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G.E Debt Recovery Group

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G.E Debt Recovery Group Reports & Reviews (36)

• Jan 18, 2021

I have received 3 of these emails all verbatim what everyone else has said even down to the dollar amounts. All threatening legal action if I don’t pay this debt. I don’t even have a cash advance.

• Jan 16, 2021

I have received 2 emails threatening legal action if i dont respond...I have never had a cash advance thru anyone never mind this place...

• Jan 12, 2021

I received 2 emails from them today within hours apart. They're from [email protected], G E Debt Recovery about a cash advance loan overdue payment. The name in the email is a Patrick Wilson.

Scammer's phone 8335151699
Scammer's website No website provided
Scammer's address No address provided
Scammer's email [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

Received numerous phone call all hours of the day on my cell and now on my work line which is not allowed by my company. Threatening court, paycheck garnishments, freezing bank accounts. Constantly chewing while talking to me and continually avoids answering any of my questions. Asked for a website to make the payments if debt was truly owed, which is highly doubtful since my credit report has been free and clear for of any negative debt for over 15 years, but will only allow me to pay over the phone. Checked the site they claim I had rhe loan from but get a message that my email address doesn't have an account there.

Just received a email from them today everything verbatim to everyone else. Plus I received a call from +18447235301 didn't answer but looked the number up and all I see are scam, scammer complaints. India callers. Do ya research they trying to rack up on money

• Dec 11, 2020

Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Email

I received an email this morning stating my SSN was under review for an unpaid Payday Loan from Cash Advance, Inc. They said I owe almost $1000

• Nov 30, 2020

My experience is the same. This is my third email from these people. I have reported it and otherwise ignored them.

• Nov 25, 2020

I have received two emails today each referencing a different account number for Cash Advance, Inc. I do not owe this company anything. The person supposedly collecting is a Patrick Wilson. The emails show coming from 2 different attorneys using as their email addresses. As well the email referenced to be paid to is a gmail email address. They say I owe $946.18 but will settle for $512.00. I had in addition filed a complaint with my state attorneys office. The two accounts referenced are 20-9-803077CA and 20-9-80377CAA, both for same amount, with both with same settlement amount. One of them is threatening a law suit, the other says my Social Security Number is under investigation.

• Jan 06, 2021

I got the exact same email with the same amounts. I guess I must have purchased the same thing :)

• Nov 23, 2020

I’m disabled citizen and I have repeatedly told this company that I’m unable to pay and that they need to stop sending me threatining emails with disrespeful language

• Dec 03, 2020

It's a scam you don't owe them anything

• Nov 19, 2020

I am getting sick and tired of these [censored]. They say I owe money which I don't and they keep telling me that no action will be taken if I pay today which is one of the most rediculous scams I've every seen. I wish there was something I could do to stop these fools

How is it that we all have the same account number, balance due and everything is exactly the same? This is a scam!

• Dec 07, 2020

omg i have the same account numbers too. haha

• Nov 12, 2020

Got the same email as the others, word for word. These people are really getting on my nerves. Isn't there any thing we can do to stop them?

• Nov 12, 2020

Scammer's website GE debt recovery group
Scammer's email payment a
Country United States
Type of a scam Debt Collections
Initial means of contact Email

Told if immediate payment was not made on a loan that I did not make there was going to be immediate legal consequences. I have never done business with advance america. They said there was a pay off price. No phone, address, this is a definite scam.

• Nov 10, 2020

This email is one of 4 I have received from this company in the past 2 weeks. I have NEVER taken any type of loan from Cash Advance or whomever they work for!

• Nov 12, 2020

I just had this same exact email sent now 3 times. what do we do to stop the emails?!

• Nov 09, 2020

I had the exact same amount of 946.18
Name Patrick Wilson from Cash Advance Inc Never had a loan with them ever!. Constant emails saying I have a debt owed must be paid with in 4hrs. Then another email stating my soc.sec # is at risk? Scam. I'm not paying nothing it's fake!

• Oct 29, 2020

Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Email

Scammer wants me to pay I loan I don’t have sent a threatening email asking for a lower payment amount with warning of legal action against me and higher payment amount I don’t have any loans at I and these scammers keep sending me emails on a regular basis

• Oct 18, 2020



Creditor: Cash Advance Inc.

