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Four Square Healthcare

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This was forwarded to my daughter from *** *** website. I'm copying you on the email. There's absolutely no way this can be legal or ethical - specifically when they ask her to use her own bank account to filter the money through. Please report and take any necessary legal action. I advised Ms. *** that we would be contacting the authorities to report it.

thank you,

*** ***


Email received today 06AUG 2015

*** ***


*** *** Today at 11:51 AM

Hello ***,

Please read the description below relating to the job we are offering, as well as a brief description of our company.

*** *** *** ***. is a supplier of quality medical products to all Medical Institutions, Ambulance Services, Research and Education Sector, Police Forces, Government Bodies like Councils, Transport Authorities etc. and Private Businesses. We also supply to Professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Medical Students, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians as well as Private Individuals interested in healthcare at home. Every client is important for us and there's no minimum order limit or surcharge. We welcome you all !

Our aim is to provide the best quality products and services at best prices and fulfil our clients' requirements in shortest possible turnaround time. With this aim at the core of all our activities and using our extensive knowledge of the industry we constantly strive to meet or exceed our clients' expectations. We are an independently owned company and have no branch or sister company.

Our company has grown very fast during the last few years and now we have expanded our market and business to the United States. As such we have a high demand in terms of job openings in almost every state and we are looking for dedicated and hardworking individuals to work for us and help us expand.

The position we offer is that of a virtual assistant/accounts receivable, by which you will be able to assist us, through various financial instruments, in streamlining collections as a consequence to the sale of products and services. Even though you will not be directly involved in sales, the position we offer bears a substantial impact on the company profit by reducing or eliminating certain payment and transfer delays. Given the sensitive nature implied by financial information work, the salary and the bonuses are rather substantial.

We currently already have a significant number of transactions and many of these are honored by our clients by checks. In order for a check from the US to be collected in Europe, it requires up to 28 business days. This impediment greatly affects our collections and profit because of the very slow process imposed by banking legislation. Our clients may send checks anywhere in the US, and this is where you may help us by taking over the payments. All we need from you is an address to which we may redirect payments and for you to process such payments by using your personal bank account. Subsequently the funds get to our company by fast and direct transfer. All additional costs relating to transfer, fuel, transportation, charges will be deducted from our funds prior to sending. Further bonuses are applicable if the order is processed, transfer to our company included, in less than 24 hours from check reception.

When our company receives an order, we send the product via USPS and instruct the client on the payment methods. Funds are available only after the product has been delivered and the client is satisfied. Our company accepts most payments methods, but some of our clients may only pay by check, therefore we need a collaborator to help us expedite such process. This job is perfectly legal, in compliance with international as well as US and EU legislation.

Please find below a brief description of the job:

This job does not have any hidden costs or charges that must be paid beforehand.

Nobody in our company will ask you for personal data

During this job you will not be directly involved in sales and you will not have to contact the clients

Job duties:

-to receive the checks at the address you made available

-to process the checks through the personal bank account in order to expedite the process

-to send the transfer to one of our offices, as per instructions


-deduction of the 10% your share for each received and processed payment

-at the end of each month you will be granted a 1,000$ bonus if you have processed all orders in due time, such bonus to include phone bills, internet bills, fuel, etc., and it will be sent by a cashier check;

Bonuses relating to check collection:

-The check that is processed and sent on the same day confers you a $150,00 bonus in addition to the ten percent

-The check that is processed and sent in less than 24 hours confers you a $100,00 $ bonus.

-The check that is processed and sent in less than 48 hours confers you a $50,00 $ bonus.

For example you receive a check as payment for 3,000.00 USD, you deduct your ten percent: 300.00 USD and then send to us the balance: 2,700.00 USD.

In the first month, you will receive around 15-20 orders under 3,000.00 USD to process and after checking your performance records during that first month the orders you will receive, may increase from 3,000.00 upwards to 6,000.00 USD.

For example 20 transactions each around 3000.00 USD gives you a total income of 6,000.00 USD per month and after establishing a close co-operation with us you'll be able to operate with larger orders and you'll be able to earn more.

Our company's plan in the near future is to open our own offices in the US and when that time comes you will be granted access to new options. The time that is currently estimated for this job amounts to only 3 to 7 hours per week. You will have enough time for a second full-time job.

By working for us you will also be given access to a medical insurance, a 401K retirement plan and many other benefits that large companies provide on a regular basis, yet only after you have already worked for one month with us. The first month is deemed as a trial period for both parties.

If you believe you have the skills that we are interested in and if you are looking for a substantially paid part-time job, then kindly reply us via email for further details and clarifications.

06-08-2015 18:59:29

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** **

Registered in England & Wales

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Somehow they got a hold of my resume through careerbuilder or some sort of job search website and have offered me a job cashing checks and sending the funds to them.

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