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Type of a scam Employment

Below is the list of the Logistics Manager's duties :

As you can see, our company works as intermediary

between customers and sellers on almost all big online auctions.

Purchased goods will be going through you. The reason is because for the seller from US

auction or any US shop, it is much easier for them to send the item to a US address rather than to outside the US.

And then you will forward the item to the buyer, following my

instructions. You do not need to contact any buyer or seller.


You have to forward the item during the next 1-2 business days after

it has been delivered to you and the shipping label has been provided.

Please take a note : Package will be sent to you and will not be in your name.

In the attachment you can find an Agreement and Application form to

fill. Please print the last page of the Agreement, sign it out,scan or

make a digital photo it and send it back to me.

Also please fill out all fields in the Application form.

In the “subject” line please type “Signed Agreement”.

As soon as your application is received by an authorized official, you will be notified by e-mail,

at the email address that you mentioned in the application itself. This is done in ALL cases. Please do not send

additional inquiries. As soon as we process your application, you will know it!

Once this information is provided it will takes 5-10 days for you to receive

the first package.

As soon as the information about each purchase becomes available, I will

e-mail it to you in detail, including:

- tracking number

- web site where to track it

- customer's information

Also please send me verification of your ID (scanned drivers’ license or passport) in the attachment.

(you can scan it or make digital picture of it)

It is required to verify that you are who you say you are; it will be added to our database.

Without it we can't start our joint venture. Please be assured your identity is safe, and will not be used for any unlawful purpose.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 5:00:00 PM, you wrote:

Please send motre information regarding the position offered.



Hello ***,

Thank you for your email of job inquiry. We are ready to consider your candidacy. We present you the opportunity to become better acquainted with the detailed job description and our Fresh Way Logistics 's activities

My name is Helen Stocker. I am a HR manager in the Fresh Way Logistics . First of all receive my apologies for this long letter. Let me speak in a few words about our company.

Fresh Way Logistics with business associations all around the world our branch office is located:

5940 South Rainbow Blvd Ste 3701

Las Vegas, NV 89118

The mission of our company is to turn our customers’ shopping into a pleasant and efficient pastime.

We are always seeking to develop its services further through a number of strategies based on innovation. We create value for our customers by going far beyond the ordinary mail forwarding or brokerage services. We do this by utilizing the most up-to-date technological solutions and through efficient warehousing and human resources management approaches. Our remote employment approach allows us to maximize the number of addresses in different states that can be offered to our clients. This also enables us to reduce our storage expenses, to be more competitive and keep our business green.

In our operational activity we try to predict our customers’ needs and satisfy them. Our loyal customers appreciate it and order our services again and again.

The experience we have gained allows us to make correct steps and give valuable recommendations to our customers.

We work on a turnkey basis and are ready to assist our customers from the very first stage of shopping, including registration of the package receipt by the customer in his native country. That’s why your level of online shopping experience does not matter for us, as we are ready to help you at any minute you need.

There is some information about the positions seeking to fill:

The Logistics Manager position is independent, part time and home-based position. You won't need to spend more than 3 hours per day. Your schedule will be flexible. You will work with 4-5 sellers and all of our customers will be outside the United States.

The seller will be sending the parcels to the Logistics Manager(to you), while the Manager will forward the parcels to the customer (outside the US buyer). All of the products are sold through major websites, auctions, etc. as qxl, amazon, ebay and etc. Products are not sold through US online stores.


1. Reduces of taxes (avoiding double taxation.);

2. Reduces expenses for offices maintenance (as Logistics Manager is an official company's representative, so the servicing of offices is not required.);

3. Number of clients has increased;

4. Our service has increased (as the delivery needs about 5 days to reach our official local office and then a couple of days to reach the recipient(our customer). Consequently, it slows down our work significantly. It would be much faster if Logistics Manager receives packages and directs them to our clients.);

5. Improves quality of reporting (each Logistics Manager is responsible for one's region. That system allows us to quickly and accurately make up all the reports and avoid their mess up.)

For the probationary period, we are hiring 9-10 Logistics Managers from different States. After probationary period only 6 of Logistics Manager are able to prolong the contract with the Fresh Way Logistics .

There is no cost involved to start working as Manager. All correspondence will be held between you and me; you do not need to contact the vendor or customer. Our customers’ service will solve all issues with customers (buyers). You do not need to contact seller or customers. Our policy is to make you feel comfortable, protecting from any annoying contacts with sellers and customers.

As already mentioned, you will receive all the necessary instructions in detail and of course you'll get all kinds of support from me.

There is no prior test to begin. We will interview you by phone.

