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Federal Grants

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Federal Grants Reports & Reviews (22)

- Middleton, WI, USA • Feb 08, 2024

He called and said I was going to be given a grant that I don't have to pay back from the government for 9000.00. Then he said He needs me to buy a code called an E bay card.

I message phone #, ask for name birthday,address, bank, gender, married/single, and monthly income. Do I have credit card and car? I was offered $50,000 cash delivery by FedEx within 4 hours of paying a $1500 fee by way of vanilla visa credit card ,activating it and letting them know the visa card #s

- Wilmer, TX, USA

Low income, disability grant 9800.00 but have to activate grant ID with 200 debit card, then pay 600 for transfer of funds.

- Rainier, WA, USA

I was contacted through messenger from a friend. Told me about new federal grant program. I could get a grant of 250k for nothing. The conversation via messenger went on and on about her getting the money etc. tried to convince me it was legit.

I gave my name and address to play along.

They told me I was approved but would need to pay $$ to get the grant. I said stop a couple of times and they have. All conversations were deleted by them on messenger and text.

I’m worried because I gave my name and address!

What do I do?

They said that I've been approved for $150,000 USD from the United Nation Development Program. I have to pay $100 dollars with a steam card and I'll receive my money

- Plainfield, NJ, USA

I was contacted by a friend which was a profile double made to think it was her telling me if I knew a woman by the name of and I said no than she started telling me that she had applied for a grant with her that I should get in touch with her so I can Apply too it's for starting a small business or buying a new house,,I said I really didn't want to get in debt and she said what debt it's free no debt. ,so she gave me her number and I proceeded to contact her,oh I asked my friend if I can mention her name if the lady aske she yes but that she probably wouldnt remember I texted the lady and she asked me who gave me her name then she clicked the link so I opened bbnit and filled it out so I let her kno I finished and then I said yeah my friend thought u wouldnt remember her so she said that she had been one of the one's who had recieded one if the biggest Grant's last week so right there a felt an a lert,,why wouldn't she remember her if it was only a week ago ,Then I recieved the results that I qualified for 88,000,,my her at was like spinning,,then I read on that I had to send 1200 to a UPS carrier thru western union..there was another alert but bad thing was I had already given out my information Then I faked just to see where this was going that I only could spare 800 so I told my friend she said she would speak to the agent to see if she could pay 5je 600 that I needed to complete the 1200, so She and I were to send our money through Western Union,,it was late so I told them I couldnt go out right now that it would have to be tomorrow the next day I get ready to send the money well they think I am so I told them that when I got there I put my pocketbook down on the counter and some guy out of no where came and stole it,,so I told them I had to report it to the Police So the agent said that she was gona tey to see if I didn't have to anything a little while later she texted me back and says that She was gona send a few papers so I can fill out and send back so it can be taken from my *** *** *** Account, I almost fainted,, Oh No they have my information so I hurried and Locked my credit cards: and I opened the web to Better Business Bureau to report this scam..

- Cary, NC, USA

They have been calling me every hour today, some days I only get two or three calls. They claim that I was randomly selected for a government grant of $7,000.

- Bridgeport, CT, USA

515-216-4151 Agent Malcom Roberts

Asking for my personal information and only communicates by test from this number. He wanted me to send 400.00 and then Fed Ex would deliver 90,000.00 cash to me. I told him that I do not have money. He wants me to open an account with Citibank. He said that he will be depositing 90,000.00 by the end of this month. He called me an old women then told me not to speak to a government agent with foul language. He will not leave me alone. I told him that I can not open up an account. He wants me to give him my ssn so that he can send me a package in form of gadgets so that an account can be created for me. Please help catch this person.

Sincerely C*** ***

- Milwaukee, WI, USA

he said I was picked for a federal grant for over 40,000.00 his name he said was james morris employee number j 687920

he called me from 800-518-4726 and I could reach him @ 360-726-3324 I was to purchase a ref card for $315.75 from Walmart and call him back @ the 360-726-3324 number

- Wayne City, IL, USA

I am receiving a vast amount of phone calls from this number today, they are foreign speaking people and go through the spiel of stating that they are from the US. Government Grants department and have money in a grant for me, then they ask when I graduated from High School, when I give them the info they tell me that I am not eligible because I am over the age of 60 and hang up - they have me on a robo dialer and keep calling me. I have received almost 10 calls from this number today. I keep ignoring the number and they continue to call. Please shut these scammers down for good.


