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Fifth Third Bank

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I posted a piece of furniture for sale on Craigslist. A man immediately responded and said he wanted to purchase it and he said he would pay $50 more than what I was asking if I would hold the furniture so he could arrange for movers to pick it up. In the meantime, he said he would overnight a cashier's check which I could deposit, then we would arrange for the date & time that he would have it picked up. I received a cashier's check from 'Dan Lloyd' at 405 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 that was drawn from Fifth Third Bank. The cashier's check was for a total of $1,800 MORE than what I originally listed the chair for on Craigslist. Dan Lloyd then texted and said that he included additional money to cover the payment for the movers.

I have been ripped off by someone on eBay in the past and something about this just didn't seem right. I immediately began searching online for any information about this man and quickly found many complaints from victims of Dan Lloyd/Craigslist and their experience was almost identical to mine. I knew better than to cash the cashier's check and was relieved that I didn't as the many others were complaining that the cashier's check was fake and by the time their bank realized it, they were already defrauded out of the full amount of the cashier's check and their bank held them personally responsible for the funds. I immediately went to the Post Master General and then to the police department to report this. They encouraged me to file an internet crime complaint with, which I am in the process of doing. I also did some research on the bank he drew the cashier's check from and noticed that First Third Bank has been involved, either directly or indirectly, with several internet or money wiring scams. There appears to be no easy way to contact this bank.

Internet users need to be made aware that there are scam artists that are leveraging Fifth Third Bank to defraud people out of money. Fortunately, I did NOT attempt to deposit the fake cashier's check but sadly, many others have and were left paying for this deceptive practice.

Fifth Third Bank needs to be aware and do whatever is necessary to prevent internet criminals from using their bank to rip people off.


Exact same name and address for me too... I HAVE NOT attempted to cash the check . They texted me from (208) 649-6422

Phishing email received from scammer posing as Fifth Third Bank

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Abby in Philippines and Bland supposedly from United States. The were asking for my bank account and then my social security number. I told them I didn't think they were legit and I hung up.

- Appleton, WI, USA

I have received multiple calls from this (800) number saying there is a problem with my fifth third bank account... I know it is fishy because I don't have a fifth third bank account and never banked with fifth third ever. I believe they are calling me only because I have a (859) area code.

I received a text message from an email address saying my Fifth Third banking account was locked. Immediately, I knew that this message was fake and was not sent by Fifth Third. The link redirected me to a fake Fifth Third login page. At the bottom of the page were other links you would see on a normal website: "about us," "Contact us," "Careers," etc. Each link, when clicked on, was redirected to a "404 NOT FOUND" web address page.

I received a text from the number that my Fifth Third Bank account had been compromised and to visit the site to confirm my account information.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

I received an email that said it was from Fifth/Third Bank and that there was trouble on my account so it had been temporarily suspended. It said that I needed to use the link in the email to verify my account(s) or they would be frozen. I do not have an account with this bank. However, even if I did, I would not follow the link without calling my bank to verify the unusual email. The email did not ask for money but I am sure it was a way to get your personal info and account numbers.

I do not think there are any of these banks in the St. Louis area but there are ATMs and with online banking, people might have accounts. I did call the fraud group at Fifth/Third Bank to let them know and they said that it was not from them. I wanted them to know since it might catch some of their customers. I also wanted the to know.

- Yonkers, NY, USA

this is the body of the email:


Recent changes in your account activity


Weihaveidetectedlirregulariactivityloniyourlaccount.SoIWeiHavelLimitedfYour[cens... />
Forfyourfprotection,iyouihaveftofverifyfthisfactivityfbeforeiyouicanfcontinuefus... />
Pleasei Click Hereitoiremoveianyirestrictionsiplacedioniyourtaccount.

ReferencefNumber: GFR67T-HFG92J-VCN87S-868JIU




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- Saginaw, MI, USA

My husband and I are getting phone calls. their saying we owe them money. When they call my husband and don't get an answer from him. they call me. It was dedt that was discharged 5 yrs ago. In U.S. bankruptcy court. The phone came from Bronson 1-(208) 968-7979.

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