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GCJ Research

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• Mar 16, 2024

Do your homework guys! This really is a legitimate company. I was skeptical at first but I did my research and received my gift certificate promptly!

I got a snail mail in July 2022, inviting me to take a short survey from GCJ Research in PA.. It had a QR code for not just me but all residents (my wife and daughter). I took a chance and filled out the survey. And, next day I did get $5 gift card by email. So, I think they may be legitimate research firm.


I was texted by GCJ research, a company I've done business with, about being selected for a random survey. I immediately believed it to be a scam. I Googled GCJ research to verify it it was a real company and saw that it is a very popular means of scamming via text. I already knew that hackers could access your personal information bc I'd followed a link years ago and my phone's camera was hacked.



I got a piece of mail saying I am one of the few selected for a 2022 Colorado survey. Said I was selected to represent the people of my neighborhood. Has my name and my roommates name with our own qr barcodes to take the survey and offer $5 gift card for, target, or one of many other stores. First off, I don't get why it was mailed to only me if my roommates name is on it as well. He is the owner of the house. Not I. Second, their address listed is the address for Staples in Fort Collins. Third, it is presorted mail with paid postage from Sacramento, CA. 1, 2, 3 strikes you're out at the old ball game.


Doing the surveys was okay however, I don’t want to make it a habit.


I did not receive my $5.00 Reward for my last survey completion. Thank you for your previous Rewards. Please send me a $5.00 Gift Reward for “Panera Bread”. Your prompt response is appreciated. Thank you.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

Text with a survey link. I did not click on the link, but googled the company and it came up as a scam.

I did the research. GCJ Research LLC was registered in Washington DC in January 2020. The organizer is Graham M Wilson, who has also formed the following, all in Washington DC, first beginning 02/06/2017:
Common Ground
Fellow Americans
Integrity First PAC
2020 Democratic National Convention Committee
Run For Something PAC
Americans Protecting Healthcare
Register2Vote Fund
Let America Vote
Biden Victory Fund
Secure Democracy
Zero Emission Transportation Association Education Fund
Elrod Strategies LLC
Business Climate Initiative Action

Norman Rosenblatt


I received the same "small number of people selected" snail mail piece. It included links for both me and my wife.
a) The context is fishy and the content to thin to seem valid.
b) The website is similarly unconvincing, and easily constructed.
c) The positive responses above may have been posted by the people behind this.
d) Amid all of this is something which was a clear tip-off to me as well, but since they clearly review this website, I don't want to help them refine their scam by detailing that.
e) My privacy and security are worth a great deal more than $2.
It went into the trash.


This morning I got a text from this outfit about taking a Minnesota survey. Number one they said, Hi Lee. Interesting that is not my name, failure number one. Just because I have a Minnesota area code, I live 2000 miles away in California and been registered to vote in the state for over 4 years. Failure number two. I have no interest in even letting them know how incorrect their info is. Failure number three.
In baseball 3 strikes and you are out. I hit the delete key plus blocked the number with Do Not Disturb turned on.


I just received a letter in the mail...I'm among a small number of people selected randomly to participate , I will receive 2dlls...and might be eligible for subsequent surveys.


I just put in the link for my individual survey it came up with a Different state from the one I live in with someone else's name


From what I can tell, the "official Invitation" sent to my none address for the "Colorado Fall Opinion Survey," offering a $2 Amazon gift card, and giving me the privilege of being sent additional survey's from different stores for $5 to $10 dollars is likely politically based. I say this because the invitation also included my son's name as a participant (with his own link). How is this political, you ask? The only place my son and I are would appear with the same address is with Colorado Voter registration records, and voter registration records are public. Also, the return address, 9888 W Belleview Ave, Denver, CO is a Pick and Ship... it's a shipping store that rents mail boxes to anyone. It uses a street address to get mail instead of a PO Box, which many applications block. Hint: If you want to try to hide... you would use this type of service to get mail. Further, the website, was only created on Sept 8, 2020 (my letter was dated Sept 15). The website is registered through Tucows, Inc (incorporated in PA, headquartered in Toronto). Tucows is simply a tech company that provides web domains and is not suspect here... just being used. abuse can be reported to [email protected]. Bottom-line, I did not open the site, but it is unsolicited, they use a false address, it's a new website, they tap public records to "randomly" select you, they don't provide a subject of the survey, and they use words like "Official Invitation." You be the judge.


Hi we're GCJ Research. You've been randomly selected from Pennsylvanians to take our 3-min survey (compensated). Thanks!


Mine was from BNG Research, which GCJ said in the survey they had recently acquired. The survey was being conducted on SurveyGizmo's website and I am familiar with them. I don't think a scammer would try to run something through a legit 3rd party like them.
No intrusive questions, opinions and demographics. Then they gave me the Amazon code after I had completed the survey in case there were email issues with not receiving the code. I typed the link they provided to redeem the code into my home PC (with very good safeguards) and that link went directly to Amazon with no redirects and now I have $2 credit in my Amazon account! WooHoo!
So I felt safe with them mostly because of it not going directly to some unknown website.


I had the same exact experience. I just completed another survey and received $5 this time. I even had the choice to get the $5 towards a Starbucks our Home Depot gift card, but being the Amazon shopper I am, I still chose that option. Considering they only asked questions regarding my political views, I don’t really think they intended to scam me. At least I hope not. I never shared any other information.

Just received a piece in the mail (snail mail not e-mail or text) asking me and/or my husband to participate in a survey. Went to the GCJ Research website and all you get is one page, with a privacy policy. No information about the company or who they work with (other than a very generic description of brands and elected officials). Seems very sketchy to me.


I have been doing surveys for GCJ Research for months and I have gotten Amazon credit every time.


Got an unsolicited text from "Amber" @GCJResearch, randomly selecting Hoosiers for political opinions. I like to do something known as "scambaiting" and this has red flags to be aware of:
1. Unsolicited, 2. Knows your name, 3. Sends a link immediately without asking if you are interested, 4. Random Selection is not so random, your email/phone number was leaked on a database where scammers can see what numbers are active.
Tldr too good to be true, dont click the link, and if they do send you a 0.50 cent gift card, theyve mined your data and youll get more scam mail.


Just got text from this Company saying his Name was Isic, did the survey was sent a 2.00 Amazon gift card like a fool I used the link from my email opened my Amazon to the gift card page pasted the code Was InValid! hope my aamazon Account is not Hacked! Im Nervous


There is no link, they give you a gift card code and they let you know what company the gift card is good toward, which is usually Amazon. You'll need to write down the gift card code number,, and then when you shop on the website that the gift card indicates you can use it toward (usually like Amazon or Starbuck's, etc), then you'll type that code in on the space where it asks if you have a discount code or a gift card code. You type the code in and it'll show you the redemption amount that was gifted to you. I've received gift cards for years doing surveys and have saved hundreds of dollars! I just completed an Amazon order and used 2 gift cards I received from GCJ Research. And I saved $10 on my order! YAY!

I take their MN survey. I've been paid $5 every time for last several months. Is pretty much a political snapshot for the state I think. Been great to me.


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with GCJ Research, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with GCJ Research, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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