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Florida Council for Corporations

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Florida Council for Corporations Reports & Reviews (14)

These guys tried to scam me a couple of years ago. I was wise to these guys scam. I decided to scam the scammer. They sent me the form I filled it out the company officers with bible character names President Jesus Christ, Treasurer Paul of Tarsus, Secretary Matthew, Mark Luke and so on. Included a check I had from a closed account which I knew was no good and uncashable. The stupid [censored] tried cashing the check and were charge a returned check fee from their bank. And then they tried to collect from me the original fee of $175.00 plus the bank charge for the bad check I sent them. That shows the form people are filling out is simply thrown away, if they would have looked at the corp officers names they should have put 2 and 2 together and figure the check was bogus. also if you google the address 400 capital cir suite 18 #309. You will find the address is a shopping center, the 18 is the unit # which is the UPS STORE in the shopping center and the 309 is the mail box in the ups store.
Have some fun with these guys and cost them some money, waist there time, have at it.

I received a letter from Florida Council for Corporations asking for $150.00, and being new to this whole business owning thing, I went ahead and paid them $150.00 via check back in February 2021 and just now realized that this was a scam. How do we go about getting our money back? I guess that is a lesson learned. Not doing anything else about my business until I run it past my accountant and he says it is ok. I also received a black binder with company info on it. Thank God I did not send any further info to them. Hoping that they don't just automatically hit my account next February, I sure will be on the look out.


This is not a state agency. They poster themselves as such, but if you read the fine print on the green envelope, you will see that they cannot renew your business license. They have taken you money and will supply your with a (1) black binder--minutes book (2) letter saying its a minute book (3) 3 pages of corporate minutes

All in lieu of an authentic annual report. You may report fraud at the following address:

Do fall for this authentic looking mail scam. Read search engine reviews for full detaails on this government imposter.


This people call me February 2 2020 to collect 150 dollars to renew my corp. I send a check and i just find out my corporation is inactive. J & E logistics corp. So they took the money and disappeared.


I got a letter in the mail very legit looking I thiught from the state for $150.00 to renew my corporation license . I sent in $150.00 for my annual corporate documents. I received my fake corporation document when I got my fake Corporation certificate which looked just like the states and a Blue notebook with minutes for my corporate meetings which I dont have and threy wanted my shareholders names address (i font have shareholders) and my Board of directions information with an unanious Consent of ShareHolders on the document . It was all fakje I found out I didnt give them any info .


I filed a report with the Florida Council for Corporations foe 150.00 thinking it was the real thing and I didnt know about it why are they allowed to do this ? The address was 400 Capital Circle SE STE 18 #309 Tallahassee Florida 32301-3839 and I got a record book with minutes they had phone number 888 408 0886

- Osprey, FL, USA

Disregard this fake notice from this shady scammer.

We are contacted by this group or another one just like it every year. They ask for $150 by check or credit card to record "corporate consent records in lieu of annual meeting minutes". This is an unnecessary and unneeded "service" that provides no real service at all. It is a scam to separate your small business from $150. My wife fell for this once before and sent them money for this non service.

My real question is why the Florida State government allows this to continue to happen.


I got too, from these people for a $150 fee, " 2020- corporate records solicitation form" $00 capital circle SE, suite 18#309 Tallahassee Fl

- Tallahassee, FL, USA

I received a letter from the Florida Council for Corporations asking for $150 to ensure compliance with corporate annual reporting requirements. When I realized that the letter originated from a private organization and not the State, I did a quick Google search and realized that it was a scam. I'm reporting this to warn other people about it as the documentation they send is very official looking. I'm also hoping that action is taken against them.

I receive these letters once a year from these people who warn me that I need to complete an "Annual Records Solicitation Form" and pay them $150 for doing so. Their fake legalese implies that this is something every corporation needs to do, and it's not. It is a scam outright, and I want to complain to the State of Florida and have them stop this, as I am sure there are busy small businesses that just sign and pay. Outrageous.

I received a form in the mail, which was addressed to my business. The form appeared to be official, stating to be a "2016 Annual Records Solicitation Form for Florida Corporations". Said form asked for shareholders, corporate directors, corporate officers, and a contact person. The instructions were to fill out the form and return with $150 payable by check/money order or credit card to "Florida Council for Corporations" at 400 Capital Circle SE, Suite 18 #309, Tallahassee, FL 32301-3839.

I'm the secretary at my company, and I received a piece of mail on 10/3/16 from these people asking for a $150.00 fee, under the name "Annual Records Solicitation Form." But it states that it "does not fulfill the Florida Annual Report Filing Requirement," and that they are not a government agency. I searched online for this company, and the only thing I found is a few articles about how it's a scam - it's supposedly some company based in Michigan that works under various names? I found the main article on the Michigan branch of the website. It's a fancy form that looks like it's designed to fool people who do not read the fine print. I want to make sure the knows that this company is still actively sending letters, since we just got one.

- Saint Petersburg, FL, USA

Mail "government like" solicitation for corporate compliance. Annual Minutes, etc

Annual Records Solicitation Form

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400 Capital Cir SE 18 309 Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA



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