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GoBank Reports & Reviews (19)

• Apr 23, 2021

Victim Location 84401
Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a debit card from this company with account and routing information at the bottom of the mail correspondence with the debit card to an address that I have not used in over a decade but still have family living at the residence. I did not use the 855 number on the mail correspondence but looked up the bank information online and called the 888 number and spoke with some an in individual that did not speak English as their first language. She asked for the card number or SSN. I told her I was not going to give her my SSN but told her I wanted to report a fraudulent account for me. She told me she could not transfer me to the fraud department nor could she help me with the account if it is not activated. I requested her full name and employee number and she refused to give me anything but her first name.

Victim Location 75243
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Phishing

I am an Uber driver and typically expect an annual bonus from Uber around this time. I get a phone call from who I thought was a representative of Uber or Go Bank which handles banking for Uber employees saying that it was time for me to receive my bonus and I tell them I don’t see anything in my go bank account so because I didn’t receive it that I should check my other bank account they asked for the account number and next thing I knew my account was emptied now my go bank log in is under account recovery I’ve called go bank and Green dot which kept getting disconnected randomly after being on hold for hours at a time

Victim Location 29360
Total money lost $2,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I got a call from gobank telling me im approved for a loan. I had to pay a processing fee. The was told about a red flag on my credit bearu report and had to make a 600.00 fee to have that removed. They asked me to purchases a gobank card from walmart. I added money to it. Said everything was fine and will transfer the money. It was not. I called them back they said i had to pay an additional fee. I refused they got highly aggitated. I called the sherrifs deot filed a complaint. The sherrifs office tried to contact them they just hung up on them. Im out 2000.00 dollars

Victim Location 08033
Total money lost $5,000
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Was promised a $10,000 loan. However, every step of the process there was an issue with required additional fees to be paid. In total approximately $6000 was given to the agency and they still want another $1000 to release my loan.

Victim Location 60637
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They called me saying I was approved for a loan of 5,000. Because my credit score was under 700, I could get the loan but, would have to purchase insurance to cover incase I wasn't, able to pay the loan for whatever reason. They wanted me to deposit $250 at Wal-Mart, Moneygram, to GoBank Checking Account. I asked them why they couldn't take it off my debit account. I was told That's how it was set up. That's when I start researching further about their company. There is a web called people that had been told same thing for different amounts of money. I Called to ask question about this type of business. No business will ask you to put up front money, before they will give you a loan. Its definitely a scam.

