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Gecert Reports & Reviews (21)

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

I was employed by Gecert for almost a month without getting paid. Company stated I'll receive my payment on 31st day of my probation, but I wasn't even asked about my payment information. I was hired via email interview and provided an access to their website where I saw information about my tasks. I also had a manager assigned and his name (or probably his name exactly) is Steven Burch. By the time I was locked from all of the phones, websites and emails I earned $2830 of wages. I spent my own money on transportation in order to complete assigned duties and these costs were never reimbursed as well.

- North Las Vegas, NV, USA

DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU! I worked for 4 weeks under the premise of 'training' at $600/week to be paid at the end of 4 weeks on July 13, 2018. I also earned 'bonus' money by completing tasks in a timely manner. At the end of 4 weeks my pay should have been $3070.00. I not only did NOT get paid, they disabled my ability to sign into the company panel to view my tasks and payment due. I have screenshots of everything and kept all emails and correspondence with the bogus company. They actually make money contracting with companies like Apple for quality inspections, then scam people and get them to work for free.

I found this website through shipped packages to me and had me ship them to a different address and I later found out that it is a scam

I was contacted about employment for a work from home position. Which required you to login to a work site and receive random packages in different people names, pick up packages in your name from different locations, and ship packages to random addresses that were sent to you on the shipping label. You will receive weekly updates of your pay for work completed, and a set pay day for your first check. On your set pay date you will be deleted from the work panel and no longer contacted and will not receive a response.

This company purchases items with stolen credit card information and ships it to you with a shipping label to ship to someone else. They will advertise its paid employment and tell you everything is legit. You will not get paid for shipping or receiving any packages. You will be deleted from the site on your scheduled pay date.

Hey I got a call from this company staying that they have a job offer for me as a inspection they sent me boxes and they started sending me shipments to ship out ..

I applied for a job on indeed and the company reached out to me. You would never know that it was a scam because their process is so much like an actual company. The website looks legit and they even send you an employment contract. Please do not fall for this scam.

- Jacksonville, FL, USA

This is not REAL company they are scammers.using people to send off stolen stuff.I thought it was real but it's a fake.Steven Burch is fake.gecert is fake.

- Jacksonville, FL, USA

I applied for a Shipping and Receiving position on Indeed. I was contacted by phone, by a woman that did not speak very good English. She asked me a few "interview" questions about my experience with shipping and receiving. The question that raised my suspicions was, "would you be ok working from home?" and then "would you be ok receiving packages at your residence that were not addressed to you?" I then received an email from them congratulating me and welcoming me to their company with an employment contract that they asked me to sign and return to them. My understanding of the job was that packages would be mailed to my home, I would open them, inspect them and repackage them to be sent somewhere else. Why would this need to be done?

We have successfully processed your application and are pleased to welcome you to Gecert family. Please carefully read the employment contract in the attachment, fill it out and send it back to us. You can also use the online form in order to proceed - We also ask you to provide a scan or copy of your state-issued ID. This is necessary to confirm your identity. We guarantee that the data you provide will be stored and used strictly within the Gecert company and will not be disclosed to any third parties.

Please feel free to contact us via email or make a phone call and we'll be glad to answer all you questions.

Best regards, Gecert HR Department

Registered Office:

1201 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Received a text about employment from home. After a phone interview, I received a contact for employment. I was unable to find any information about the company. When I tried to get information, my questions went unanswered.

- Fort Worth, TX, USA

I was sent a text early in the morning, saying thanks for your resume at Indeed. Please fill out your application form and we will reach you soon. HR 8888267895. That's exactly how the text was written. I clicked on it and it was a very basic application but something seemed off to me so I begin to look around their website and noticed that a lot of their projects seems pasted in and non-verifiable stories. Shortly after that I received a called from an 844-334-3656 number from a lady who sounded middle eastern and she asked a few basic questions but what caused me to be suspicious was when she asked if I had a problem with receiving packages at home without my name on it. I said, NO, not really but why would not my name be on it, if it's coming to my address? Granted this was for a QC position. She didn't answer and she HR would be in touch. While I waited, I did some more research on the net and could not find any information on the company except their website. A red flag to me. 6 minutes later I get a text saying that an employment contract has been sent to my email. Fill it up and start working today. Gecert HR, 888-826-7895. So after getting that and reading what's on here. I decided no way am I doing this.

- East Orange, NJ, USA

I was contacted first with a text message offering me to apply after finding my resume on The job was a home based job, receiving packages for me to check the quality of the products included in such deliveries and then file them in the company's system and send them back. I filled in the application form and a couple days after got a phone call from a lady asking interview related questions such as if I had reliable transportation, if I was currently working, and also if I didn't mind if they used my name on the packages I would be receiving or being sent by the company. After this they sent me a email that included an employment contract attached and a link to a website that asks for a scan or copy of my state issued ID. I did my little research because many things were off and found one report here about the same company describing something similar. Also I reverse-searched a picture of their "crew" in one of their social media which includes a guy with the scammer logo on his t-shirt. Found that the picture is original of another company's employee crew and the same guy had that other real company logo on his t-shirt. Clearly edited for scamming purposes. But they forgot to crop another logo on another person in the same picture.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

I reply to a job post on indeed for a work at home job. They falsely claim they were bbb approved.

Applied for a merchandise inspector job online and received a text shortly after directing me to apply through the company site online. The application was very basic and raised red flags. The website looked legitimate but a quick google search left many questions about the company. I was sent a text after the application saying they were trying to reach me. When I gave a call back the person sounded foreign and very suspicious. She asked basic questions and soon informed me I would be working from home. She said she was going to send my responses to HR and they would make a hiring decision. Less than five minutes later I received an email with a job offer and forms to fill out. Extremely suspicious especially since I clearly wasn’t qualified based on the questions asked/ answered. I stopped all contact at that point.

This company contacted me after I responded to an application for employment on I tried to do some research on the company, but found nothing. So I dug a little bit deeper. I answered a phone interview from this company. And one of the red flags I got that made me think it was a scam, is when the operator asked me if it was ok to send packages with my name on it, to my home. I know that the job market is scarce, but don't be fooled by fraudulent companies like this one. If it's to good to be true, then most likely, it is.

- National City, CA, USA

I received a text to take next step of employment application from “” I didn’t recall applying there and upon investigating the company, nothing legitimate came up. Their facebook page has only 1 like and they claim to be accredited falsely.

- Norwalk, CA, USA

I received a text message after putting my resume on indeed. Website claims to be BBB certified, false. Reporting as scam. I did not contact them back.

- League City, TX, USA

I was called and after a brief phone interview I received an email with an employment contract. I suspected this company was fraudulent, when the and SSL badges on their website are not linked to an actual third party company verifying their legitimacy. I suspect they go by another name as well (Arrow certification).

They hiring ppl to ship packages but their using a stolen credit card. They send the packages through fedx and ups and they have you to ship them out to a address 6 Merry LANE in NJ. Every package is mailed to this address once you ship it.

Contacted me after I placed my resume on indeed

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