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Global Relocators

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Global Relocators Reports & Reviews (3)

Victim Location 87144
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My husband I are trying to purchase a Sphynx from "Hairless cats Home" which is probably also a scam. My husband was very leery of a scam the whole time but after some exchanged emails with Mathew Burris he felt a bit more comfortable. Today the breeder took the cat to the airport, a couple hours later we got a call confirming the address and receiving airport and told that we would be getting an email. A couple hours after that we received the email which reads (personal info removed),


Addressed to;


Dear customer,

your booking has been confirmed and pet(s) received. You can track your transaction details from our website using the link If there are any errors on your information, please respond to this email address for corrections.

Your tracking number is: XXXXXXXXXXXX

We want to inform you that due to the high risk of the coronavirus outbreak and the recent increase in number of infections and dead, all pet shipping companies within and out of the country must have a temperature regulated and sealed prevention crate with air-conditioned to allow air for the animals to breath normally. These will help to protect the pets from touches as they are moved. Pets are very close to us and when it is carried by person to person, the risk of contamination is higher than we could imagine. We must protect everyone around us. Recent researches shows that we are more prone to have it blindly because of the love we have for animals and we move them without precaution as we do not see it as a thread to human safety.

We provide these crates at the agency under a collateral deposit condition. This means it will be refunded back to you upon arrival of your pets.

So we are asking $880 for this crates. Note that this fee is just a collateral deposit and it will be 100% refunded back to you upon arrival of your pet. If you are picking up at the airport, you will be paid cash at the Counter or if you paid through a mobile app like ZELLE, CASH APP, APPLE PAY and others which we will accept, after we deliver your pet at home or you pick up at the delivery company, we immediately refund the money instantly into your account once we retrieve back the crate.

The fee you are paying is not to purchase the crate or rent, it is a caution fee you are putting to ensure that it meets up with the laws of exchange of service.


You must provide the funds before we proceed in sending your pets to you using the next available flight.



Depart • Wed, Feb 1719h 52m


Global Relocators 310

6:12 pm

Norfolk (ORF)

1h 23m

7:35 pm

Charlotte Douglas (CLT)

Main Cabin

Airbus A320-100/200

1h 05m•Change planes in Charlotte (CLT)


Global Relocators 532

8:40 pm

Charlotte Douglas (CLT)

2h 07m

9:47 pm

Lambert-St Louis (STL)

Main Cabin

Boeing 737-800

9h 13m•Change planes in St. Louis (STL)


Global Relocators Airlines 1410

7:00 am

Lambert-St Louis (STL)Departs Thu, Feb 18

2h 08m

9:08 am

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

Main Cabin

Boeing 737-800

1h 47m•Change planes in Dallas (DFW)


Global Relocators 5824

10:55 am

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)

2h 09m

12:04 pm

Albuquerque (ABQ)

Main Cabin

Canadair (Bombardier) Regional Jet 900

*********** ****** Global Relocators



Thank you for using our services.


Thank you for using our services."

This seemed very suspicious so I started doing some research. I can't find this company outside of typing in the site address and in my digging found that 2 others had experienced scams buying pets that supposedly used this transport company. One of them who also shared the email which is eerily similar to mine but he was charged more for the shipping container. He payed the $980 for the shipping crate then received another email stating that he also had to pay $880 for pet insurance. In short he paid the money and never received the animal and never heard from them again. If you would like to read his story for yourself you can find it here:

*********************************************************************** I have not paid the fee as I am still fishing for answers but it is unlikely I ever will because it seems like a scam to me.

Additionally, I called the number listed on the website, which my phone identified as a Texas number, and it rings for quite a while then a message plays that said something like the Verizon number wasn't in service. However, I just called again, the 3rd time, and someone answered for "Blue Sky Delivery". I asked the status of my cat and he said they sent an email saying we need to pay for the shipping crate. I then asked "what happens if I don't pay it?" He said, "it is not optional." I asked, "if I don't pay it what happens to the cat?" He said they call the person who dropped it off to come get it."

After getting off the phone I googled that company as well and can't find anything of it.

I am really irritated and disappointed especially since we were so worried about it being a scam. Trust your gut.

Victim Location 80528
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found a website called hypoallergenic kittens. I inquired about a kitten using their contact link on their page. They let me know one of the two I inquired about were available and sent me more personal photos of the kitten with family and such. I agreed to purchase it. They asked me if I wanted to pick it up and where was I located. I let them know I was in another state and they were willing to ship same day because they have another mother who is about to have another litter and they are selling at a SUPER cheap cost of 400$ to get rid of two litters to make room for the third.

They said 200$ to ship. I paid the money Zelle (600$) to a person named Faustinus Mus ([email protected])and they asked me to tag it with a memo of K#15 for kitten 15 and my name and mark it as a personal expense (not business). Then they claimed they went to an animal shipping service in Oklahoma city to ship it but needed my phone number. I thought this was odd since I put it in the contact info page on their website. I work nights so I was sleeping and I had to reach out to them the following day. I reached out to them again and they asked for my number again to try and ship. About two hours later I get an email from another fake company called Global Relocators.