Victim Location 38355
Total money lost $2,014
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted on April 5 2019 by a man identifying himself only as David and informed that I had been approved for a loan of $4500. Since I had applied online for some personal loans and he claimed to be with Go bank I didn't think much of it. Being unfamiliar with the process I was asked to pay a $145 refundable processing fee. That payment and all the rest of the payments were made by prepaid Gobank mastetcards. I was then passed off to a man identifying himself as my loan officer who's name was ricky davis. I had never taken a personal loan before so it sounded legit to me. I paid the fee and was informed that because I have bad credit I would have to purchase PPI to cover the payments on the loan if I wasn't able to. I was asked to pay a one time refundable fee of $495. I paid the fee and was assured that I would have the funds within 15 minutes. An hour later I was still waiting so I called again and was told that my credit was so bad that I would have to pay 17% of the loan to secure it, which was $875. I argued with them for a whole but was told that I would get the money back during the course of the loan. So stupidly I paid it. I asked several times before paying it if I would get the loan once that was paid and was assured several times that I would not be required to pay any more money. I paid the $875 and was told by ricky to hold for approximately 15 to 20 minutes while the money was transferred via moneygram, as I was given the choice to use moneygram, western union, or my checking account. I wasn't comfortable giving them my banking info so I chose moneygram. After waiting on hold for almost an hour I hung up and called back and was told that ricky was in a conference. I was then hung up on multiple times. Finally after about an hour and a half of calling over and over I got ricky on the phone. He informed me that I needed to speak with the moneygram department of his company to verify my details and then I could receive the money. I was transferred to a man that barely spoke English so I do not know his name. But he informed me that the loan would come in 2 different payments, requiring 2 different reference numbers and each reference number would require a $499 activation fee. After cussing him out, I spoke with ricky, who had been the one to assure me that I would not be asked for anymore money. I told him I did not have $998 and he told me that if I could come up with $350 his company would cover the rest, and that all of this money was refundable. Reluctantly I agreed. I purchased yet another prepaid gobank card for $350 and called them and made the payment. I was asked to hold for about 20 minutes. After 45 minutes I'd had enough. I hung up and called again, and was told that the underwriters of the loan were blocking the transaction from the company because the payment had to come from me. Ricky then told me that if I could pay the $149 to complete the cost of activation for one number, I could pick up that money and pay for the activation fee for the other one, and then be able to receive that money as well. So I borrowed some money and completed the $499 payment. Again I was asked to hold while the transaction was processed and after almost an hour again i hung up and called back. Ricky informed me that both numbers had to be activated before I could use either reference number. I refused to pay them anymore money. I asked for my money to be returned to me and was told that I'd have to request the loan be cancelled first. By this point I was so upset I just had to stop communicating with these Thieves. On April 8 they contacted me asking if I still wanted to proceed with the loan. I requested my money back and was told that would be a long process and that I should just complete the payment for the activation and take the loan. I refused. On April 13 I was contacted again and asked if I was going to proceed. I told them yet again that I just wanted my money back. I was told that I had 2 choices. I could pay the $499 and take the loan or I could could cancel the loan for a small fee. I told them they weren't getting another dime from me, that i just wanted my money back and was refused. So I called them in April 15 and requested my money back again. I was told the loan had expired and I would not be getting my money back. I was told that I should have cancelled the loan before April 13th, by giving them more money.

Victim Location 15461
Total money lost $250
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan online. Was contacted by who said they were from GoBank. I was approved for a loan of $5000. I just needed to purchase a GoBank prepaid card a put $250 on it to show my interest in dealing with their bank. Once I did they asked for some of the card numbers to verify everything and to put the $5000 loan on it. After about an hour of waiting I tried activating the card online and it was already activated by them and I was locked out of the card. They obviously took the $250. I tried numerous times to contact them and they act like they don’t recall anything. Trying to find the correct office to contact to retrieve my money

Victim Location 39367
Total money lost $1,400
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The scammer contacted me and said if I gave them $250 that I will be able to receive $4,300 loan then they re contacted me and said I need to send an additional 4:50 to get the loan being Andre contacted me again said I need to send an additional $699 to get the wrong then they said because my credit was not good I was red flagged in order to get the wrong I must send them now $999 I asked them to return the money that I sent they said in order for me them to return the money that I will have to send them an additional $399

Victim Location 77642
Total money lost $775
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Needed a loan to get my car fix and a company state their name is Go Bank.  They said they approve my loan for $1000.00.  Contacted them on-line, they wanted my account numbers, bank routing numbers which I gave *** ***r, then he said I will be needing to talk to *** ***  Richard told me I need to go to Walmart and open and get a GO Bank Master Card and put $150.00 on it for insurance purposes, then he said that will buy me insurance so, if I would miss a payment, the insurance would cover it.  Then a *** *** call me said he was the bank manager, he  told me I need to go Dollar General Store and get a $500.00 Google Play Card because I live in Texas and they are in Florida, I have to pay for getting a loan out of state, called him back each time giving him the numbers of the credit card I put the money on...  I ask him when will I get the money, he told me in a minute.  Soon as he make sure that the $500.00 came through on his end.  Then he call me back wanting another $625.00 because my credit score was so low. I told him I wanted my money back.  He told me I couldn't get that back. When I figured out it was a scam and told them so, they hung up on me.  When I went to my Bank and the Police Department, they couldn't help out.  They told me to call the BBB.

