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Federal Government Grant Program FGGP

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• Aug 10, 2022

This is sad. 😥

How is this still happening in 2022? How in the WORLD are people still falling for this [censored]? There are two HUGE red flags on every one of these posts. #1...The government doesn't just give out tens of thousands of dollars in grants just because people need money. The stimulus checks were the only free money ever given by the government to help the economy, not "just because" you ask for one. The only grants there truly are that are legit are the Pell Grant for college, and they don't just hand it to you, there is a process for it. Or business program grants. It's not happening any other way.
#2 Why would you ever have to pay someone for a grant? There are no fees to apply for a grant. None. No application fee. If you are trying to get a 30,000 (Seriously) grant, why would you pay 800 for it? What is the 800 for? And why are you paying for it up front? Why wouldn't they just take their fee from the grant? That is what any legit provider of anything financial would do. It's not that I don't feel empathy for people that get scammed buy these people because I do, a lot are elderly and easy targets and it infuriates me. It irritates me that people claimed that their "friends" tell them about these grants and of course it's the friend's fault that they got conned. Has your "friend" ever had 30 grand that you remember? Of course not! Then WHY would you send someone money because you believed your friend? Come on, people? That should be the biggest hint that the whole thing is bull[censored]. Maybe people are saying friend and they mean one of 1200 people they have on their friends list on FB. Those aren't friends. Those are strangers. And if you send money to someone because someone on FB said to, then you need to stay off of the internet. Period. I just want someone to tell me why they believe the US Government is going to give them a 30 thousand dollar grant just because they need money and asked for it? Why? How does that make sense? The US government won't even take care of their veterans that served. They can't get a free 30 grand people, why should you? Don't let these people keep running this scam.


Scammer's phone 1 802 455 6346
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

A friend messaged me but it really wasn’t her kathy Sanford. I texted the number and David benson texted back asking fir all my personal information


Was told by a friend of many many years and her parents. Took her advice ask for 30,000.00 send in 800.00, I did that but nothing but trouble hit the man named James Addy. He said he was a mile from my house and had no money to pay the bill I offered for me to come up and pay their bill. He said no and according to him he went back to the company kept saying he was on his way one time a police man saw the money and said he would take 10000.00 for the money back. Every time something came up and I owed him more money that's when he said he did me a favor and because I had already spent over 3000.00 he was bring me 300,000.00 dollars just send 500.00. I kept sending him one vanilla cards which were 4.95 each so right now all last week he needed 500.00 to get his license and documents from IRS . But I never would. So he sent me a nasty text saying he returned the money my money back to the company I find out I would have to go there to collect my money I paid for I kept sending him 100 or 200 when I stopped I was broke I'm 72 years old and out of money I spent him final total 3795.00. I know I lost 300,000.00 for 500.00 and finally he knew I meant it. So I says I can go up there to Michigan and ask for it they will give it to me. Like how am I getting to Michigan? The Lord Loves me and I will make it. My friend used to call him for me and I know he had her to send one of the 500.00 fees and when I got my money I would pay her 1000.00 so now it's adding up he and her cooked this up scam and long as him and her text me frightened text I would feel obligated to pay his fees. She lives in Nicholson Georgia. Her name is Carol Beauchamp. I live in Commerce Georgia. So she threatened me to come to my house an hurt & beat me up. My children thought something wasn't right so they begged to know so I've told all 7 of the 6 girls and 1 boy. When they found out what she did some of them must have paid her a visit and I've not heard from her again. Now they are helping me back on my feet.THANK GOD FOR EACH OF MY CHILDREN, When it was my fault also no one held a gun to my head and made me lose 3795.00
Thank You all for reading.
"If it sounds to good to be true it probably is"


Received a referral from a classmate "Benita Allen" to contact Agent Mark F Lauren at FGGP. Gave him some info on me Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. He said I would need to send $800.00 pre-paid through Cash App and they would send me tracking information for a Tuesday Afternoon delivery of my $30,000.00 Grant. It sounds fishy and I just want to verify if it's authentic or a scam. I'm 63 year old man on Social Security and can't afford to be victimized if this is in fact a rip off. Please verify if this Grant is Legitimate or not. My Email address is [email protected] If it's a legitimate grant why wouldn't I be able to pay C.O.D., etc? Is there even such a thing as the FGGP? Please advise...My Phone# 940-735-4766.


Scammer's phone 281-930-6501
Scammer's website Phone
Scammer's address Don't know
Scammer's email Don't know
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

He said I could get a grant if I sent money for fees and delivery fee I sent $2000 for a $30,000 grant. And I have received the grant and he is not refunded my money.. I cash app the money to a Brian Vacho In 4payments and he won't refund my money. He also has Rita Allen who gave me the grant info in on it she on Instagram and Facebook

- Naperville, IL, USA

Scammer's phone 202-599-3426
Scammer's website no website. Access through messenger using a number from nigeria
Country United States
Victim Location IL 60564, USA
Type of a scam Government Grant

I received an instant message from a friend from California asking if I heard the good news about the Federal Grant Program. When asking what she meant I received a response that I needed to text Eric Anderson on 202-599-3426. Texting the number provided, I received an immediate response that he was an agent from the desk of the federal Government Grant Program followed by an explanation of the program. He stated that my information had to be verified before starting the process and that I would need to fill out a form on line here. When asked was I ready I stated not now. He responded to let him know when I was ready. Realizing that something was wrong I went back to the messenger account for who I thought was coming from my friend and found the following at the top of her page (Using Messenger without Facebook. Logged in using a phone number from Nigeria. Different from your facebook friend KW) This was next to her picture. That's when I knew it was fraud. I changed my password on my cell phone account and contacted my friend. I am now reporting this scam.

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