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Golden Doodle Puppies

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Golden Doodle Puppies Reports & Reviews (9)

- Palo Alto, CA, USA

Scammer's website
Scammer's address 3700 Michael Drive Jackson WY 83025., Teton Village, WY 83025, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location CA 94301, USA
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I originally reached out to this company as it appeared that they had available puppies for adoptions. Upon first glance, the website seems to be real and legitimate. However, after email correspondence, things appeared to be a little bit sketchy. The price they were offering seemed too good to be true and they were offering coupon discounts if I purchased immediately. The writing was full of grammar and spelling mistakes. After emailing them, I investigate the website more in-depth and discovered that they had stolen paragraphs of text in the "Breed info" tab from another website ( Additionally, none of the available puppies looked to be related. The information about each puppy was exactly the same too. The address that they had given me appeared to be a hotel in Wyoming. Things did not seem to add up. I then emailed them asking if we could speak over the phone, their kennel information, and references, and never got a response. This was after them responding to my previous emails within minutes. At this point, I concluded that "Golden Doodle Puppies" was a scam.

- Rockaway, NJ, USA

Scammer's phone 5073204400
Scammer's address Unknown, San Francisco, CA 94120, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location NJ 07866, USA
Type of a scam Other


thanks for the interest you have for my Goldendoodle puppies.

I have 6 Goldendoodle puppies available for new homes. My puppies

are very socialize with kids and other house pets. They do not shed.

They have been registered and vet check. They are also potty and

crate trained. Click on the link below and let me know the names of

the puppies you are interested to adopt. All the puppies listed on my

website are available.

Please answer the questions below after you have visited my website:

Where are you located?

Have you ever own a Goldendoodle puppy before?

When would you like to have these puppies?

How many puppies are you interested to adopt?

What are the names of the puppies you are interested to adopt?


The Goldendoodle is a cross-breed dog, which is obtained by breeding a

Golden Retriever with a Poodle. They are know for being energetic,

friendly, intelligent, loving, loyal, playful, and protective.


Training will be enjoyable. This dog is very obedient to commands.


Well-suited for apartment living and is best with a small to average-size



They will need regular exercise to maintain its fitness. Trips to the

dog park are a great idea.

As soon as i receive the answers to my questions above, i will send you

pictures of the puppies you have chosen to adopt.

NB: Do not reply from my website. Kindly reply directly from your email



Attached to this email is a transfer of ownership certificate from my names

to your names. You have to print the document and sign it. After the document

has been signed you will be recognized as the new legitimate owner of the

Goldendoodle Cindy. Please send the document back to me through email.

If you do not have a scanner, please send me a clear photo of the document.

Do not put your card information on the document. Simply sign the document.

If you are unable to print and sign the document that is not a problem. You

can sign the hard copy of the document after you have received the puppy

with all the documents compiled together.

Let me give you this secret that i use for my pets, You can boost your

pet's health profoundly by making one simple decision. All you have to

do is change diet from commercial-brand fare to something you may

never have imagined giving them: real food. The fresh food you buy at

the market for yourself is the food you should give your pets too. I

feed my puppies with Fresh food. Fresh chicken and turkey and beef.

Fresh raw vegetables and fruits. Fresh brown rice and oatmeal. Fresh

yogurt, eggs, and cottage cheese.

The puppy is ready for shipment. What is pending right now is the payment.

You have to send the money through Walmart2Walmart Money Transfer. Go to

any Walmart store near you and send the money. When you get there, fill the

send form and select Walmart2Walmart money transfer. This is the information

you will have to use at Walmart to send the money. Fill this information on the

''Send Form". Please go to any Walmart location and send the money in person.

First name:.......***

Last Name:.........ETABS CHRISTOPHER


City.....................San Francisco

Zip code.............94120

Amount..............$900.00 USD

Telephone #.......*** A little bit of advice: When you get to Walmart, do not tell them that you are

sending the money for a puppy like the transfer will be declined or they will charge

you more for transfer fees. In case they ask you reason for transfer, simply tell

them that you are sending to your friend or your in-law and the money will be

sent immediately without any complications. I just want to make sure you do not

have any problem sending the funds. Please double check the receipt and make

sure the money is send through Walmart2Walmart and not Moneygram.

