concerning. I will go to a website page but not someone on Facebook. I thought they would direct me to Grant site. Not the case.

• Sep 07, 2023

We sincerely apologize for any issues you may have experienced during the grant process. We want to assure you that you can still get your money back through human rights. To initiate the refund process, please text this number: (408) 493-0551. Our team will assist you further and ensure that you receive your refund promptly.

Thank you for your understanding, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Best regards,
Online Claiming Grant Assistant Agent

I lost 165 dollars from this person name agent Lisa David and she scammed for that much I would like my money back but I don’t know if I’ll get it back


I had a friend to message me via messenger to tell me he'd received this grant money ($13,900) and that I should apply quickly before the program ends. I messaged this person on Facebook and they asked me for a whole bunch of information, a photo ID. They sent a screenshot of a dhhs page with a confirmation number and my application was being processed. Then they requested an address for delivery of the funds. Next, they sent a photo of my home asking if this was where I lived! Officially freaked out and know this is FAKE! Beware
Aegent Rachel levine Facebook scam
Aegent Rachel levine Facebook scam


I just did the same thing and when they sent me a picture of where I live it freaked me out also. The only thing that bothers me is that I gave them all of my information. Won't do that again.

They told me that if I sent them the money that the Joe Biden Grant I would receive 13,900 and now they are asking for more money and more more its starting to be harassing for money it has Joe Biden name on it and everything so be aware I have no money my rent is behind and I 5 children to take care and it is not right and they send fake fed ex pictures and videos


I was done the same way. I never sent any money. And they told me a check will be sent to me via FedEx.

I had gotten a message on my Facebook about a government grant program that helps struggling families. They don’t ask for money until you have given all your information. At the very end they ask $300 for a check I’m your name to be delivered to your address via FedEx. And trust me they will keep asking about your payment to be sent by google pay. I admit I was taken by it and sent $100 but I started thinking if it was a scam. When I brought it up their reply was “no fake scams here” I didn’t believe it. When I mentioned the they stopped replying to messages. So I want everyone to be cautious of anything related to any one names Dr. Rachel Levine under a government grant program because it’s fake. Please pass the caution on to others. And please be aware of scammers on the internet.


I also got a message from a friend in Facebook about the grant 13900.00 they even sent me photos of the check but I tried calling this friend back, but no answer said he was super busy and I wanted to find out if it was really true and hear his voice but he didn’t so beware they keep asking me are you with us mam,I did my research it’s a total scam don’t fall for it, the agent is Rachel D Levine

- Saint Hedwig, TX, USA

I received a call from this number. They asked to speak to my first name. I asked who is speaking. She said she is with the government grant program and that my name and number have been selected for a free $9250 grant from the government that I will never have to pay back. I said I am not interested and she hung up.

- Middleton, ID, USA

The person contacted me stating that they had been trying to reach me because I was one of 10 people that was selected for a government grant. They said they were an agent of the federal government and gave the name agent Wilson John and he was from Desk of JG & FG Federal Government humanity and poverty eradication for all People. He gave me a web address and told me to fill out an application online and I did this and he told me that the Board of Directors would have an answer for me within 12 hours and the whole time I felt like something was just off and I kept questioning the legitimacy of this whole situation and he kept assuring me that everything was on the up and up and then it was real however, he also kept spelling words wrong or using incorrect grammar little things that would throw me off as to why someone that works for the government would sound that way it was just red flags everywhere. I was told that I would have to pay money in order to receive money and is soon as I heard that I knew that it was a scam I told him that I refused to do so and I wanted them to stop contacting me he continued to text again and again and again however I ignored them all and eventually blocked the number from calling my phone. Didn't want someone else to fall for the scam so I wanted to report it.


Actually they were promising free grant money from the government and wanted my checking account information.


Received a phone call from Calvin Morgan /Government Grant Program at 425-245-5109. He indicated that my name popped up as the recipient of government grant of $7,800 among 15,000 people nationwide for having no criminal record, paying tax on time, and not filing for bankruptcy. In order to receive the "release #" for the grant, I had to pay $250 in one of the 3 options, which are 1) purchase iTune Gift Card for that amount and provide the number, 2) Go to Walmart and purchase gift card, or 3) Western Union the amount. I didn't.

- Milledgeville, GA, USA

Received call saying I received a grant that I had to pay 230.00 in order to receive the grant. They wanted me to go to Walmart and purchase a moneypak card. They wanted me to call them back as soon as I got to the walmart parking lot before I got the money gram.

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