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Government Grant Imposter

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Government Grant Imposter Reports & Reviews (22)

I got a text from what looked like my aunt's fb account telling me I was on a list for a government grant. When I used the link to her profile I knew it wasn't her who sent the text. I called her son to tell him she had been hacked ,he said they knew and have reported it to face book. So I reported it to Facebook and blocked that account. And came here to report it as well.

They call offering free financial grants, never have to pay them back, they are all from India and today ad of 11:38 am have called my 5 times from several different states, I ask them to take me off but then another state calls, help!!!

I was contacted through Facebook messenger by someone I knew. They told me they got free money from a government grant. They told me I could get money too if I clicked on a link and did everything it said. I told them the link was asking me for money and that I had to pay to have the money delivered in 24 hours. They told me they forgot to tell me about that part, I paid them $2000.00 to get my money. I realized that I probably wasn't talking to the person I knew and they might have been hacked so I stopped answering.

- Gwynn Oak, MD, USA

The scammer made an instagram page of someone I know and started talking about a government grant available to help people in way of home improvement, medical bills, student loans, etc. Tjen they asked you to send anywhere from 500 to 1,000 dollars to receive the funds. They use PayPal and cash app or gift cards for you to send them money.

Said I was chosen toreceivetheCovid19 Giv grant from Giv Treasery Deptfor $18,000 out of 1500 people. His name was John Martin and the original person (626) number is Oscar. He said I needed to register for $259 then I’d receive the grant money within 30 minutes. Told me it could deposit in my bank Account. So on my other device I contacted my card and they stayed on the phone with me until I got to the ATM to withdraw my money so that these people didn’t scam me so that was a miracle but I wanted something to be done about these people these scammers thank you

- Puyallup, WA, USA

He knew my name. He said some thing about federal grants. I'm not sure if it was really a scam but he was asking for my info. That's when I got really suspicious of it being a scam. They didn't get anything from me, other than my name and phone number.

- Seattle, WA, USA

Caller called me on my cell phone and stated that I was going to get a $7000.00 Grant for being a good faith person who pays there bills and taxes. Caller didn't ask me for personal info but stated that they would send me a money gram or Western Union to either Walgreens, Walmart I chose Walgreens. Caller then stated that this was a government Grant that I wouldn't have to pay back ever. Then the caller gave me a number to call back with a grant ID number to give them so they could send me my money gram or Western Union check to the nearest Walgreens near me. When I called the number all I got was a recording telling me to leave my name and number and they will call me back.

So I was contacted by a former cowoker of mine. She said that she got $50,000 from this program. I have not talked to her in along time. I think that her Facebook was hacked and someone is using it to do this scam. Her name is at the top of the list and my name is a little down the list. I did not apply for any grants. The only way I could got on the list was by her Facebook. The person I was to contacts name is Agent T*** *** ***. Her number is 234-978-2458

- Klamath Falls, OR, USA

1st call claiming to have a grant! left a mess saying

Judge or jury wanting to resolve this issue call speck too a federal agent! When call there claiming I owe back tax but wanted to know how to spell my name @ which time I say I don’t owe any back taxes an your ( Full of it! ) there hunting for information

the man spoke with an Indian accent lots a noise in the back ground!!! ( Thank for assistance BBB)

- Portland, OR, USA

Claimed they were with FAFSA, about a grant. Asked for Name, Age, DOB, SSN, E-mail.

- Snoqualmie, WA, USA

I got a. Call from an Asian sounding man.He said I was eligible for a grant from the government for 9000.00.All I would have to do is buy a gift card,put 200.00 on it and send that to them for processing fee.When I asked name they hung up.

- Lewiston, ID, USA

Got some of my personal information like my address and my email name and date of birth before I realized it was a scam. Now idk what they will do with it.