As soon as you send the money, get back to me with a photo of the Walmart

receipt for confirmation. As soon as the flight is registered, i will send you the

flight tracking number, departure time, arrival time and name of airline. I will be

waiting for your email as soon as the money is sent. Endeavor to send the money

as soon as possible so that I can register the flight and ship the puppy right away.

I will be waiting for your email as soon as you send the money and sign the

adoption certificate. Thanks for providing a lovely home for Cindy.


Leopold Etabs Christopher.

Scammer's phone N/A
Scammer's address N/A
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location BC V6B 0K9, CAN
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a fake and Not-secure Goldendoodle puppy selling website also reported on by several individuals.

Scammer's phone N/A
Scammer's address N/A
Scammer's email [email protected]
Victim Location BC V6B 0K9, CAN
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a fake and Not-secure Goldendoodle puppy selling website also reported on by several individuals.

Victim Location 29078
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am writing in regards to a scam that happened to me. I found what I thought was a reputable dog breeder through a google search. However it seems that they have taken $900 from me and I will not receive a puppy. Once the money was picked up in Oakdale MN they no longer responded to any form of communication.

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Puppy Scam: Golden Doodle Puppies and Duo Doodles: They sent an email and I just felt they were vague/something wasn't right. First, they were lower than other breeders on the price of the dog. 2) They had multiple types of dogs of the 5 listed and yet stated they weren't professional breeders. They sent more pics of the dog I requested and stated they would ship and gave a great story of making sure this dog would go to someone who keeps their dogs as pets inside and not outside. Here is the interesting thing: I found another website: Duo Doodles with the exact information with pics of different dogs ! Also, one of the captions made a mistake and said "Pride" for the dog listed as Daniel. Pride is a dog listed on Golden doodle site not on the Duo Doodle site. Also, on the tab listed "Testimonials" Both sites have the same testimonials from people! Exact same info on two different sites. I have not given them money but have emailed them.... I'm all for helping catch them. Let me know if I can help! I have not mentioned that I have figured them out!

- Melbourne, FL, USA

Scammer's phone 218-208-0482
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 55453
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location FL 32940, USA
Total money lost $900
Type of a scam Other

I wanted a golden doodle puppy and this website said it was AKC registered for that type of dog and I never talked to them on the phone, just emailed and texted. I transferred the money to them through MoneyGram and they took out cash and they were going to use $245 of that $900 I payed to pay for the shipment of the dog. As the shipment day came, they said the airway they used needed me to send $995 through MoneyGram and that I would get refunded but never gave me proof that she dropped off the dog at the airway.

- Anaheim, CA, USA

Scammer's phone 218-208-0482
Scammer's address Bloomington, MN 55435, USA
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location CA 92807, USA
Total money lost $658
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted a “William March” over the internet after browsing his webpage, He stated he had several available puppies in California. We had correspondence back and forth regarding the health of the puppies, the parents of the puppies, feeding and care of the puppies and when I asked to see them he stated that he had recently moved to Minnesota so he would have to ship the puppy. While I thought this was strange, it did not raise any concerns. I realized that I had been scammed when I was asked to pay $1000 for an air conditioned crate and that this required a direct money transfer only done through Walmart. They would not accept a credit card and they repeatedly sent me nasty emails demanding the $1000 dollars or they would send me to jail for abandoning my puppy. There was no answer at any of the phone numbers listed for skyexpressways, the shipping company, or for William March, the seller. I did not pay skyexpressways but unfortunately I did pay this William March whose website is The site is also a scam I believe. I requested a refund from him since my puppy could not be shipped but I received no reply at all from the seller since he has already gotten my money. I feel so stupid. Thank you for listening.


Total money lost $936
Type of a scam Phishing

They claim to be a golden doodle puppy breeder and require a wire transfer payment. After which they pretend to send your dog through sky express ways (another fake website) but insist you need to pay for an emergency climate controlled crate for the dog which is actually not legal in the state.

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