You will be offered:

- Pay:

Commission-based payment per month (paid at the end of the probationary period)

$4 200 per month (paid weekly after the probationary period);

- Bonuses of for each successfully completed order;

- Benefits: flexible hours, paid time-off (after 6 months).

The probationary period lasts four weeks.

During this period, your payment is commission based - depends on the number of packages were sent. IMPORTANT: Commissions paid monthly.

After the probationary period, if you selected to continue with Fresh Way Logistics . You will receive $ 4,200 USD per month as basic salary (salary can be paid every two weeks (bi-weekly), weekly) plus commissions (commissions paid monthly).

Commissions' payment formula is:

1 single package -> 1 = outgoing Commission package $ 30.00

2-5 + repack all incoming packages in 1 pack -> 1 pack = outgoing commission $ 60.00

bonus $500 if you process more than 50 shipments per month.

The costs of packaging materials will be reimbursed (if any) for repackaging. (Keep receipts - scanned copy to be sent)

Per week could be around 10 or more packages.


1. Work with minimum supervision and provide excellent customer service.

2. Printer("black and white"-you will need to print shipping labels to ship the packages)

3. Any application-soft to open .pdf files (Adobe Reader or so)

4. Internet connection.(to check your e-mails for information updates)

5. Ability to receive the packages right to your home address (no Post Office boxes accepted)

6. Basic Word and Excel skills. Contact telephone number.

7. (Land line and Cell. Blackberry device or Smartphone is optional, but will be given priority consideration).

8. Valid ID. (Driver's license, passport or other ID documents with DOB indicated) - you must be 18+ years old.


All items should be sent to the buyer as soon as 1-2 business days, after you have received outgoing shipping label for it.

To get further information how to get started or get some more information, please feel free to contact me.

Please place in the subject of email "Interested" without quotes if you

would like to get started, but have additional questions. And include

all your questions.

Place in subject line "Agreement" without quotes if you are ready to

see our Agreement.

These are the two best and fastest ways to get answers from me :) as I

have tons of e-mails daily. Or you can just answer on this e-mail.

Below you can find a typical Questions and Answers which may concern you at this stage.

To understand position requirements: please read our short FAQ.

I hope it will help you to understand all aspects of the position of Logistics Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Who will pay for packages that are shipped outside of the country ?

Answer: For shipping outside you will receive outgoing pre-paid shipping label.

Question: I currently have a permanent full-time position, what are the busiest times of day with this position?

Answer: When you have received the package and label then you have to forward it, Preferably on the next business day.

So you have to arrange your own daily schedule coordinated with the mailing service and while you are out of home, ask somebody to receive delivered packages.

Question: How often and up to how many packages could be received in a week ?

Answer: From 1 to 5 during trial period and more after the trial period

Question: As I understand it, I would not be directly deal to any of the buyers or sellers so who would be contacting me on my landline and/or cell phone?

Answer: I would, or someone else on behalf of the Company, for instance my assistant.

Question: Would I receive training and how long is the training?

Answer: Training: We provide a Probationary Period with support. So you can get all necessary experience. You must be disciplined to set and follow your own schedule and keep it.

Question: How would I receive my monthly payments and commissions? And is $4000-$6000 a month the max that can be received with this position?

Answer: Currently yes, it is a max wage for this position. There are no real limitations. You will paid by - PayPal, Cashiers Cheque or Direct Deposit.

Question: Lastly, would there be a return address put on these labels, and if so, would I have to put my address as the return address on the labels? Also, who would be initially shipping the packages to my home address and who all would have access to my home address?

Answer: Yes, return address will be to your home address.

Question: How much space do I require ?

Answer: 3x3 feet will be enough, or small closet space.

Question: When I send out these packages, do I pay for postage? If so - is that reimbursed and how?

Answer: No, you will be receiving prepaid shipping label for that. All you need to do is print and put it on a package.

Question: How many packages, what kind of weight and period of time are we talking about?

Answer: During the first month it's will be 1-5-10 packages per week, weight is 1-35 lbs.

Question: Are you somehow SURE that what is in these packages is legal for me to be sending?

Answer: In packages will be items from shops or auctions. so , yes, I am positively sure that it is legal :). Also you can always open package to inspect it.

Question: When placing multiple packages together in one (1) box for shipping, do I furnish my own packaging materials, boxes, etc?

Answer: Yes, you need to use your own packaging material, but Any cost for packaging material will be reimbursed. You can purchase bubble wrap at any Home Depot or Lowe's stores. Please send scanned receipts of any purchase that need to be reimbursed.

We are looking forward to receiving your answer and we are sure that

you are going to enjoy your involvement with our company. Thanks


Best regards,

Helen mailto:[email protected]

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