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Financial Services

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Financial Services Reports & Reviews (9)

• Mar 14, 2024

rec'vd call from 337-847-3490 claiming to be Financial Recovery & Collection Services attempting to collect a $440+ debt from June 2022 for services at Diagnostic Laboratory ...claimed that Diagnostic Laboratory did not have my husband's insurance information and the debt had gone unpaid ...claimed to have sent several letters our address that went unanswered ...refused to send copies of the letters/invoice and demanded payment or they would report us to the 3 credit bureaus ...reminded them that they were required to send proof of the collection attempts and they said since the debt was in retention they would not send any proof out by mail or email ...i can't find a listing for a Diagnostic Laboratory and i contacted the lab we normally use outstanding debt ..refused payment and i have a call into the Attorney General's consumer department to make a complaint

- Lafayette, LA, USA • Mar 02, 2024

At 3:44 PM (CST) on the date of Feb. 29,2024, I received a phone call. When I answered my phone, a female voice said hello, and then the connection was terminated. I called back immediately. Another female answered, asking me why I was calling. I told her they had called me, and she said "Just a minute I will connect you with that agent". Taylor then came on the phone and informed me that I was past due for a bill to Alliance Diagnostics for lab work. Taylor said that past due notices for this amount had been mailed to me at my current address (which she has as my correct address) and due to non-payment of these invoices, the matter had been turned over to Financial Services for collection. She told me that in order to avoid this being reported to the 3 major credit firms, I needed to pay her $420.00. I asked her what these alledged invoices were for, she told me for standard bloodwork testing in September 2022. I asked her which physician ordered these tests, she told me that she did not have that information, all she could tell me was that Alliance Diagnostics had made several attempts to collect, and since these alledged invoices were not paid, the matter had been turned over to them. She again said to avoid the situation escallating to civil court, I had to pay her $420.00. I told her that I have NEVER let any of my bills become that delinquent and that this situation was not correct. I told her I had NEVER received written documentation from Alliance Diagnostics,she assured me that that company had sent numerous past due invoices to my address. I told her I needed copies of this documentation, which she refused to send. I asked to speak with her supervisor. Within a few minutes, a woman who identified herself as Nancy came on the phone. I told her that this situation was incorrect, and repeated that I had never received any past due invoices from Alliance Diagnostics. I told her that all my medical expenses were filed with my medical insurance for payment, and if there was anything the insurance company did not cover, I ALWAYS have paid all my expenses promptly and I have NEVER let any of my financial obligations to become over 2 years delinquent. I again requested copies of the allledged past due invoices and she told me that would not be provided. She again said that if I didn't pay her the $420.00 the matter would be turned over to civil court. I told her I had no intention of paying her anything. She terminated the call.

The next day, I contacted all of my physicians, none of them use Alliance Diagnostics for blood testing. i then attemped to research this company via the internet, and learned that previous individuals had received similar calls demanding payment also.

- Ann Arbor, MI, USA

This business sends email under a variety of business names—the emails imply that you have initiated a loan application and that they need additional information to complete the request. They often send 10 or more simultaneously from different email addresses associated with Fine print says you can unsubscribe, but unsubscribe does not work.

Claimed to be calling to collect on a (non-existent) 3-year old medical debt. Targeted my wife personally and called on her phone and had her address. Was very persistent and threatened to destroy credit if she did not provide a prepaid card or bank checking information immediately. Did not provide any account # or reference #. Initially would not provide a name of the supposed medical company, but eventually came up with a fake generic name. Nobody answers at call back number provided.

They call daily. Not saying a name of who they are looking for . First it’s a recording that says I contacted them to help with my credit. Then it says to press 1 for a rep or 2 that I’m not interested. The first few times I pressed 2 . That obviously didn’t work. Now I press 1, and ask the same man with a foreign accent to give me his address and supervisors name , he hangs up d every time

- Chattanooga, TN, USA

Company wanted to close my credit card accounts and provide me with a lower interest rate. Aggressive phone tactics, collecting card information, collecting personal information such as name, date of birth, mother's middle name, and asking for Visa/MC/Amex card numbers and expiration dates.

- Willacoochee, GA, USA

Received phone call from a woman named Vanessa who advised that I was approved for a loan if $5000 at 8% interest for 2 year / 24 month term with payments of $225 a month and this was being offered to me by a non traditional lender due to my poor credit score. I was offered 3 (three) options to move forward with the loan: 1) get a co-signer with a credit score of 700 or higher who made at least 50k a year. 2) Make a collateral payment of $450 up front, which would be applied to the principle of the loan and I wouldn't have to make loan payments untill March 2018. 3) Purchase insurance of $1000 in the event if my death or accidental dismemberment that would cover my loan and payments up to one year.


When I confronted this Vanessa woman about how it's odd that a Financial company would require any up front payments from someone in need of a loan and/or request for someone in need of financial assistance to purchase $1000 in insurance when again, I was in need of financial help, she got quite curt and said something aling the lines of; since I have such poor credit and credit scores, I would need to prove to the lender I'm worth lending too. When I continued to question these options she said she could go ahead and remove me from the opportunity of this loan offer and started to hang up.


I maybe in a financial crisis but I am aware enough to know that any legit financial institution wouldn't request money's or sell unnecessary / fake products to someone who is in need of a loan. Better just to refuse my application than try to get money from someone in need.


Thankfully I did not move forward with this "loan" and instead came right to to research this Milestone Financial Services - where I cane across a scam alert reported. Sadly the other person moved foward and sent money. Please be careful when trying to borrow money, a legitimate lender will never use western union/money gram etc and shouldn't require upfront payments or purchases to obtain the loan.

- Las Vegas, NV, USA

I was searching for an online personal loan for emergency purposes. I was contacted by Amanda White, stating that she was from Milestone Financial Services. She stated I was approved for a loan for $5,000. Considering my credit, I needed collateral... Where I was given 3 options... One was a co-signer that makes at least $50,000 per year with a credit score of 700 or more, second was 3 monthly payments up front (what I chose-totalling 675.00), and the 3rd option was something to do with $1500.00. I chose the second, was told that the upfront money was going to my 1st 3 payments. Once I paid via western union, I received a call saying that the lender placed my file on hold due to reassessment of my credit... Where they requested me to pay a second collateral payment of 675...which I did not have. We ultimately compromised on 400, where I sent it... It was picked up... And guess what no loan... And now no one is picking up the phone. I've literally just lost EVERYTHING!

- Rowlett, TX, USA

Caller said they were with financial services & saw that I pay on time and more than

Minimum payment every month and wanted to know how many cards and max owed. Then proceeded to ask me for my card number beginning with #5. I refused and he started getting angry with me. I hung up And called that credit card. The phone call came from Grand Prarie,TX 214-212-8926. I called the number back and got a voice mail.

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