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Good4ZGeneration Reports & Reviews (30)

• Nov 24, 2020

Scammers I ordered in July still haven’t gotten anything I spent $75 for twins never showed and all the emails I’ve sent have gotten me no please don’t ever order from them unless you like handing over your money for nothing

• Nov 21, 2020

Ordered a doll for my granddaughter in September and it has not been delivered. $28.98 was taken from my account. No way to track the order or any contact information. Received a confirmation on my phone but have received no further communication. I either want the dollar or a refund.

• Oct 27, 2020

I like an [censored] bought what looked like a real puppy toy that was interactive. Not once but twice. I’ve received the first one and it’s a very tiny cheaply made foam filled stuffed dog like thing. WTF

• Oct 21, 2020

Scammer's phone unknown
Scammer's website
Scammer's address unknown
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I purchased 2 dolls for my granddaughter which took over 3 weeks to arrive and they look nothing like what I ordered, one had a crushed head. Seller will not respond and website does not work. I want my refund of $40.98. There was no packing slip or return information included in the plastic envelope.

• Oct 16, 2020

Exact same thing has happened to me also. Ordered 2 dolls 41.98 $. I have reported to action fraud who have been brilliant. Just trying to get my money back as PayPal are taking a long time to resolve anything.

• Oct 14, 2020

I received the exact same doll as pictured below a dollar store value. Unable to contact anyone about this .contact information false.

• Oct 12, 2020

I order 2 babies on August 18, 2020. I have not received them it. I have contacted the company three times and every time they tell me I will be receiving them. This order should have never taken this long. I have requested my money back.

• Oct 15, 2020

And you're not going to receive your money. These people are just stealing money

I ordered a real like baby doll and when my order arrived I got an African American small crappy kids doll that can be bought at the dollar store. I tried to get a refund and they wanted to only give me $9 instead. Then in a second email offered $5. They are scamming people everyday. Now if you go to their site they don’t even show these dolls anymore. Plus their website says they are in the UK and they are in China. Didn’t see that until I stared looking into them for fraud.

• Sep 24, 2020

I order 2 african american dolls with hair that looks lime real baby and all i got was 2 little kid dolls dont look anything like the picture

We ordered 2 dolls got one that we’d junk!

• Sep 20, 2020

I was also scammed by this company. Paid $29.99 for my African baby doll for my niece on July 17, 2020; about 4 wks. it arrived. It was nowhere close to it. It was basically a doll from the Dollar store. I was unable to get back to the company for a refund.

• Nov 13, 2020

I ordered mine in July still have not recieved it as yet. I wish I would have seen these earlier.

I ordered a real like baby doll similar to yours. And got the exact same crappy doll. Then they would only offer me $9 back since they claim I can still use it. I have filed complaints with the better business bureau and the fraud division of the government.

• Sep 28, 2020

I ordered 7 white baby dolls. Received 6 exactly like you did and 1 white one that was 6" big! $183 do you return and refund? Did you have any luck? Sincerely

• Sep 18, 2020

The same thing happened to me. I ordered a baby that looked just like my great-granddaughter. I got a little bitty doll too that was probably no more than $5.00 if that much. The doll I wanted was over $60.00. This was for her first birthday. I'm so disappointed. Can't something be done to close this scam down?
Terre Haute, IN 47802
Online purchase

Scammer's website Good4ZGeneration
Scammer's email
Country China
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

I ordered a 🔥Special discount🔥17'' REAL LIFELIKE JOURNEY REBORN BABY DOLL And they sent me a small Doll no where near 17” that looked like it came from a dollar store. It was smashed also. I contacted them and I was told that they found that I had been shipped the wrong item. I asked for the right item or my money back. They then offered me $3 then $5 and then $7. They said I could use the doll or resell it. ..I paid $25 total.

• Sep 14, 2020

I ordered 4 dolls from them and they sent me 3 plastic dolls that are 3 dollars dolls. This place is a total scam.

• Sep 10, 2020

Omgoodess as reading through each of these incidents it's the exact same thing that happened to me. 2 real life dolls for a total of $40.98 then they came naked little colored dolls worth a $1. Then they offered $3 compensation cause I could clearly still use them lol. That was there exact words. Are you kidding me... I cant get my picture to load of what I got but it's the exact same as previous people reported

That is exactly what they did to me and said to me. I was furious. I filed a complaint with PayPal but they want me to ship back the doll to China and then gave me a address in Chinese. And only gave me 5 days for it to reach them. It takes longer than that to ship to China.

• Sep 09, 2020

i bought a doll for a gift and it was taking so long to get. They kept reassuring me it was coming. Well i ordered a 22 inch reborn doll and received a 6 inch naked doll that you get from dollar tree. I saw online that they did this to several people and sent the same doll. Then they offered me $3.00 because that is what it is worth. i am pursing paypal to get my money back. DONT USE THIS SITE, THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

• Sep 09, 2020

Scammer's phone 1772755612
Scammer's website Good4ZGeneration
Scammer's address No 3 Yanhe Tongvillage Nanhang
Country China
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

My order was $30.98. I ordered a The African American Reborn Baby Doll and got something completely the opposite. The 1st Baby Doll is the one I ordered. The 2nd one is what they sent me. Whomever I was in Communication with offered me a $3 refund, I refused, then they offered me a $5 refund, I still refused. I have not been in contact with that person for 2 days. It's time we stop letting them take our money that we work hard for and say enough is enough and run them back to China or wherever they come from.

• Sep 29, 2020

Oh my god same thing here

• Sep 09, 2020


• Sep 04, 2020

Ordered 2 for $40.98, they sent Cheap,, small naked doll, something like you get a baby for 1st doll, maybe total of $5 value. They were sorry, were going to take care of it...Told me to keep what I got and they would give me $3, refused as I want my money back, they then offerd me $5, and keep what they sent, they were sure I could use them! How do I get my Refund?

• Sep 04, 2020

l ordered two Dolls, total purchase Was $40.98. Long wait for purchase, yesterday I two small 8 1/2 in. naked baby doll, not even worth $5. I notified them: their comment, upon checking they found I was sent the wrong Item and they would make it right..I could keep what I received and they would reimburse me $3. After refusing, they then sent an off of $5.."after all I could USE what they sent. How can I go about getting my Refund?:

• Sep 03, 2020

I ordered a doll from them and they sent a nacked doll about 6" in length and when I contacted them for a refund they made three different offers for 3.00, then 5.00, now 7.00 for my trouble. I turned all down and ask for my refund. Then it was hung up in customs. One excuse after another.

• Sep 03, 2020

So sorry phone spelled naked incorrectly.

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