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Garcinia Cambogia

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Garcinia Cambogia Reports & Reviews (10)

Victim Location 32803
Total money lost $59.95
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Promised money back for product then charges a 19.95 restocking fee. So of the 79.95 you actually only get back 59.95 after paying 4.99 for the trial period.

Victim Location 32344
Total money lost $299.80
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

In April, 2017, I ordered a Introductory sample of medical cannabis for my 19 year old dog, to see if it was a possible relief of her arthritis. The day it was received I called the company to get instructions for the dosage for a 40 lb. dog. After many transfers I finally got a way to calculate the dosage & was informed that I would be getting another shipment the next month. I immediately told them that I would not accept the next order, until I established that it would be helpful for my dog. I called the credit card company the same day, to make sure that I would not be billed for another shipment. The company name was PBC*GARCINIACAMBSLIM & PIU*FULLNUTRICARALUMA.

When I received the next statement from your company on June 19, 2017, there was a charge, totaling $149.90 for another shipment of the medical cannabis, but it was from a different company. The June bill was for companies, SEN*SIMPLYCARALLUMAID & TKT*UNTAPPEDPOTENTIAL. This apparently was a ploy to use my credit card information, which I put a block on from the previous bill. I called on June 19, 2017 & requested a cancellation of the credit card & requested another one to be issued, so that the company had no way to charge me again.

I did receive one more package from the company, which I dropped off at the Monticello, FL post office as return to sender. I have not received any other merchandise since.

At this point the credit card company has given me a credit, but said that the scammer gave them a tracking number & that I have received monthly shipments, which I have not.

If you need any more information from me, I will gladly reply.

Victim Location 45239
Total money lost $164.85
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Please be warned! The add on FB states a free trial of the diet aid Garcinia Cambogia for only a charge of 4.95 for postage on FB. You then get your credit card bill 30 days later and see another charge on there of 79.95 which was not authorized. You then call them and they state that it is only for 14 day trial and they are authorized to continue to send out product and charge every 14 days. Told my card was charged another 84.90 for following shipment, which not showing on my charge yet. They then offer to give 50% reduction and let me keep product as a courtesy as getting really upset by this point in our conversation. (By the way only ever received one free trial.) When I tell them I will be filing a dispute with my credit card then they offered 85% reduction if I agreed not to file dispute. How convenient right.? I would not agree to this of course. They will not remove the first charge of 79.95 as beyond 30 day return policy. (Of course it is as was paid by a credit card.) Said if I filed a dispute they will send documentation to my cc company and my dispute will be denied. Another threat! I still would not agree to not file a dispute as the ad said a free trial for only 4.95. Be warned this is a real scam and rip off!! Now I hope that Discover will be able to get these charges removed from my charge. Thank God I did not use my checking account!

Victim Location 35023
Total money lost $89.85
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company offers a free product and just ask you to pay for shipping and handling. Contact them by email once I realize that someone had use the card without permission asking that they cancelled the account. Never receive an invoice statement stating that I was still going to be charged if I didn't contact by phone. On today they took 89.85 out of my account when I contact the company to advise that this shouldn't happening. I spoke with Candace who stated she would make sure the account was cancelled but wouldn't credit me back the money they just took out. When I asked why she stated that I should have received an email back stating to contact them by phone to cancel the account. I asked to speak with supervisor she told me they was on the phone I asked to hold to speak with one. She placed me on hold then came back and said he said to disputed the charges. Advised her that I would like to speak with him. Was placed on hold for over an hour then phone was disconnected. Called back and asked for supervisor was told I was be transferred over was place on hold again for over an hour to have another customer to be transferred to my line. He name was Charolett Hangeman from NJ who stated she just provided them with her credit card information and was place on hold then I came on the phone. Called them back again spoke with Maryann who stated her computer was down and would transfer over to her co worker who computer was working. Spoke with Daniel advise him what happen he told me I should have read the terms. Told him what happen he told me he wouldnt anything back to me and disconnected the phone. Please didn't buy anything from the company.

Victim Location 46725
Total money lost $77.58
Type of a scam Online Purchase

They charged my bank account $89 something twice and $77.58 or something like that today. When I called to tell them I did not authorize the transactions and to tell them to take my account information and delete it (after I had already spoke with visa) They decided to tell me they would only refund 60% of the 77. Nothing about the two $89 transactions. They were beyond rude. Made no effort to make it right nor was it in the "fine print" that they would make unauthorized transactions not did it give any option to cancel. They also threw in a "diet cleanse" which upped the amount I was charged in the first place. Thank God for visa. Don't ever use their product it doesn't work. I never lost any weight and followed it precisely. They also don't give an option to read any of the "contract" they use against you. It's a complete scam.

Victim Location 36093
Total money lost $149.90
Type of a scam Online Purchase


Victim Location 36782
Total money lost $88.50
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased two of Garcinia Cambogia's products sometime in September. They are supposed to help with weight loss. They were free trials so I only paid about $7.00 for both products. I was excited! I thought that maybe I could lose a few pounds; I was so desperate to lose weight that I did not research Garcinia Cambogia as much as I should have and that is why I have ended up losing $88.50.

