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Federal Grant

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Federal Grant Reports & Reviews (48)

The first person to contact me was Mr. Parker Wilson (PW) ([email protected]) I had been a victim of a scam, the person who scammed me was under his command, and he would like to see me compensated, He would make inquires with the Federal Government. His next contact was to say that the people at Federal Grant (FG)([email protected]) agreed to award me a sum of money in the form of a grant. (The end amount one million dollars) I would need to pay a small delivery fee of $700.00us. After a few hick-ups and $700.00us& $300.00cdn my grant was on its way. The first delay was a car breakdown. Two days later the second delay was an accident. The grant package was then turned over to Mr. Andres Flores. ([email protected]) Mr. Flores offered to deliver the package for a fee of $900.00. At the loss of $200.00, the gift cards were no good. I reported him to F.G. F.G. (Mr. Mark Taylor) retrieved the package from him. Instead of returning the package to the company that had already been paid to deliver it F.G. gave the package to another company. This company ([email protected]) also wanted $800.00 to deliver. Mr. P.W. brought in his niece Vanessa ([email protected]) to see if she could get me to pay the $900.00Vaneesa stole the $750.00 I sent her to pay for the delivery. Hearing this Mr. P.W. became upset. That didn't stop him from asking me to help replace the money, I agreed to help by paying half, That was not his plan, his plan was for me to pay all of it. I paid the first $300.00 of the now $600.00 fee at the end of February. The next $300.00 at the end of March didn't go as planned, something was wrong with the gift cards. The next and final $300.00 was sent at the end of May. I found out that not only did Mr. P.W. Take the money from February, there was another $400.00cdn needed for an unheard-of activation charge. For all those months repeatedly, I was told that the last $300.00 would get the package delivered within hours. I have paid for a delivery that never happened. had money stolen, cards that were reported no good, and now an extra charge. A sum of around $2,480.00. gone. This is a small sample of what I have been subjected to. All statements on here can be proven, as I have mde copies of every conversation.

The first person that I talked to was from the grant, using the name Derrick Randel in Washington. He said in a Facebook message that I would get a $200,000 grant to get a house built. Then I started having to give more and more money, to have the money delivered and while it was being delivered the man delivering the money had a truck and was in a wreck. the money got into someone else hands and was being ransomed. This has been going on for 2 years and when they said they had it but I had to always pays fees for this an that, like a fee for the FBI to deliver it since it was cash. I was then contacted by government officials that were going to arrest me if I didn't pay to get my identity cleared.

I have paid all of the fees using ebay, steam, apple, sephoria and many other gift cards. I have a whole bag full of gift cards and half of them were always bad without a balance so they would ask for another.

- Fountain Inn, SC, USA

Offered and approved me for 50,000 grant but need to pay a fee first...figured it was a scam...gonna play this out not to mess with them...only thing I regret was gave up birthdate and address

- Anderson, IN, USA

They called and said I qualified for a federal grant for 9000 dollars. All I had to do was go to Walmart and pay 200 money gram. And then they would put money on a card for me. And I needed to call a lady named Kate White at 202-503-90127 Ext 441. And she was going to walk me thru everything at Walmart for the transaction. And then I was given a code number #BT1420 and once I gave them that I would receive my 9000

The scamers called from a 2026435925 told me to called this no# 3152940140 told me i had grant 9000 it would only take 200 to rellease it i did that then got another no# 3474940235 which is federal reserve bank sayin they cant transfer to nc cause my state dept. They had to have 300 more to transfer to account im mad i want this cold heart people stop! Please that was all money i had

- Elgin, SC, USA

A friend sent me the information to get a grant. When I spoke tp Marie Williams she approved it within an hour for 50.000.00. I wasn't to say anything about the money until I received it at my door. She wanted 500.00 in order to receive the money. unable to put the information in I received from her.

- Saint Louis, MO, USA

They had sent me a text saying that if I paid $1,000, I would be able to get $150,000 and so on depending on how much I paid. They "checked" my name in their system and let me know that I won a chance to get this money. At that point I ended the call. The whole thing felt off. Since I have stopped texting them back they keep sending me texts asking, "Are you there?".

I received FB messenger message from a friend of mine with her picture on it. Inviting to share the information of a Federal Government Grant. They gave me the phone #(270) 693-4722 to contact through What's app, since I didn't have that he said I could text Michael. He replied to my text and Identified Himself as Dr. Michael Robinson from the disbursement department of the federal government grant.

So the only thing they got was my email and Our name and home address.

The email address that contacted me with the information requested

Michael Robinson

[email protected], Full name :_______________

Address :_______________

Male/Female :_______________

Age :_________________________

Married/Single :_______________

Next Of Kin :_______________

Next Of Kin Address :_______________

Phone Number :_______________

E-mail :_________________________

Hearing or Deaf :_______________

Occupation :_______________

Monthly Income :_______________

Do you Own a house or Rent Apartment :_____________

Do you want cash or check?

