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Government Grant Money

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Government Grant Money Reports & Reviews (12)

- Anna, IL, USA

They call on the phone saying i was selected to receive a Government Grant. They give me a ID number and a phone number to call back. Then when you call them back they want $200.00 to Activate the MoneyGram of $9000.00

- Garden City, MO, USA

Aug 20 2018 Government grant money said I was picked to receive 9,700.00 for free no need to pay anything back. I just had to use the money for bills, education or home repair. They gave me a grant ID number her name and ext. to call her when I was ready to pick up cash at Walmart. At 1st she said nothing about a 1 time fee. But I thought about it so I called her back and said I was at Walmart, she gave me 4- groups of tracking numbers. Then she lowered the bomb. I was to pay 250.00 on a Google card, after she said that I hung up. She called me 4 more times to see if she could get the activation number off the card. Her name was Olivia Gilbert her ext. is 1020. Please don't fall for this scam she is good at fast talking.

On August 20,2018 at 11:00 am I received a phone call saying that I was chosen to receive a government grant money of 9,700.00. Didn't have to pay it back but I was to use it for bills, home repair or education. I got a grant id number had to talk to another representative her name was Olivia Gilbert ext. 1020 I was to go to walmart and call her again. Have my drivers license and a pen to write down the tracking number. Then take it to get the cash by Western Union. She never said I was going to pay a fee at that time. But I figured out that she would ask for it after I was already there. I didn't waste my time or gas to drive 20 miles for a scam. Beware I didn't lose any money at least. No body gives us 9,700.00 for free.

I received a call where they said I was elible to get a $9400 government grant. They said I need to go to WalMart and get a green dot card and put $250 on it. Instead of going to WalMart I called the because 1 I didn't have the money and 2 because I figured it was a scam.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

I received a call from a person stating they had a government grant for me in the amount of $14,566. First they wanted my bank account number and I said no then they told me to go to Western Union at Walmart and buy a $200 card and give them the number. I told them had to wait for me to go to walmart

- Plain City, OH, USA

On May 23, 2017 through May 25, 2017, I received approximately five calls from a male caller requesting he speak to me as I was selected by the government to receive a grant in the amount $9,000.00. The money could not be used for drugs or alcohol according to the caller. A gentleman gave me a number to call his supervisor so I called the number, 202 350 1084, and reached a lady. She confirmed the original information and that I would receive my money but first I had to go to a Walmart, Walgreens or Western Union and obtain an ITune card from Apple in the amount of $250.00. This money would be to avoid taxes. The woman also stated she would stay on the phone with me and warned me not to tell anyone at the store as to why I was purchasing the cards. They also provided a confirmation number AB147. I kept saying that this is a scam and the lady kept stating, no this is not a scam.

- Pittsburgh, PA, USA

I was called and told that I was able to receive a government grant for $7,000. But I needed a bank account, credit or debit card, western union, or go to Wal-Mart to pick up the money. Then when I told them that the government can keep the money she said *** YOU and hung up. But the thing is that she did read off my correct address, and spelling of my name. Also called me on my cell. I do have it recorded on my cell phone. But I'm not sure how long it will stay. The call only lasted seven minutes and you are able to hear other people in the background at the same time.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I get a call from(2065960798) stating I've been selected to receive 9000 as long as I use it for good, I'm not required to pay it back, given a code & another number to call (6466391434) then told to go to walmart, family dollar with 250.00 & call back once there. I said hell no & hung up also received calls from 631,646, 408,312 area codes

- Corrales, NM, USA

The person 's name is Jason Young at (202)7983012 Ext 476 . He wanted me to go to Wal-Mart Western union and fill out a registration government certification card and deposit $250.00. Than he would send me 9,000.00 and refund me the $250.00 because I won 1 out if thousands selected to get 9,000 in grant money and would not have to pay it back or pay taxes. I am the lucky one selected, He wants me to go to Wal-Mart at 5:30 and call him and he will walk me through the process.


- Madison, IL, USA

They called me up and they told me that I awarded a Government Grant. And I told them that I didn't applied for any grants. And they told me that it was free money cause I was in good standing with my credit. They said I was awarded $8,500.00. And for me to get it through the Walmart money gram I had to pay $250.00 to release the money. They had me put in on Itune gift cards that I bought at Walmart. Then They told me to call them back and give them the numbers off the back numbers and give them the numbers. So I did then they told me to get that large of an amount to be sent that I had to pay $600.00 for PPI Insurance said it was called Payment Protection Insurance. Said that the Government won't let that large amount go without the insurance. So they had me do the same thing with that money as II did the first time. Then they told me I would get a text on my phone confirming the reference number to pick up the money. I never got one They told me if I didn't get one that night to call tomorrow at 11:00 A.M. the next day. So when I called the next day I was mad and Told them I never got an text from them. They said I didn't get one because Walmart denide adcess to the money because I t was a large amount. So then they said they was sending me out a certified check as soon as possible through FED-EX When I send $750.00 for shipment. And I told them I didn't have anymore money I borrowed the money they already got out of me. They said well borrow more and then call us back when you get the money. We can't send the check until you do. I told them I wasn't sending anymore money and that they were fraud because they keep asking for money. I also told them I want my money back and they said they couldn't do that because they were voiding the check. So I told them I was reporting then to the Fraudgulent Center and to the the F.B.I. and they laughed at me on the Phone and said go ahead we don't care. And now they are calling everyday from didn't numbers saying the same thing there from the Government Grants Department. So I keep telling them never call me again and keep blocking all the different numbers.

- Noblesville, IN, USA

Offered $9000 in Government Grant Money if I called back to that number and gave them confirmation: DR1002

- Tucson, AZ, USA

Received two calls, one from the #000 000 0000, the other from 202 000 0010 with 206 259 8867 as a call back when I was finished. I was told that I was able to get a Government grant for $9,700 free and clear all I had to do was go to Walgreen's, buy a $200 I Phone gift card, call them and give them the pin number along with a picture of it then they would "give" me my money!

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