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• Aug 20, 2023

My good friends actual Instagram posted a series of photos of a conversation between him and this bitcoin miner and screen shots of him receiving a large some of money into his cash app account after working with the miner for only a few hours.
I message him through Instagram about it this was real. Got a very quick response with just dm the miner and trust the process, it works. (Little did I know his Instagram got hacked and they took it over completely) my friend knew he got hacked but could not see or access his account. I asked through Instagram for him to call me. He didn’t. I tried calling through Instagram, didn’t picked up but then I had “a missed call”. I contacted the “trade_with_katrinao” Instagram account and they said to trust the process. To step you through what to do they give you on instruction, make you take a screen shot of what you have done and send it so they then edited your photo for what to do next. They don’t ask for money directly, they send you links to cash app, bitcoin, globalfxscouts, and have you make all the accounts and set them up, so they never ask for your information and you're in control of making everything. Once you have bought bitcoin yourself, they sent you a like to transfer the coin to your account in globalfxscouts, ask you to wait and you should see it in there, which I did. Then they tell you owe a $2,000 mining fee, that was never disclosed or talked about in order for them to mine for you. In order to get your bitcoined mined and money made you have to “upgrade your account” which they send to you in an email. If you buy more bitcoin to pay the “fee” it will show in your account, and they make you feel better about it because the fee will be added to your profit on return but then there’s another hidden amount you to pay before you can start mining or get your paperwork or your money back.

• Jul 21, 2023

In the beginning of July, a local mom in my community friended me on social medica. She's a known entity in my town, so had no issues with her asking to be "friends" online as she owns a local business. About 6 months later, she posted saying that she made a bitcoin investment, and she had such a positive experience with the investment and withdrawal of her funds. I commented "very cool" on her post and then she reached out to me to share how she did it. For the next while, I honestly think I'm taking to this mom I know via Instagram. She's telling me that just $500 will return $5000. We're in a tight spot with money and didn't know a lot about bitcoin so I assumed it was on the up-and-up because this mom wouldn't steer me wrong. She told me to connect with the bitcoin "miner" @trade.with.calista (on Instagram). I then started talking to "Calista" who told me how bitcoin mining worked and how she's helped lots of people invest in bitcoin. I trusted both of them. She requests the agreed upon amount, $500 which I sent via Zelle. She then goes dark for about a day to come back and say, there is a $1,000 mining fee. I was very upset with this news as no one had said it was more money so went back to talk to my mom in the community, and she assured me she paid the same "fee" and it was normal. After a few days of talking with them and expressing my concerns, I paid the $1,000 fee. This continues on for weeks, never getting my investment back, only requests to pay more "mining fees". @trade.with.calista tells me to look at my investment account on and after registering all my information, I see I had made money off my investments/fees that I had sent to her. I ask how can I withdrawal the money in my account that I see online. She continues to tell me there is a delay with the confirmation of their company receiving mining fees, it'll require more fees from me. So, I eventually send another $1000 fee to get my money, then another $2000 fee, then another 3,000. Each time I get more and more angry and the mom I know continues to tell me she did all of it the same way and to be "ready" for my withdrawal of funds. This entire time, both of these women are telling me that I will get all my fees returned once I withdrawal my investment. For the last time just this week, @trade.with.calista tell me if I pay the last $2,000 fee, I will see over $50k in investments which did show on the GlobalFxScouts website. I send it over and she promises me I will get my money back that same day. I don't hear from here AGAIN and the next day I get an email saying I owe another $5k. I start digging around a little bit because I'm starting to get suspicious. It turns out the mom in my community's Instagram account was hacked and these scammers were using her profile to con people. She said she reported it to Instagram awhile ago and they never did anything about it. I have also reported to Instagram and the FBI. Now I realize this whole thing was a scam and they have taken $8,000 I will never see again that my family desperately needs.

The accounts that are scammers on Instagram are:


@_.themomwalkcocapitola_ (this is the account that hacked my local moms account)

The company that is holding the money looks to be

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