*** ***

I got an email from Nathan saying I was approved for a federal grant of 9700 all I needed to do was go get 3 I tune/apple gift cards for 100 each that was to pay the filing fee and to move forward on setting up the grant to be direct deposited or I could go to the closest western union with my picture I'd and pick up the check for 9700 and I didn't have to pay it back could use for anything like school remodeling the house but nothing illegal after I give him the numbers on the gift cards he give me another number directing me to the federal grant representative that need more info to process and then I could go pick up my 9700 great. But that never happened that guy said I needed to pay 500 commercial tax on 10000 or he couldn't release the money I new then i had been scanned but that as whole keep calling me telling me I had to come up with 500 or the irs would think I was evatiing pay in the tax and an irs agent would come pick me up and take me to jail and he wouldn't stop calling me thinking I was really going to pay the 500 so I wouldn't go to jail he tryed and tryed he really thought that would scare me into payin the 500 didn't happen i am smarter than that. Anyway hope these con artist get caught I am ashamed of my self for doing 300 I. fell embarrasst to talk about it but maybe by telling my story others won't fall for this grant scam I am just trying to go back to school applying for grant and ended up loosing 300 and no federal grant .won't ever happen again. My advice never pay with gift cards it's a scam and these guy are very convincing when there sayin there federal grant representatives that's pretty bad. I hope they can sleep at night karma will get um always does.they don't know what real job is. Thel get caught soon I hope they go to jail maybe that will teach um. Let um set there and think about what they did to normal working people.creepy scammers I hate people praying on other people it's not right. Thanks *** ***

- Urbana, OH, USA

Well I see a lot of people got free money from the federal government!!!LOLOL They wanted me to put 350.00 on a credit card and then I would be verified to pick up the rest of the money, and I would be reimbursed, and get 9500.00 back , wow how dumb do these clowns think people are? They have called me and ten minutes later another will call me from same place, I said I just got off the phone with someone from there and I have two months to decide if I want it, this guys said don't call him call me and gave me his name Matthew Cooper, other guys name is Tobi Marshall, both had very un-American voices . I didn't give them anything but wish someone would stop these boozes' !! Just remember no gov place is going to give you money, if they are it will come in the mail!!!

- Van Nuys, CA, USA

called me and said I have $9k in grants. I said, I looked up phone number and know they are fraud. I hung up before they could finish their scam pitch.

- Cincinnati, OH, USA

I was contacted by someone with an unknown phone number. They told me that i qualified for a $9000 grant but after they asked me questions they gave me another number to call. 202-866-7383 and a code AV775 to give the person when i called them they then proceeded to tell me i have to pay $250 to get the grant. I talked to person a year ago that does grants and they told me you never have to pay for a grant. So please be careful and warned.

- Fayetteville, GA, USA

Man stated my name and asked if it was me to which I replied yes. He then told me I had qualified for a federal grant of $9000 that I would not ever have to pay back. I told him I thought it was scam and he said that if I didn't want free money then fine and he hung up.

They called offering $7800.00 however they wanted me to buy a iTunes card worth $ 250.00 and they would give me the money. When I asked for a check, they Insisted that the only way to get the money was to purchase the card. When I asked if this was a scam they hung up

Was called and the person identified themselves as working for United States Federal Grant. I was asked a few routine questions: age, am I employed, phone number (which they obviously had.) I was told that I had been selected to receive $6700. No strings attached. They did not ask for any bank accounts or anything like that. I was given the option of receiving the money through my VISA, something else, or via Western Union. I was given a code and a number to call (listed up above. It turned out to be a NY number)and a contact, Mr. *** ***. I called the BBB first because it seemed too good to be true. I called the number and the contact answered the phone (ironic that the guy I needed to talk to would answer the phone for a busy government agency.) He reconfirmed what I had been told already. I was then told there was a one time $250 fee for "processing." I hung up. Do not fall for this. It felt iffy from the first moment I was told about this opportunity.

A lady with a thick Indian accent called and told me I'd won a federal grant of $9,200 and to call (206) 946-8172 to talk to the financial manager. She gave me an approval ID# of AM223. A man, also with a thick Indian accent, answered and said his name was Bruno from the Federal Grant something. He proceeded to tell me about why I was selected to get this free grant that I would not have to pay back or file on income tax. I could get it either into my bank account, on my visa card or as cash at Western Union. All it would take is for me to have a valid ID, my cell phone and a registration fee of $210. When I told him I would not pay this...he hung up. I just checked and the number she called me from is the same number she had me call to talk to the financial manager. Caller ID showed Seattle WA (206) 946-8172.

Call from 646-000-1312 said I was chosen for free Federal Grant for $9,000.00 and gave me a alpha numeric code and told to call 206-823-3026 to collect funds. I called and gave code to person. Person offered 3 ways to receive funds: western union/money gram, my bank account or my debit card. I chose money gram and was told to go to nearest CVS or Walgreens and purchase a $200.00 iTunes gift card that will be used to register me to receive money. I told person that it sounds like a scam to me and hung up.

- Augusta, GA, USA

was called by this number 206 745 0813 and was told i was awarded a federal grant for school but i had to pay a state officer for the transfer of funds of 9200 dollars but i had to pay 215 dollars of the fee

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