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Government Grant Department

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Government Grant Department Reports & Reviews (11)

My friend got a call from scammers telling her that she qualified for a government grant and that my name was on the list. Once I found out her name was on the list, too, I called the phone number and spoke with Mae Johnson. She said she was an agent from the Government grant department and said that I was eligible for a government grant but I had to go to Walmart and get three $100 iTunes gift cards. I said I don't have that kind of money to spend on the gift cards, Mae said, the "portal" has already been started on your delivery, and that I had 24 hours to get the gift cards, or the grant will be cancelled. I was given a reference number BE6006/85428. Then a batch number 283070001GRD.

- Murfreesboro, TN, USA

I have received the same call from different phone numbers for a year. A middle eastern man tells me I have qualified for a government grant of 9,000$ For good behavior. He tells me to pick up my money at a local grocery store, to which I reply can I not pick it up at a bank? They say yes to this, & that other options include western union & straight cash. I then ask if I need a reference number? Last time that question got me hung up on, but today they answered yes to this. They ask me to verify my name, zip code & age, they then ask me what I will spend the money on & to answer honestly to which I reply “to buy a car” & they respond with questioning me on whether I have a state issued ID or drivers license. I say license & then they proceeded to tell me my reference number is MN 125 & to call them back at a different number.

I have provided that number as theirs at the top.

- Columbus, OH, USA

An Oriental man called and said I had won a $10,200 Government Grant 202-899-9885. He wanted me to go to Western Union to wire money. My government confirmation number is COS101. I told him I would not send the money. He began cussing me, calling me awful names. He had my prior addresses. He asked if I was married, lived alone, did I work, social security number. He asked if I had a bank account.

- Miamisburg, OH, USA

Scammer calls and says I recieve 9000 in grant money from the government but I need to go and put 200 dollars on a prepaid card to get the money

- Dolton, IL, USA

That I received a grant in the amount of $7,000 and that I didn't have to pay it back they gave me an additional number to call saying it was the a federal officer and to give him the Id number or verification number that he provided so he could further assist me to get my money and that I needed to go to walmart or someplace else to pick up my money with pen and paper along with a form of Id and $100 so I wasn't charged the bank fees and that the money would be reimbursed when I pick up the money from walmart when I told him that I didn't have the money he got an attitude with me and before I could finish my statement he hung up in my face

- Waring, TX, USA

Received a call from a washington dc number, 202.202.9222 with a lady with broken english stating I had been awarded and approved for a US government grant of $9,700 , non taxable with no repayment necessary along with 1700 others in my local Texas area. She states the money could be spent on anything as long as it wasn't drugs or something illegal. She said it was a program to stimulate the economy and help people that hadn't filed bankruptcy in the last 7 years and that weren't involve in criminal activities. The cash award would be sent by western union. The caller gave me another number to call back in order to confirm 202.657.6648. I called back and the same lady picked up. She congratulated me and handed phone to her manager, Peter. Peter repeated the same speech. He informed me that I would need to purchase a refundable iTunes cards, available at Wal-Mart in order to activate my grant availability through western union since it was such a high amount of money. Stated western union won't give that amount of cash to an individual without this process.

He stated he wait on the phone with me to walk me through to make sure everything went well. I proceed to purchase the iTunes cards of $250. Gave him the card reclaim numbers on back of the card as instructed by Peter. He congratulates me and puts me on hold to activate the western union claim number. Upon returning he states that the IRS has put a hold on my file and that they requested $1,000 refundable hold that would all be refunded with the original amount of $9,700 so I can payback whoever I borrowed from immediately. He assured me that I would get all the money back. I explained I don't have $1,000. He told me to ask friends and family for the money. He placed me on hold and contacted the IRS department that was requesting the hold. He returned to say that he was able to get the IRS to cover, in good faith, $500 if I was able to cover an additional $500. I went and attempted to purchase the $500 additional secure refundable iTunes cards and my bank card would not allow me because i had reached my daily limit. He was on hold while I attempted. I explained the situation and left store. He went on to say that the deal was already made with the IRS and that it had to be done today or the grant would be forfeited. I went back in and bought 2 more iTunes cards and gave him the numbers on the back, now in it for $450. He sent a message to the IRS department and within minutes came back claiming that they have extended the time until tomorrow but if I was able to call back today I could do so with the remaining $300 and I would be able to receive my cash grant immediately.

Before contacting my bank to increase the limit I started investigating their claims and found that many people had been scammed by individuals claiming the same thing. I called Peter back and told him i could pay him $2,000 today if it meant getting the grant. He said that was not necessary, only the remaining $300. I told him he was a scam and that i had reports of people being scammed just like I had been and that i wanted my money back. He went on to say that the money can only be returned after the $300 payment and all money would be available at the western union. I said what if I can't make it tomorrow and he said you have my number. I'll be here during business hours, just call when you have it. I explained I would have it and that id call in the morning by 8.30. I received an incoming call at 9.56 central time from Peter. I had just been speaking with my mother about my experience. I said hello and good morning. He used a term of "dear" referring to me. I asked how he could possible call an innocent victim dear. He said would you like me to call you sir? I said sure. I explained that he was a scam and he should be ashamed. He said oh god. I said I serve a GOD that never lies, cheats or steels, and asked which god he served. He said he would not attempt to call me any longer and that if I wanted my grant to call him back

- Corvallis, OR, USA

the person told me I was awarded 14 K from the Gov. grant dept. They wanted me to confirm

my date of birth, address, wanted my license number,

- New Milford, CT, USA

I get calls about this "government grant opportunity" just about every day from phone numbers across the country. This # I reported listed NY, NY. Another just from yesterday is +1 (989) 823-4569 from Vasar, MI.

The callers are always men with foreign accents speaking English.

I have told them several times to remove me from their list. Obviously they don't listen.

I answered below that I, the victim, didn't lose money. The next question I had to answer was if the scammer attempted to take money. I answered no because we didn't talk long enough to see, so they may have attempted later in the call.

- Mansfield, LA, USA


grant for 9000 need 200 Walmart Money Transfer.

I got a phone call, and they told me that my name and number has been selected to receive a $9,000 grant. After I gave them my information (name, phone number, address, account information, etc.), they told me that I had to pay $200 for a security clearance (where it would be in my name) and I would get it back, where they will be giving me $9,200. So they told me that I had to go to a drug store to purchase an iTunes card, put the $200 on there and they would process it. After it was completed, they gave me another number that I had to call to get the transaction completed. I called the number, and they lady told me that I had to pay the bank $750. I did not have that kind of money, plus the $200 was my last. So I didn't want the grant anymore. Then she told me since it's already processed, there is nothing that she can do, and I couldn't get my money back.

- Bonaire, GA, USA

I have received several calls from these people. They keep calling saying that I have received a grant and asking if I have a Western Union or Money Gram near by. I told them I didn't know and that I would have to check. They said one time the grant was for $7000 and then the next it was $9000.

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