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I thought for sure no one was using that circular freebie trap anymore, but I was wrong. This site is advertising on YouTube to possibly get freebie from dewalt tools. I get that they want to sell insurance, etc, and I filled out a form: the results led to another form, so of course, I filled it out as well. Those results led back to the first form, and I got out - straight back to the original clickbait. One of 2 things is going to happen (maybe both - you’d think I would have learned by now, having been through this shuffle before.):

1) I’m going to get a zillion calls for at least 3 weeks about insurance, and

2) third parties now have my information, which they bought from this company, who will call them affiliates or whatever in the privacy policy. MAJOR PROBLEMS: it’s never just advertising, as the policies always state, because I always end up with weird, unidentifiable charges somewhere, an email address crammed with crapola, and often some grade of identity theft and hacking into my phone and accounts, which I never provided.

I could be mistaken about the last part: maybe it’s just insurance and ads, but this is definitely clickbait, a nuisance, and they outright lie about giving you your quote at that point in time. Don’t waste your time, patience, blood pressure, and your attention - if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Nothing changes. Scammers gonna scam. Bs is bs. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well , you do the math. And walk away from it.

- Pasadena, TX, USA

I can’t believe I fell for the line this “business” was selling. I am going to adapt another review here because it fits my experience exactly.

This website getitfree is a scam. First they offered a free KitchenAid set to answer a quick survey. They get all your information (address, phone, email, birthdate) under the pretext of shipping this free sample. Then they you to go through MANY endless surveys & questions (eventually I gave up) offering you something but you get NOTHING. I feel duped into providing personal information. Also, there is no way to delete your account. I want my phone number, address and email deleted from their system. And also want to inform people to not waste time and give your information here. I read their responses to other complaints and it is simply not true. Their site is deceitful, is an example of "bait & switch", and they should be sued for unlawfull gathering of personal information.

- Hanceville, AL, USA

Filling out surveys to begin, then they used my info to Snoop in my on line accounts. They found out that I had a card on file and went from there. They did get 95.99 on 3rd try but by then my bank had them under surveillance for fraud. Maybe they will go to jail.

unwanted products then directed to the phishing site

I have tried to unscribe and I can't unscribe

- La Verkin, UT, USA

I am getting several dozen calls, text messages and emails from this company and their affiliates everyday. On their website they promised free samples. How it works: Pick a product sample. They ask for your info so they can send it to you and ask you to take a survey. All this time it states order is processing. When your finished it doesn't finish the order it just sends you to more offers. Some of these offers go to a different site which does the same thing. This is a scam that was just created to gain people's personal info in order to sale it and to harrass and scam people. They never send anyone the samples. The calls started after I tried to unsubscribed from their email. I don't answer the calls or reply to the texts because you're warned not to. However, I have looked the numbers up and they're all reported scams or spam and range from fake pain clinic to credit card fix scams. This website shouldn't exist!!!

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