Total Amount Due: $946.18 (Unpaid Loan)

Docket File : 20-9-803077-CA

Mode Of Payment: Online

Pay Off Today: $512.00 (45% Debt Reduction)

single mom of two kids trying to fix my credit ,saving what little money I had just lost my job but and wanted to fix my credit. I suspected my debt would be around the 945 they said and wanted my stress to end .They sent an invoice to my paypal and it was at that point they get your address and phone number . Iam defeated dont know where to start and no this system is not setup to protect or care to help people like me.I hope this an help someone,prevent this situation ,these people dont understand the pain they can cause

• Oct 19, 2020

I got the same email for the same amount. I know I didn't get a loan out so I disregarded it. It looks kind of official, so I can see how someone can fall for their scam. The thing that tipped me off was, it didn't have my name. It just said "Dear customer." If it was a true debt, it'd have a name.

• Oct 17, 2020

I received also several harassment email from G.E. Debt Recovery Group that owe $946.18 and wants me to pay off settlement amount of $512.00 (48% debt reductions) also have payment plan of $30.00 every two weeks! Debt collector name Patrick Wilson too and email address is [email protected] and hope will catch these scammers peoples!

• Oct 21, 2020

I just received the same email. I know that it is a scam, because I have received emails like this on my other email address. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

• Oct 13, 2020

Scammer's website GE Recovery services
Scammer's email GE Recovery Services
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Email

Attention, Sheila Marsilio

The email which you have received is for the outside of court settlement, documentation has been already submitted to your local county clerk office.

You can get the paperwork but at the same time this outside of court settlement option will be void, you will receive Legal Subpoena at your doorstep. You may contact your attorney who can represent you in front of authorities.

This email is an attempt to rectify this matter without going to the court, you will be receiving Receipt of your every payment, NOC Letter, NO DUE Certificate if you are taking care of this matter outside of court.

This is your account and your responsibility to pay it back, we are here to help you, the choice is yours you want to face authorities and pay $4796.00 or clear your original balance$946.18in payments.

We cannot force you for anything, we are just following the protocol, everyone is doing their individual job.

Don’t worry about fraud,

GE Recovery Services is a receivables management company offering a performance-based, third party solution for managing delinquent accounts. With over $1.6 Million in receivables in the last year, We remains a leader in receivables.

Our credit management solutions enable Clients to focus on their base lending and customer service practices. We take over the most difficult part of the lending cycle, managing and collecting deficiencies. The results are undeniable. Our Clients see a significantly higher recovery rate, increased Customer satisfaction and lower operating expenses. We Specialize in student loan and attorney collections, However we can offer our services in many more industries.

Leading The Way With Experience With over 28 years under its belt, GE Recovery Services offers financial institutions the strength of experience lacking in alternative solutions. In addition, we offer our Clients the benefit of diverse expertise. Our company leads the collection industry in such markets as banking, automotive finance, mortgage lending, retail and commercial lending.

GE Recovery Services is a long-standing member of the American Collectors Association. We are bonded and insured, and maintain a separate, independently audited trust account for all moneys collected on behalf of our Clients.

Leading The Way With People GE Recovery Services prides itself on its people. Their excellence, integrity and depth of knowledge are unmatched in the debt collection industry. They not only work towards the Client’s financial goals, but they also protect the Client’s interests.

Patrick Wilson (Debt Specialist) G.E DEBT RECOVERY GROUP®
Delinquent Account Recovery | FDCPA | Online Lenders Alliance © 2020

• Nov 25, 2020

I received two of the same emails for Cash Advance, Inc, coming from Patrick Wilson with same amount owed and same settlement amount. The two emails have different account numbers, coming from 2 different attorneys using for their email. used to be hotmail, that anyone can get an email account.

• Oct 19, 2020

"Don't worry about fraud". lol!

• Oct 12, 2020

I Just received several harassing from this company/organization. The letter states that I owe $ 946.18 which is in default and if not paid off legal action will be taken against me. The only I can pay is online. Also, in order to pay I have to email within a certain time period ( e.g., 4 hrs) to have this resolved.

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