They called saying that I had a free grant, They had all month info: Name, address, zip code...I made the mistake of telling them my age

- Glendale, AZ, USA

So this company is named National Institution of Health website is www telephone number is 360-726-3324 gentleman's name Harry Williams, Chris Myers Senior officer how it started it was I got a phone call from them saying that the government wants to give me money of $14,588 I saw the caller ID Washington Seattle 915 2nd Avenue Washington Seattle 98174 . Okay so phone call from this number 360-726-3324 and a customer service rep name of Harry Williams stating that he wants to give me a grant non-refundable for $14,588 it says I qualify from a slight number of people would don't have a criminal record and pay their taxes on time all I have to do is answer a few questions so I proceeded with answering the questions you asked me my name my address date of birth last 4 of my social security card and a debit or credit card or a prepaid card so I answered all the questions give him a prepaid card what is no longer activated didn't seem like it was a scam but it could be true so I might as well take a chance so answer his questions from Harry Williams you sent me to his supervisor officer to verify my answers with his questions after proceeding he sent me back to Harry Will told me that I would have to go to either a Walgreens or Walmart and let him know when I get there so I guess I was kind of weird to ask him why do I need to go to Walmart or Walgreens to receive money she told me not to hang up and let her know well I'm at Walmart and you stay on the phone I asked him why don't I just give you a call back or you can call me back about 15 minutes so I reach Walmart reply was you don't want to get disconnected from me because she has other customers waiting and you won't have time to answer my phone call so I went ahead and stayed on the phone so I reach Walmart and told me once you reach Terry let me know when you can talk to you Chris Myers senior officer. So I went ahead and let him know that I arrived at Walmart parking lot and says okay let me transfer you to my senior officer successful Chris Myers on the phone you told me to walk into Walmart and go to the electronics department and find Google Play pay card of a sum of $420 so I had to grab for $100 cards and one $25 card and then I stopped just doesn't seem right and why do I need to take cards to receive a grant from the government you said this is the quickest easiest way to give you your money this fall to the program if you want to receive it and then he started arguing with me about it and asking me why you asking questions and just do it. I told him well I was customer service previously and I've been in a management position and this is in the way you talk to your customers I told him that now I feel comfortable proceeding with this and his reply was well if you cancel we will charge your card $325 was non-refundable as a cancellation fee well I was not informed this in the beginning of our conversation I'm nobody even said anything about if you cancelled they'll be a charge then again I'm not wearing you guys my card is no longer activated so there's no money on it but still you don't proceed like this Security Agency with the government decided you get your money back once you buy the cards go with the process you receive the 14 588 as in 10 minutes and then the $420 you spend in the cards will get reimbursed back to you okay well I have to spend money to receive money and if I cancelled you going to take money how are you helping me out last time let me talk to your supervisor Chris Myers and he replied I don't have a supervisor on the boss we're going to charge your card anyways no matter what we can do it anytime so you don't know when we're going to do it and neither does your bank if you have no funds in there you going to negative so it doesn't matter we're taking our money I thought you can't just take my money for something I didn't receive I didn't get nothing out of it and then I told him I'm going to report him because this doesn't seem right or it's not fair or Justice. And with the question below where it says the victim lose any money I do not know that if not charge my card yet and I called the customer service number on the back of the card and it keeps hanging up on me so I can't get in contact with them.

- Portland, OR, USA

I received a call and they asked for Mike, then he asked for the person that owned the house and then they hung up when I said hello. I said I didn't want to refinance my house and hung up on them. I didn't ask for any other information. I did not give my name. On my phone, I have an AT&T phone, it said government grant and gave the phone number listed.

Victim provided three separate subjects with her bank account information (routing & account number) and purchased ITunes in the amount of $1,500.00 and provided subjects with serial numbers.

- Eagle, ID, USA

They said the Government was sending out 700 grants and I was winner.

The second time they called they did not block their number. They asked why I never called back.

- Jamestown, NY, USA

Caller keeps calling my cell phone. After 8 back to back calls to my cell, I answer. Caller has a foreign accent and offers me 7 grand towards my student loans in the form of a grant. I refuse the offer and ask him to remove me from his list. Caller states he will not do that, he will just keep calling me until I give him a valid reason what he should not call. I explain that it is my right to privacy and asked to speak to his manager. Caller became hostel and hung up on me. I continue to block this persons number but they keep calling for other numbers. I get an average of 12 calls a day often they are back to back. On 2/20/17 I once again tried to get the caller to stop calling me but he again became rude and continued to call me and stated once again that he will keep calling me.

you call the # listed she says she has 6,700 grant for you then she ask u for 250 dollars to cover the cost and get started.

Consumer received a phone call from a women saying that he won a grant for $7,000. She said because he was a loyal  to the

government he had been chosen and because he didn't have a criminal record, paid his taxes and hadn't filed bankruptcy in the past 6 months that he

qualified. She said that the grant was free and did not have to be paid

back. He have to call 315-305-3264 immediately his ID # BR 453.

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