Global relocators claims to be an animal shipping company for animals. Address 7100 Terminal Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73159. This is not the correct address btw. It is the address of another business at the airport. They emailed me from [email protected] In my inbox they sent me an email showing me a flight schedule that is legit. It shows where your animal will fly out and arrive like as if you bought a ticket to fly yourself. Has a barcode and a tracking number to verify on their website. This I found out is a standard tracking number they send to all their customers they scam. Because when I went back to the website to show my husband a new customers name was in there and I called them to try and prevent them from being scammed AGAIN.

That's right folks. They try to scam you twice. The GLOBAL RELOCATORS tell you in the email they need a deposit for the shipping crate due to covid. They said it will be refunded upon arrival once the animal is picked up. This is why they also claimed they needed my phone number was so that they could make sure the airport could contact me to make sure I would pick up the animal upon arrival.

So I went to the website ( to put in my tracking number (GR278451). There a page pops up with everything. Your info. Senders info. Itinerary. Etc. They said it was pending a 1,100$ deposit for an air ventilated crate specially made for covid restrictions!!! I was floored. I bought a french bulldog online. We had her shipped. I complained that this was fraud immediately having had 2 purchased and shipped animals in the past. They claimed this was a covid requirement and policies change. However I knew the rules back in April and re-verified them again before I requested to have it shipped. So I forwarded them a request for either the certificate number or their business license and they claimed they could not give out that info to anyone as it was private info. This is not true and any animal global shipper should be able to hand you this info immediately.

At this point I contact the seller and let them know I want a refund through Zelle right now. They said why would I waste 2 days just to scam you. I am not scamming you it is a covid requirement. They would not get on the phone with me and then I said okay, I will come pick up the animal. They give me a random address and phone number. I verify info that it isn't them and nothing is matching. I call global relocators (580-215-7252) to talk to Chis Steven and they never pick up the phone.

During our phone back and forth emails where they are still trying to get me to give up another 1100 and convince me it is not a scam. They agree to a refund 2 months later. Give me a break. Seriously? I let them know I will be making a police report and reporting the scam at which point they tell me not to forget to mention I will be getting a refund in 2 months when I make the report. They also changed their email during our conversation and a new customer name was on the website under the same tracking number on global relocators.

Then I look up scams under global relocators and find another kitty company called blue sphynx and I guess this is a previous name they went under at one point and everyone there had a similar story to mine. Some people lost almost 3 grand. Glad I lost only 600 and the person after me I tried to call had lost 1200$ only minutes after me. My son didn't get a kitten for xmas and I was saving that up for a year. It was too good to be true and my bulldog was purchased cheap under a similar circumstance so it seemed legit and I was in a hurry for the holiday. We already had all the cat items purchased and now it will be another year or two before we can make a purchase like this again. It ruined xmas. I feel stupid and hope no one else is going to continue to be scammed by these terrible humans.

Victim Location 62959
Total money lost $1,850
Type of a scam Online Purchase

My wife and I had been looking for a dog and I sent her a website that I had come across. So she researched Cavapoo's. We had been advised that getting a dog could be very beneficial to our 6 old daughter since she loves animals and could help with some of the behavioral issues she is experiencing. So she reached out be email to this person. They responded back saying they could ship the dog to us the next day. She said she takes Zelle payments and that we would need to make 2 payments. One for $500 and the other for $250. We were told that we would be getting the information about flight delivery of the dog the next day. So the next day this "lady" replies back saying how everything has changed due to covid-19 and that they refused to use the crate that she had the dog in. There is a rental fee for the crate by the company of $1100 and is totally refundable upon pick up of the dog. But the flight leaves in less than an hour and it needs to be paid as soon as possible. So we get them the payment but too much time had passed and so now it will not be shipped until tomorrow. They even went as far as fabricating a flight plan showing the flight departures, stops, and layovers. The flight information is just copied from an actual carriers plan. My wife found a Delta flight that was spot on to the times and locations that they sent. But this person never in any emails mentioned any specific airlines and would not tell us where to go as far as gate information and kept insisting that all information was in the email. So my wife comes back home and at about midnight between the 2 of us we had put enough of the pieces of the puzzle together that we had been scammed out of $1850. We were devastated, embarrassed, and it was a huge financial hit for us. So early this afternoon we received another email stating now that an insurance payment that would be totally refundable in the amount of $880 was needed to ship the dog and it had to be completed in 2 hours. Needless to say we did not send any more money and ignored the email. So far we have not heard anything further. The "shipping company" has a The email address used in contacting us is: [email protected] The phone number of the person that we had been talking to from "global-relocators" is ************. There is a bogus voicemail message that mentions nothing of the company. So it's not even an actual company phone number. I'm just trying to get word out the help prevent others from this happening to them. The actual website that advertised the puppies was

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