You need to fill out the information now so we can


When I came home, the email was here, and I became suspicious when I went to tell supposedly my friend that I would call her, and she said no need to call. So when I called and there was no answer on her phone, I then went to the web and did a scam search and found this was a scam on your website. I sent ***, a text that we were on our way home and I would fill out the paperwork. Replied to me just for 15-20 minutes you spend on it, and I replied I'll call and then the person replied no need of calling, I replied OK but I thought that was odd, so I called her phone anyway and she didn't answer, and the person replied have you gotten home now and then I tried it again still no answer so I went to search on scams and sent them this message "ok I just checked about a scam like this. and I connected the link, And texted them that I'll check it out before I go any further. Then the person replied where have you gotten all this information from Don't be afraid of going out any length on this okay? It real and legitimated. I'm calling to verify this was on line. Truly scam are much using this format to collect money from people but this one am telling you is real Are you there? I dropped the conversation there. I have taken pictures of this conversation.

- Indianapolis, IN, USA

They answer the phone as the the Treasury Department. They contacted me to let me know I can get a $9,000 Federal Grant. All I had to do was pay a $200.00 fee and I could receive my grant money. I knew it was a scam and contacted my Better Business Bureau, which verified it was a scam.

- Roswell, GA, USA

A person posing as Frank Bobbitt said that Adam Howard would qualify people for federal grants. Both are on Facebook. I was instructed to "add Adam Howard as a friend." The "add friend" function was no working. Then I was instructed to message Adam Howard. I immediately received a response. He "checke the system" and informed me that I qualified to be an applicant. He asked if I would like to apply. After that I blocked him and Frank Bobbitt from Facebook

- San Antonio, TX, USA

Called by a person stating that he was calling from government grant confirmed some of by information provide me with a active # CH705 and to call (415)691-4411 spoke with Daisy ext 105 told me to go to Walmart to get by money ,yolfyto call her when I arrived , I had to pay for the service fee to Walmart $200 would be refunded back to me with the $9300. I asked her is there a you had to pay she stated no. But I can’t to the money If I don’t pay Walmart $200 fee,

- Pearl, IL, USA

This person doesn’t speak good English but they have called me everyday for over two weeks now I have reported, I have told them I’m not interested and to quit calling my number but they are still calling me

- Manning, SC, USA

They have called multiple times claiming my phone number has been selected to receive a federal grant that I never have to pay back. They keep calling multiple times everyday.

- Terre Haute, IN, USA

I got a message through Messenger and it looked like it was my sister in law sending the message saying I qualified for a grant for $400,000.00 He said I needed to fill a form out he has a picture of me my full name and address. I stopped after that and contacted the and my sister

- Plainfield, IN, USA

After getting the call I had to call 315-220-0069 and speak with someone to make arrangements I was receiving $9,000 government grant and I needed to pay them $233.00 which would be refund with grant. They said I had 3 choices on how to get the money. Either give them a credit or debt card number to add it. Or give them my bank info for direct deposit. Or I could pick it up via western union and get it with my picture ID.

They had selected a certain number of people and it was people who had no criminal record, been paying taxes.

- Columbus, OH, USA

I applied for some grants to start my own business. Ales called to say I got a Federal Grant. She said the Federal government picks some people and I'd been approved for $9000 grant and call them back and give them the reference number KL707 to release the money. Kathleen at x.147. pay $250 on a gift card from Walmart, Rite Aid or Dollar General. They also said Western Union. She said I needed to call them back at 206-880-3244 to get the information to pick the money up. They said it would take 20 minutes to release the money. She had a foreign accent, maybe Arabian. She said don't let anybody get the information because they will use it to take the money. She asked if I was married, if I had kids, how long I'd lived here, and whether I was employed. She said the money was not to be used for anything illegal, but could be used for bills. I'm on SSI, I can't afford to be scammed.

- Dacono, CO, USA

They won’t stop calling got 49 calls in one day told them to take me off calling list refused to asked to talk to a manager said they are busy went with the deal got another number to call called them said to go to a bank and call back very rude extremely rude she hung up on me so I called back 49 times

- Cocoa, FL, USA

They want you to go to Wal-Mart to buy a play card for 250.00 dollars and then they will sent 9700.00 I said that sounds fishy and she hung up

Consumer was contacted via Facebook by a lady he thought was his friend, as they used her name.

He was told by her she got $50,000 from a federal grant and he should try for one, also.

They asked him to pay $2,500 up front. They also told consumer his friend was paying $1,500. Consumer contacted his friend- she knew nothing about it , as she is in hospital.

The name used by the gentleman with Federal Grant is John Thomson. He would not give out any phone numbers, does all business through Facebook. Told him to report this to Facebook, also.

- Dallas, TX, USA

This person with a thick, foreign accent claimed to work for US Federal Grant agency, and told me I can get a free Grant

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