Today, Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 11:33 A.M. and 11:34 A.M., I was notified through a text message that there had been an $88.00 and $89.00 transaction. I got pretty freaked out so I went to investigate. At first, I thought, "Oh, no! Someone must have somehow gotten my information and made an unknown purchase," but I was utterly shocked to find out that it was Garcinia Cambogia. This company charged me a total of $177.00. I did not understand why so I found ONE of their numbers and called it. I spoke with about four people who worked for Garcinia Cambogia (or so I assume they did), but only the last person I spoke to was able to give me a 50% refund. I accepted this offer because it was better than losing $177.00.

The first three people I spoke to said the same thing and then hung up. They insisted that the product was great and that I should have known that when the 14-day trial ended I was going to be charged for both of the products I purchased. Before they hung up, I asked them to speak to a supervisor or to give me a number of someone higher in position. No one helped me except for the last person, which I am sure was to get me off the phone. I explained to all of them my predicament but they did not care. They simply "read" from their "sheet."

Garcinia Cambogia knows that in today's society it has become popular to be fit and that many people, like myself, want to lose some of it quickly and safely. They take advantage of the fact that people want to become a healthier, fitter version of themselves. It's disgusting and despicable. It makes it difficult to trust companies, especially those online. I hope for this to not happen to anyone else; however, unfortunately, many will if Garcinia Cambogia is not held reliable and accused for their "subtleties." They are committing fraud willing but since it is listed in the terms and conditions, they cannot really be held reliable, but they should be. They are simply using a strategy of big, flashy advertisements which reel intelligent people in and then make it simple and cost-effective by giving you a discount. You think it's great and kind so you trust them. But then 14 days later, you realize what a mistake it was. PLEASE, I beg everyone to not purchase anything from Garcinia Cambogia. They are frauds.

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I signed up for a 'free trial' for Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee. 15 days later, there were numerous charges on my credit card totaling over $600. The terms and conditions at the point of sale DID NOT say that I would be put on an automatically renewing schedule every 14 days unless I called back within the first 14 days. I notified my credit card dispute department, and they said this is a common type of scam and some people are successful in getting their money back. The only thing I had was a phone number that showed up on a bill in my email for the unauthorized charges they made. In the end, after 5 hours of calling and speaking with people, I was able to get my money back and they gave me a full refund. I am writing this post to help others like me get their money back.

-Stay calm and speak directly. Keep repeating yourself if they are trying to manipulate you. Tell the first person you speak with that you have been charged without your knowledge after signing up for a free trial. If they tell you it was in the terms and conditions this may not actually be true. I kept repeating that the terms and conditions "were not at the point of sale".

-They tried to convince me I just didn't read them. I pointed out that the website I ordered them from was no longer accessible. They gave me a link to their 'terms and conditions'. I kept repeating those "were not at the point of sale".

-Ask to speak to a manager. Keep repeating this. Refuse to answer their questions. Say "I am not satisfied and want to speak to a manager" Say you want to give them an opportunity to resolve the situation. Mention the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission.

-When you speak with the manager, remain calm and collected. They will eventually offer you 50% refund saying this is all they can do for you. DO NOT ACCEPT. As soon as you accept this, you lose the ability to have your credit card dispute department fight the situation because you have technically 'resolved' the issue. They take the partial refund as you accepting this as a resolution.

-At this point, they will threaten you and ask what your bank said when you complained. They will say they have all the legal backing and that you will lose your money instead of getting the partial refund.

-Continue to say you are giving them an opportunity to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. Keep saying you are not satisfied and will not accept the partial refund. Keep repeating the subscription was not at the point of sale. Ask for an address to submit a formal complaint (they won't have one to give you). Ask for all communication from them to be in writing (they won't do this). You will eventually get them down to 75%. Keep persisting. Stick to your guns. Keep mentioning your intent to report this to the BBB and FTC. "I am not satisfied with this resolution" is what you say over and over.

Eventually you will wear them down. It took me 5 hours in total (for each of the 4 charges they made on my credit card). I received a full refund and they cancelled my subscription (they will tell you you have to call back in 14 days to cancel - keep saying I am not satisfied and expect the subscription to be cancelled now".

Good luck and share your stories so people can fight back to these awful businesses.

Victim Location 12197
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Garcinia Cambogia Ad Read FREE TRIAL OFFER $5.95 shipping. They took $200.00 out of my checking account

Garcinia US Trial and Green Coffee Trial charge they said.

Victim Location 60619
Total money lost $242.29
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was invited to complete a survey for an amazon purchase and receive free items. I completed the survey and did not elect any of the items that were offered because I had no interest in any of them. Later that month my account was charged $79.68 for an item and a separate charge of $79.61 for another; all from the same company. When I called the numbers on my bank statement the message explained the numbers were no longer in service. I reported the fraudulent charges to my bank.

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