Victim Location 38801
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Hello I was recently scammed of 200$ for insurance on a loan from this company using Go Bank as the front name. They had me purchase a Go Bank card to send the money from Walmart and also moneygram to receive it. I want my money back and I pray you guys can stop this.

Victim Location 70535
Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Henry Collins with Go Bank gave me approval for a loan. After getting my information ask me to pay the first payment before the money hit my account. 702 472 8684 ext. 1025. With India accent.

Victim Location 37311
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

After applying online for a loan, I received a call from "GoBank" out of Washington DC. "Jerry Brown" told me that my loan has been approved for $5000. Supposed to get a GoBank prepaid check/ debit card from Walmart. To prove that I will be able to make the payments every month on this UNSECURED loan, I have been directed to deposit $250 on to the card, then they will deposit $5000 on card which will take approximately 15-20 min. I have had several scam attempts made to me, so many that it pays not to trust anyone.

Victim Location 33351
Total money lost $755.90
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Was advise to go to Walmart and purchase card for $250 the call back to activate card advise that they would do it themselves and provide you with funds very rude and yell todo what is needed to get done. After another person came on and stated that I needed to get a $500 dollar card and call back and he activate card. Person name is Mr. Carter was on phone and advise me to send picture of card and Driver License to confirm. Stated to me that I would have funds refund to me with the loan and I would need to get another $500 card stated to take from my rent or borrow stated that I need to do this or I do not get the funds back. Person of interest was very rude and curse at me.

Victim Location 19087
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call from the number above. The gentleman identified himself as being from Go Bank. I was trying to get a loan and they told me I would have to go to Walmart and get a Green Money Card for $250.00 for a loan fee. I told them I knew they were trying to scam me and I hung up on them, but they continue to call me. I am not answering their calls and will not buy any gift cards, either but wanted the to know about this scam.

Victim Location 78758
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a phone call explaining that I was qualified for a loan up to $1500. After several minutes of information exchange and description of rates and loan payments, I was offered a loan amount of $2000 extending the payments to nine months and additional $9.00 added to the montly installments. The issue is that they require me to pay the first installment using a card account that I obtain from Walmart even before any loan funds are transferred to same account.

Victim Location 28640
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Promised a $1000 loan if I sent $200. I sent the $200 via GoBank account then I was told they needed $400 more. After I couldn't produce this they would not give me back $200. Also my son and boyfriend were cussed out after they confronted a Henry Moore about $200. Im sure that's not his real name.

Victim Location 98023
Total money lost $2,200
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I searched online for a provider for a personal loan. I was called back by a rep of Go Bank.. I explained that I needed $*** and I filled forms out on line. i was told I could get that amount for 14 months at $***/mo.

Then i was told to go to Walmart and get a walmart Visa 'a gift for you card' for the amt of $***. With the rep on phone i gave him the number on the card/expiration date/sec# on back

Then i had to do the above procedure for $400.00.

Then Daniel from Go Bank told me there had been a red flag placed I R S and U S Gov't was on my SS and it would cost me $*** to get it waived. then I was told to purchase 2 google Play cards, one for $*** and second one for $***

Then it was too late to get money deposited from the bank on Fri as the bank was closed until Mon AM at 9:00.

Then I had to get a $*** Google Play card. The reason was to cover the money gram service to make the transfer of $***. Daniel is on the phone badgering me to send another $*** right now. I refused and he continued to badger. I told him my bank acct was in the negative because of him and that I had borrowed $*** from my daughter and I will not send him another dime. He kept saying I was being unreasonable and to give him until tomorrow to solve the problem and put the money in my bank.

Victim Location 30294
Total money lost $6,545
Type of a scam Credit Cards

Has not sent my refund back to irs like they statein 45 days also they have closed my account but still charging me member ship fee's

Victim Location 60402
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Offers online banking and then locks funds.

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